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ServerDime EE UU Dedicated 70 2X E5-2670, cheap, 64GB, 250GB hard drive 250GB SSD, IPMI, servers – $ 75 / m

SERVERDIME 2x E5-2670, 64GB of RAM, 10Gbps DDOS, 250GBSSD, 1TB HDD, 20TB BW, / 29, Dedicated Vlan – $ 75 / m

Company of Buffalo, NY since 2012, A + rating accredited by BBB, own hardware. Our data center location is Dallas, TX.

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ServerDime is a brand of HostRush. We offer our dedicated ServerDime servers and HostRush hosting services.

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We specialize in cheap dedicated servers with 10GBPS of DDOS protection.

Total property infrastructure
ServerDime is a part of HostRush that has its own hardware and network equipment.


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In addition to a small network failure in October 2018, our dedicated servers are tracking 100% of the uptime since we began offering them in October 2017. We are tracking 100% of the uptime of our service vps since January 2016. Our shared services are tracking 100% of the activity time since June 2017.

Protection DDOS 10Gbps
All our dedicated servers come with 10Gbps protection, 10Mpps ddos

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All our dedicated servers are connected to fiber optic network equipment.

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All servers on this page come with full IPMI and no restrictions. Dell or SuperMicro. This gives you access to virtual media, keyboard and mouse.

Dual Xeon E5-2670 (16 cores, 32 threads)
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/ 29 (6 hosts, 5 usable IPs)
Dual Nics
Vlan dedicated
Full dedicated IPMI
Initial installation of the operating system or installed through IPMI
Dallas, TX
12 – 18 hours of configuration
$ 75 / m recurrent

linux: How can I prevent a user from copying files to another hard drive?

You can disable USB storage in Linux by blacklisting the module.

modprobe -r usb-storage
echo blacklist usb-storage >> /etc/modprobe.d/10-usbstorage-blacklist.conf
echo blacklist uas >> /etc/modprobe.d/10-usbstorage-blacklist.conf

In addition, you may want to disable
This will disable USB storage.

If your users have physical access to the machine and know the encryption keys, the game is active no matter what you do with the software.

My suggestion would be to limit access to the physical interfaces of the machine. Close it inside a box, and only allow users to interact through a keyboard, a mouse and a screen.

You should also keep in mind that you can not prevent a user from copying something. Worst of cases? Take the phone and take pictures of the screen as they are filtered through the files. The prevention of data loss should In my opinion be directed to stop accidental Copy to unreliable devices.

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Processor – Intel C2750 8 Cores at 2.40GHz
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copy and paste: does the copy inside the hard drive partition (same or different) take a long enough time?

After reinstalling Windows 7 and creating 3 primary partitions of 20 GB (drive C), 100 GB (drive D) and 110 GB (drive E), I am faced with strange behavior to copy large files (> 400 MB), while Smaller files are copied in less than 20s.
In the initial stage (for the first 20 years approximately), I get a normal speed of 30 – 80 MB / s, but shortly after that there is a massive fall of up to 90 KB / s, or even low.
I also tried to copy from drive D to E and also within the same partition (D to D and E to E) but the results were the same.

The copy speed is good from the hard drive to the pen drive (around 6 MBps) but not vice versa.

I tried to search a lot but I did not get an adequate response to this, please help me solve this problem.

3 questions about restoring the WhatsApp backup from Google Drive

so I understand that there is no option to restore and save my WhatsApp history on the memory card. Could you confirm that, please?

Like any other application, it is possible to save Whatsapp on the memory card. If WhatsApp is installed in internal storage, then its default location is internal storage. If it is installed on the SD card, then it saves everything on the SD card.

If I uninstall the WhatsApp application now, do I have the option to install it on the memory card and thus restore my backup on the memory card where there is enough space?

Yes. If your phone allows the installation of applications on the SD card, then there will be no problem.

If I uninstall WhatsApp now without choosing to restore the backup but also without selecting otherwise, will I have the option to do it the next time I install WhatsApp or is it now or never?

What do you mean by "If I uninstall WhatsApp now without choosing to restore the backup but also without selecting the opposite"?

When uninstalling WhatsApp, the backup copies are still present in Google Drive. If you then reinstall the application, it will ask you to restore it.
However, keep in mind that:

Each time you create a Google Drive backup with the same Google account, the previous backup of Google Drive will be overwritten. There is no way to restore a previous backup of Google Drive.

Windows 10: the file can not be opened from the drive assigned to the network

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The Bash script to restart the systemd drive ran as a cron job repeats indefinitely

I have a quick and dirty bash script to restart a running Minecraft server by passing some ad messages to the screen instance that runs it and then restarting the systemd drive:

#! / bin / bash
screen -p 0 -S minecraft -X eval & # 39; stuff "says automatic restart of the server in 60 seconds." \ 015 & # 39;
sleep 30
screen -p 0 -S minecraft -X eval & # 39; stuff "says automatic reboot of the server in 30 seconds." \ 015 & # 39;
sleep 20
screen -p 0 -S minecraft -X eval & # 39; stuff "says automatic reboot of the server in 10 seconds." \ 015 & # 39;
sleep 5
screen -p 0 -S minecraft -X eval & # 39; stuff "say Restarting the server! & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; Will be back soon." \ 015 & # 39;
sleep 5
systemctl - user restart minecraft

This script works as expected when it is executed outside cron, but when I create a cron job like this, the script will not be able to restart the server and, instead, it will repeatedly send the announcement messages to the screen instance over and over again. :

* 7 * * * / bin / bash /home/mine/minecraft/ 1> /home/mine/minecraft/restart_log.txt 2> /home/mine/minecraft/restart_err.txt

What could be happening here? My best guess is that the systemctl The command must fail in some way, which causes cron to rerun the script from the top. This is a server that runs Debian 9.

Is there any way to convert DOCX to Google Docs directly in Google Drive?

Before, Google Docs would automatically convert Word files by opening them with the "Open with> Google Docs" command in Google Drive.

But recently, it was updated to allow native edition of Office files. So now I have to open .docx files with Google Docs, and so select "File> Save as Google Docs" Only to convert .docx to Google Docs format.

Is there a faster way to do this?

Note: The simple fact of switching to Google Docs is not an option, since we still use a lot of Word in our organization.

I recently received a ticket to drive a school bus stop sign in Georgia. Help!!?

If you think you have grounds to challenge the fine, then it may be worth it to challenge it (either by yourself or with the help of a lawyer). If you think you have a pretty solid case against you, then it could be much easier to pay the fine.

I do not know about Georgia, but sometimes, if you start to challenge it, you may be offered a lower fine in court to encourage you to resolve it.

Normally, the points in your record are those that affect your insurance rate, therefore, if this does not result in points, then it should not affect your rate.