html: What technologies should I learn to create a website with a multi-selection drop-down menu dynamically filled in with automatic saving?

I am new to web development. I hope to be in the right stack exchange. I just understood the forms, DOM, main uses of HTML, CSS and Javascript. That said, here is my requirement. Let's say I have a website that has several multi-selection drop-down menus.

  1. Car brand: This multi-selection drop-down menu would be completed from the options in a database such as AWS DynamoDB (I know that the query syntax is different). Something like SELECT * FROM carmaker; The rows of all these queries should appear as options in Car brand Multiple selection drop down.

  2. Car name: When selecting options in Car Make, the next multi-selection drop-down menu is Car Name, where all the tables that were Car Make options will be consulted. If I have selected two options of Car brand multiple selection drop down then Car name the multiple selection options would be SELECT * FROM option1, option2, option3 etc.

There are no submit buttons in any of these multiple selection drop-down menus. As I select all options, the following drop-down menu should be filled in properly. There should also be this automatic save option where the page will remember the chosen option

Things I can use: any AWS service for databases, asynchronous calls, call services, React.js, Bootstrap.

I would just like to know what I should look for in Google:

  1. Dynamic multi-selection selection options that are filled when querying a database without a Submit button.
  2. Autosave feature.

Excel 2016 Data Validation performance drop-down menu

I have a relatively large Excel workbook, and on one sheet I have to use data validation (list) in two of the columns. I would prefer to use the drop-down box, but for some reasons the performance is horrible, it takes several seconds to navigate between the cells. However, if I use the same data validation but without the arrow in the drop-down box, it will be agile and fast again.

I have tried googleing and searching here in vain. In Excel I tried to turn the following on and off without help:

  • Graphics hardware acceleration.
  • Multi-thread calculation
  • Multi-threaded processing
  • Formula Recalculation

The computer is a Zbook 15 with i7-6700HQ and Nvidia Quadro M1000M.
Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.

forms – What should be the default option of a required drop-down list?

The default value must be a legitimate value. This is the practice in almost every desktop GUI, and it has worked well for decades. The Windows 7 UX Interaction Guidelines specifically say "Select the most secure option (to avoid data loss or system access) and the safest option by default." If security and safety are not important factors, select the most probable or convenient option … Do not use the indications [inside the dropdown list] Just to direct users to select something from the list "(p88-89).

I do not see any reason for a web application to be different. The default value for a value is not a kludge that goes against the planned design and implementation of the drop-down lists, a good indication that it represents misuse.

The default value must be:

  • First, a non-dangerous value, which is less likely to cause losses or irrecoverable damage to the user or his property. If this drop-down menu designates the animal to deliver a message to the user, the default value should not be Hungry Tiger.

  • Second, the most commonly chosen value. Even if only 20.1% of its users choose "Perro", it is 20.1% of its users who will not have to make a couple of clicks, without cost for the remaining 79.9% of its users.

  • Third, the best example of the whole. The default drop-down menu is used to illustrate the types of values ​​that the user can choose. In your case, it seems to be the category of "farm animals", so I am inclined to go with "Horse". "Dog", on the other hand, can suggest "pet" rather than "farm animal".

I do not see any point in making the default instruction one. The fact that there is a drop-down list makes it quite obvious that users should select a value. An example value as the default is more informative.

I suspect that many web designers believe that you get more accurate data if you force the user to explicitly choose an option. While there may be situations where this is the case, I have not seen any evidence of it. I suspect that the breach of a legitimate value usually does Plus You are likely to obtain accurate data. By freeing some of your users from the value selection, you will avoid the possible slips that users might make, or, more likely, in a web form, the selection of any previous value just to satisfy the required entry.

Website design – Alternatives to the drop-down list when the possible results are unknown

For quite some time I have been searching the web for alternatives to a drop-down list in the data assignment (that is, during the capture of data that will be saved, NOT when looking for some data).

An alternative that is commonly suggested are the "autocomplete text boxes", but only when at least part of the data is known.

