– Why does the iOS Health app sometimes drop my step count by hundreds of steps?

I use an activity tracker 3rd party app that syncs with Apple’s Health app, and I have a daily goal of 10,000 steps. Sometimes (not frequently, but once in a while), the step count in the Health app drops by at least a few hundred steps, e.g., it was around 9,400, and then dropped to 8,674 steps. This happens seemingly at random. Any idea about this?

WooCommerce Default Sorting Filter Drop Down colours CSS

I have been trying to change the colours for the hovered default sorting filter on the woocommerce shop page but I cannot seem to find the selector in Google Chrome developer tools, I can’t seem to find the CSS that is controlling the colour of this hover element.

The solution below works for the country selector dropdown only it seems, but it does not change the default sorting hover colour. Does anyone know the correct selector for the default sorting filter selector, please?

/changing select hover country checkout page colour/
.select2-container–default .select2-results__option[aria-selected=true]{
background-color: #FF0000;

.select2-container–default .select2-results__option[data-selected=true]{
background-color: #0000FF;


sharepoint online – Can’t drag & drop files into library and users cannot download files

I have a document library that contains about 8000 files in various folders in SharePoint Online.

Up until today, I haven’t had any issues, but starting today, I can no longer drag & drop files into any of the folders. When I drag a file over the library, it says the normal “Drag the items to any location” but dropping them does nothing.

I can use “New -> Item” and upload files individually however.

Another user who needs to get the files now goes into the library and does not have a Download button on the bar at the top of the library. She only has “Delete Item” and “Move To”. That’s it.

I created a new test document library in the same site, and I can drag & drop to it without a problem. Did MS roll out some restriction today?

magento2.3 – 2. Assigning multiple drop ship vendors for a single SKU in Magento 2.4.2

  1. Assigning multiple drop ship vendors for a single SKU:

What would be best way to have an item record store “Drop Ship Vendor Information” for that specific SKU or SKU Variant (i.e. product comes in two sizes: small and large. Size Small via drop ship supplier 1 and size large via drop ship supplier 2). In addition, we will connect to the drop ship vendors via EDI to obtain up-to-date costs and QTY Available (aka stock availability).

For instance, each SKU should have an option to add a minimum of 4 drop ship vendors:

Vendor 1 Name Vendor 1 SKU Vendor 1 Cost Vender 1 QTY Available

Vendor 2 Name Vendor 2 SKU Vendor 2 Cost Vender 2 QTY Available

Vendor 3 Name Vendor 3 SKU Vendor 3 Cost Vender 3 QTY Available

Vendor 4 Name Vendor 4 SKU Vendor 4 Cost Vender 4 QTY Available

This way, our system and our customer service agents are able to know which vendor or vendors have this item. I need to have this info on the Magento item record since my CS agents won’t have to our ERP system.

This is how it’s done now with our NetSuite ERP (from the item record):

NOTE: Not all Drop Ship vendors use the same SKU (Code) for the same exact item, therefore, it’s important to have SKU for each vendor.

Any suggestions, please?

microsoft excel – Dynamic table modification using drop down lists

I need to allow a user to make modifications to a matrix. In order to do these modifications, the user should be able to show each row using a options in drop down lists.

Below is a simple example to illustrate my purpose. The user is able to select a specific row using the drop down list (A, B or C) but for the moment, I can’t change the content of this given row because the printed output contains formulas to the data matrix.

In summary, I would need to:

  1. Print the content of a given row a datamatrix
  2. Allow user to change the content and dynamically change the content of data matrix.

Simple example here

Thanks a lot for your help !



migration – How can there be so much “business logic” for a company that they cannot drop their old COBOL/mainframe code?

Something which has always confused me is this. I keep hearing about how these big, old corporations which were around in the 1950s (for example) and early on started using COBOL-coded business logic on IBM mainframes, which are apparently unable to “migrate to something modern”, even though they want to and it’s expensive to maintain COBOL programs for various reasons.

First of all, I, probably more than anyone, like the idea of old, big computers chugging away decade after decade. It makes me feel cozy somehow. But this is not about me having a fascinating of old computers and stable software, but simply me wondering about the business need to keep running them even if they have established that it’s financially problematic, and the company doesn’t have a CEO who happens to have a fondness of old computers.

Basically, how can a company have so much “business logic” that they cannot simply hire well-paid experts to re-implement it all as PHP CLI scripts, for example? (No, that’s not a joke. I’d like to hear one single valid argument as to why PHP would be unfit to process all the business logic of a major corporation.) But let’s not get hung up on PHP, even though I’d be using it. Any “modern” solution that they can maintain for a fraction of the COBOL/mainframe price would do.

Is the answer simply that there is no such thing? All modern software/hardware is unreliable, ever-changing, ever-breaking garbage? Or do they have such extreme amounts of special rules and weird things happening in their “business logic”, spanning millions of lines of code, that the sheer amount of work to translate this over to a modern system simply costs too much? Are they worried that there will be mistakes made? Can’t they do this while keeping the old system and run both at the same time for a long time and compare the output/result, only replacing the old one when they have established that the new one works identically for years and years?

I don’t understand why they would insist on COBOL/mainframes. I must be grossly underestimating the kind of “code” that exists in a big, old company.

Do they really have zillions of special rules such as:

If employee #5325 received a bonus of over $53 before the date 1973-05-06, then also update employee #4722's salary by a percentage determined by their performance score in the last month counting from the last paycheck of employee #532

? I almost can’t believe that such fancy, intricate rules could exist. I must be missing something.

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Trying to populate choices in drop down on PowerApps based on SharePoint People Picker field

I have a PowerApps app that connects to a SharePoint list. There is a column, Approver, that I want to use to filter a report. Approver is a People Picker field. I want to have a drop-down input box on my PowerApps screen that has the names of Approvers from the SharePoint list, so that I can filter the results based on approvers rather than typing in a name from the GAL. Is this possible, and if so, any tips on how to do this?

networking – Attempting to drop packets to simulate a network failure

I have a switch running Linux with multiple devices on it.
I’m attempting to simulate a network outage on one of the devices.

I’ve attempted to drop the packets with both netem and iptables using either one of the commands:

tc qdisc add dev <interface> root netem loss 100%


iptables -A INPUT -i <interface> -p all -j DROP

However, the device stays connected.

Any ideas?

How can I use a Drop Down List and skip data validation in Google Sheets?

I want to show a Drop Down List in a cell in Google Sheets, where user can choose a list of words. But I want to let to user to input any number too. Since the only way I know to show off a drop down list is by setting a data validation, if user inputs something different from the given list it will display an error message (actually it should not be an error on how I pretend it to).
I know (and I have already done it) I can use a formula to achieve this behavior, but it does not show off the requiered Drop Down List.