Drone in Russia

Can I take a 249g drone to Russia and fly without any registration?

According to my research, I can, but I'm very curious about real life experiences.

Thank you

According to reports, the United States is sending troops to the Middle East due to the drone attack on the oil refineries, what do you say?

So, the man who promised to end our participation in numerous wars (you know, Obama) and bring the troops home is sending more troops to the region, not due to any threat to the US. UU. But rather to the request of the Saudis, a country that has its own army and should, for all rights, be responsible for its own defense, the country that sponsored the attackers of September 11, the country whose leader ordered the murder. of an American journalist, who Trump wants to send American soldiers to die for,

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Exploring previously unknown areas with a drone algorithm

I am working on a drone platform to map the indoor environment based on depth and image processing.
I am looking for an algorithm to explore previously unknown areas, something like a house with some rooms (assuming a flat for now). Robot cleaning exploring style.

For starters, I preferred to use the free / open source software / SDK package, but the payment of a good SDK is also considerable.

It can be very naive and not optimized, and it can take on a 2D problem if it is easier.

I searched it on Google, I saw many academic articles but I need something more practical to get started.

Any suggestion?
Thank you!

Increase in intrusion attempts from the Iranian intellectual property space after the incident with the U.S. drone. UU

Most of the crimes currently seem to be originated from:

AS49596 – Fara Negar Pardaz Noor Khuzestan Co.JSP

One of the most offensive blocks ( is mentioned last month in this thread before the new malicious activity.


The activity can be confirmed by any third party using abuseipdb.

google api – Analysis of multispectral image data of a drone

We are planning to develop an application / software for rice field monitoring. After research, I was curious to know how to analyze the data from the drone camera. Read the data and then show the results how to identify healthy and unhealthy plants, identify pests, diseases and weeds, count plants and measure irrigation.

There is a lot of software like Sentera that will do the job (using NDVI / NDRE can identify pests, diseases and weeds, count plants, measure irrigation, etc.) But we would like to have ours, so we can customize the result.

What are the things we should consider when making a web application that can analyze multispectral images. Is there an API that can read the multispectral image data? Any suggestions and recommendations? So that we are on the right path. Thank you!

Can I use AR Parrot Drone 2.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 instead of Mac and Windows?

I am very interested in doing a project from here.


I have extracted the phrases from the project website below:

This instruction will give you an EXTREMELY simple and fast way (<
15 minutes) for an AR Parrot Drone 2.0 to fly autonomously with the code
written by you! The best part of this project is that it only requires the
drone and a laptop (mac or windows). Without modifications to

Now, before continuing with the implementation, I just want to be sure that there will be some compatibility problem since I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS?
Because the project mentions about Only Mac and Windows.

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

I flew my Drone for the first time!

He took the Mavic 2 drone to a nice riverbank in Wekada, Panadura, Sri Lanka. Incredible results even with all the settings of the camera in Auto. Edited on the iPad Pro 10.5 using Enlight Videoleap.