Warning to download themes and add-ons.

I recently downloaded a topic to test a client project. I always do that before buying a theme.

2 problems appeared:

The first was that I had to delete all the mentions of the site from where I downloaded the subject.

within the theme styles.css case file. This was easy because all the mentions were in the upper part of the file (they only replaced all the links with false ones).

The second problem was that these imbeciles had injected a redirection code that when activated (at random intervals) opened a new window of a site called



, or something like that. The solution was to open the themes folder, then the include folder and delete everything inside the functions-init.php file.

Although this was only a trial installation for me, I would like to warn all people who are here not to download and / or install themes or wp plugins from that site, to avoid these types of problems. More importantly, just do not share them here, because you do not have to fuck someone else's site.

Oh, and if you feel like it, visit your Facebook page and show your appreciation for the spread of malicious codes through their actions.

Thank you for reading….

Download the .exe link

Is there a way to put download link .exe on the website.

I have spoken with several hosts and they are all not responding or saying that they can not be allowed.

Is there any way to do this?

Please guide

Steps to prepare your Windows PC to download McAfee consumer products: everything else

You can also use the McAfee product to adjust your PC. If your PC works slowly and takes a long time, you can install this product. It helps improve the performance of your PC. It eliminates unnecessary programs and also eliminates the unwanted program that runs in the background. McAfee Tune Up removes junk files and frees disk spaces to provide optimized performance.

mcafee.com/activate- McAfee antivirus is a reliable antivirus. It has millions of users around the world. As you know, if you want to install it on your computer. Then you have to buy it. There are several methods to buy it. You can buy it online or offline. Once you buy it, you must install it on your PC to take advantage of the protection. In this article we will try to understand the procedure to download McAfee with the help of a CD. You can also visit McAfee Support if you want to know more about McAfee.

System configuration required to install McAfee-cafee.com/activate

You can install the McAfee antivirus on your computer. For this, you must have some required configuration on your PC. The following are the necessary configurations:

Windows version required

• Microsoft Windows 10, (32 bits and 6 bits)
• Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1 (32 bits and 62 bits)
• Windows 7 with service pack 1 (32 bits and 62 bits)

Minimum hard disk

• The minimum disk space must be 500 MB

Internet connection required

• A high speed Internet connection is mandatory.

Browsers that support McAfee and help protect against phishing

• Google Chrome web browser
• Mozilla Firefox web browser
• Microsoft EDGE
• Microsoft Internet Explorer


Some do it before installing McAfee Antivirus- mcafee.com/activate

If you want to install McAfee on your computer, you must follow some steps. You must follow some steps if you want an installation without errors.

• First, you must uninstall the existing version of McAfee.
• You must also remove other installed antivirus to avoid conflicts.
• In addition, you need to restart your computer. Once you have uninstalled the preinstalled antivirus.

Steps to install the McAfee antivirus from CDmcafee.com/activate

Now, you are ready to install the McAfee antivirus on your computer from a CD. You just have to follow the steps mentioned:

• First, you must insert the CD into the CD / DVD ROM of your computer.
• Also, wait a moment, since the ROM takes a few minutes to execute the CD.
• If automatic playback is selected, a pop-up window automatically appears.
• In addition, you must select start the installation to continue.
• In case automatic playback is not selected, you must start the installation manually.
• To start the installation, you must open "My Computer" from the desktop of your computer.
• Also, go to the CD / DVD drive and double-click on the McAfee installer file.
• You can now select "country and language" in the McAfee installation windows.
• Also, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

Once you follow the steps, you can easily install from a CD. If you have any difficulties during installation, contact McAfee Support.

Frequently asked questions- mcafee.com/activate

mcafee.com/activate product key
www.mcafee.com/activate total protection
McAfee activation key
www.mcafee.com login
McAfee activates the subscription
go to McAfee com activate
McAfee activation code for free
Activating the McAfee retail card

To resolve all queries, you can visit mcafee activate. You can also call our toll-free number to resolve your technical query. We provide you with the simplified way to solve your technical problems.


dependency injection: use of a class to call a custom download service

I have created a deletion service and I can use it on the command line, but I am trying to use dependency injection to use it from another class. However, he is saying that the service can not be found. (From the public function __construct) All other regular services can be injected and used, except the drush service. Can I inject drush services? Inject them from other injection units?

I added the changes in the composer, json {extra}, I created drush.services.yml and the file Commands.php. Everything works except the dependency injection.

I'm using Drupal 8, Drush 9

Thank you,

How to download the file in Android Studio?

I need to download the file not only to the SD card but to the application itself. I need to put the file in my activity and the file should not appear on the SD card. How can I do that?

Please respond or give me links where I can read about my problem.

Can not access website to download update on any of the GSA software I use.

I have several GSA products. I can not update any of them. When I try, it says automatic update not possible and direct me to download manually. But when I click the link, I get to FORBIDDEN page.
I have tried several times over the last few weeks with the same results.


You do not have permission to access /403.shtml on this server.

Additionally, at 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

download the graphics of a game / application to make it less slow?

I have a couple of cheap Android phones, and I would like to continue taking advantage of them. However, some applications are delayed because their visual quality is too high for the phone. I think my phone already has the lowest possible resolution, so are there other methods to reduce the visual quality of applications / games? The root methods are fine.

Hire someone to download / upload

I need someone who can download 2 files from a PPD website and then upload them to my cPanel. It is approximately 1.1 GB in total size, if you have a high speed broadband connection and not from India, contact me, as the website is blocked by DOT in this country.

Download FEEDBACKBOX – Your web application Builder Form Formulation of comments and fun

sales page

Power Management – Xiaomi gaming laptop 16.04 fast download

I recently bought the Xiaomi gaming laptop and installed Ubuntu 16.04 on it. After using it for a while I noticed that my laptop shuts down after 2 or 3 hours of use. I installed powertop and tlp, so almost everything in the powertop settings tab is "good". However, the download rate is still quite high (14-17 watts while browsing or inactive). I have installed my nvidia driver but I have selected the Intel "GPU" to save energy.
Laptop Specifications: GeForce 1060, i7-8750
Output from Powertop:
The battery reports a discharge rate of 16.6 W
The estimated remaining time is 2 hours, 56 minutes.
Summary: 1304.5 reactivations / second, 0.0 GPU ops / seconds, 0.0 VFS ops / sec and 23.3% CPU usage
Power est. Use Events / s Category Description
21.5 W 0.0 pkts / s Device network interface: enp7s0 (r8169)
2.73 W 100.0% Device USB Device: ITE Device (8910) (ITE Tech. Inc.)
45.1 mW 75.6 ms / s 236.3 Process / opt / google / chrome / chrome --type = renderer --field-trial-handle = 11984423123929607261,6370143250280949661,131072 --service-pipe-t
37.3 mW 35.7 ms / s 337.4 process / opt / google / chrome / chrome

It is clear that somehow enp7s0 consumes 21w, which is something that I do not understand