ios – Does an iPhone immediately download a visual voicemail as soon as it’s been received, or only when it’s chosen from the list of available messages?

When using a carrier that makes use of the Visual Voicemail service, upon receiving a voicemail does the iPhone immediately download the message to its internal storage – or is this only done when said message is explicitly chosen from within the “Voicemail” tab of the Phone app?

During a IBD : Initial Block Download by a full node, from where is the blockchain downloaded?

I understand that a full node requires to do an IBD before being able to verify transactions. So, it downloads the ledger upto now, which is known as Initial Block Download.

But what I don’t understand/know is, from where is the blockchain information being downloaded? Are other full nodes contributing in this activity, or is this information stored somewhere, and is retrieved from there?

Any help appreciated!

macbook pro – How to download macOS-Catalina-10.15

Mr. Macintosh lists 8 ways of getting macOS installers. All get them from Apple though some involve running scripts to make it easier. I suggest one of these:

Method 1. The easiest way (if your Mac is eligible) is via the App Store.

Method 8: Direct Apple links to some installers.

Method 5: For myself, I often the Mac Deploy Stick (MDS). This is 3rd party software (aimed at those who administer many MACs), but inspects what is available from Apple and downloads what you choose.

But select a method for yourself. All download from Apple.

Cant unlock bootloader or go to download mode in Samsung M11

I have Samsung M 11 (SM-M115F/DS). I want to install TWRP in it. But I cant unlock boot leader or go to download mode. I already enabled OEM Unlock. I saw in some sites that in this device i have to press both volume up and down to go to download mode or unlock bootloader but actually nothing happens. It only goes to recovery mode with power and volume up. There it has a "Reboot to Bootloader" option. enter image description here when i go there i get this enter image description here. When i give the option start i return to recovery mode.

Samsung Galaxy a10 FRP Bypass Tool Download

You can easily bypass your Samsung Galaxy A10 device by the use of the Samsung FRP bypass tool. download the latest version of the FRP bypass tool for your device. we share with you a link to download Samsung FRP Bypass Tool which you easily download and remove your Google account from your device.

Download mac os from the app store to external USB

Download mac os from the app store to external USB – Ask Different

8 – Not able to download json file from AWS S3 bucket

Trying to download the JSON file from the S3 bucket using the below code.

  use SymfonyComponentHttpFoundationBinaryFileResponse;

  public function downloadProductSpecFile($spec_file = NULL) {
    $spec_file = 'dev_test.json';
    // Aws S3 file url
    // Example:
    $signed_url = $this->developerResourceServices->getSignedUrl($spec_file);

    $headers = array(
      'Content-Type'        => 'application/json',
      'Content-Disposition' => 'attachment;filename="' . $spec_file . '"');

    return new BinaryFileResponse($signed_url, 200, $headers, true);

but I’m getting the below error


I can able to open the file using the above signed URL without any issues. – Download & Streaming Platform – Up to $70/10k DLs+Views – Fast & Stable – PPD/PPV/PPS – API + Fast Support

Hi WJ’s
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How to customize the default download location for Paclets

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