I’m looking for photo sets from drone photography to convert to 3D models. Where can I find them?

As part of a science assignment I’m looking for some photosets captured on zone (preferably with exif data) to generate 3d models.

Can you guide me to some sites on the net which host them?

equipment recommendation – Budget Camera for Drone Cinematogrraphy?

(I’m not sure if this should be posted here or on Video Production)

Having been working on a cinematography drone build this summer, I’m thinking about eventually upgrading from my GoPro Hero 4 Silver. I mean, you can get GoPro video pretty cinematic, but even then you lack control of some basic settings and (especially) lenses, which are essential for getting good video.

So, what I’m focusing on is something light (Drone is on the ZZD550 frame with 4108 600kv motors, up to 5s LiPo, and some gimbal) and I’d probably want 4k(or 2k)/24fps. My budget is around $250, I’m fine with used. I’m thinking that if I can get a gopro (4k/15ps) for around 100, then I should be able to sacrifice waterproofing and compactness for a bit better video at a similar price.

I’ve thought about getting a Ribcage for the gopro (or one that’s already modded) but maybe I should just get the right tool for the job, a “real” camera?

Lastly, am I just asking too much for my current drone to carry? I haven’t built it yet so I don’t have an idea of its lift capacity. On top of that, I’ll be using a gimbal. So, lots of emphasis on lightweight.

What would you recommend? Thanks!

Any Good E-shops In Europe To Buy A Drone With Camera?

I wanna buy a drone with camera in Europe.
Any good e-shops where I can buy them?
Found rckane.cz – they offer nice drones. What can you say about them?
What other e-shops in Europe do you know and can recommend me to visit?

Thinking to purchase a drone with camera

hey dudes,
need your help. What e-shops do you know in Europe offering drones?
I would like to order a good drone with camera. What is the best price for it?
What are your views on rckane.cz and their list of drones?


Where Can I Buy Drone With Fpv Transmission In Europe?

would like to buy a Drone with FPV transmission in Europe. Any good e-stores in Europe you know?
My friend recommended me Rckane.cz as they place to buy them.
What Drone from their list can you recommend me to choose? Why?

What characteristics should I know before buying a Drone?

hey dudes,
I decided to buy a Drone. Found rckane.cz shop, they offer a great number of Drones.
What characteristics should I know before buying a Drone? Any recommendations on a certain model?


customs and immigration – How to bring a drone through a country that does not allow them?

You travel several countries with one backpack. Some of them restrict drones, some do not. You are NOT going to fly in the country where drones are illegal, but you want to take it with you to another country and fly there, where drones are legal.
Will it help to temporarily disassemble the drone, propellers, maybe legs, for the custom check?

Why do conservatives act as if they are armed and ready against the government, but do not understand that a drone attack could annihilate them?

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Drone in Russia

Can I take a 249g drone to Russia and fly without any registration?

According to my research, I can, but I'm very curious about real life experiences.

Thank you