Imagine, however, the selection of a city in a specific country. It is possible that the user does not know what they are looking for specifically, therefore, it lists all the cities identified by zip code or their name.
For that scenario, a pop-up window with full search capabilities can be used, however, the process slows down again.

What else does your mind do? What are you commonly using? Do you know any important side that has found a great solution for this?


After finding that I could not correctly describe my question (sorry for that), I try to clarify the use of a screenshot for demonstration purposes.


Assume a form to add new clients, where the name of the client and its main contact employee for that new client is captured.
The employee (assuming a large company with thousands of employees) is identified by four attributes:

  • gender
  • First name
  • surname
  • branch

In the screenshot above, I showed them in a drop-down list, but I think it's obvious that this list is no longer usable. Since the employees differ in 4 attributes, I believe that a self-suggestion is not really usable. So, what else do you commonly use for that purpose?

I hope the question is clear now.

magento2: edit the verification labels and place a drop-down city instead of a text field and a shipping method.

I have many problems with magento2. I'm benginner using it.

What I want:

  • Get the "City" in Checkout as a drop-down menu with a personalized list (it's like
    10 items in the list) instead of a plain text field.
  • Edit labels in the payment steps.
  • When someone, for example, selects "Bogotá" in the City drop-down menu, the
    The "Shippent method" should be automatically selected in "Regular", but if it is configured
    "Medellín" will be "Immediate", of course, prices vary.

What I try

In the case of Dropbox, try installing magento2-city-dropdown but it is not compatible with my version.

In the case of tags, I will try to edit en_US in the i18l folder, delete the cache and none works. I enclose a screenshot of what I have:

Real payment page


I am using Magento 2.3.0 with the Firecheckout module.

Thank you.

How to make it obvious that autocomplete is not a drop-down menu

Let's say we have an autocomplete like this.

The autocomplete has thousands of possible results, so we only show the first 20 results. Some of the results are very similar. This leads to two problems:

  1. Users click on the entry field, the drop-down menu opens and they do not understand that they could use the entry to filter to get more results.
  2. Users actually use the entry to filter. Still, they only see 20 e.g. 500 real results.

I already thought about those solutions:

  • Load 20 more results when you scroll down. Similar to this autocomplete. I tried this, but still the users did not understand that they could use the input to filter.

  • It shows a help text at the end of the drop-down list with a text indicating that there are x more results, but you must filter them. I also tried this, but the users did not know the exact term of the result, so they end up not finding the entry they are looking for.

I was hoping for some best practice tips for that type of autocomplete, I have the feeling that I'm missing something crucial here.

Thanks in advance!

woocommerce – Show the entire product name as a drop-down field in the contact form 7

Actually, I have a query form in the right sidebar of all the pages, except the category and the product details page. I want to show all the name of the existing product as a drop-down field in that query form so that the customer can select the name of the product and make queries about that product easily.

How can I implement this functionality, please help?

Questions from the drop-down list of Google forms based on the selection from the previous drop-down list

Most of the questions I have found with respect to the Google Forms that reference the drop-down list based on another drop-down list selection (in cascade) are directed to Google sheets or are not answered. The last date, an "answer" I found was "give" (which points to the Google Sheets, not the Google Form) was in 2018

web development – How do I make the selection of drop-down options linked to the option selection HTML?

I'm new to web development, and I was learning how to link option buttons when I was faced with a "choice" on a website, so I can not select several option buttons related to a single question.

I thought: "Is it possible to do this so that you have a drop-down menu that is linked to the option buttons, so that when you select an option from the menu, option buttons can not be selected?"

This is what I did:

enter the description of the image here

As you can see, I can select the "Dogs" option button and an "Other" selection menu option. At the top of the URL, it says that the name "animalSelect" is equal to DOGS and Lemur.

How do I do it so that I only choose one or the other?

(This is also my first question, so if anyone has any suggestions to ask questions on the site, let me know.) Thanks.)

multi dropdown in a blogging site


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