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keyboard layout: re-assign ctrl and use ctrl-tab to switch between applications: double tab is required

I am using gnome-tweak to reassign ctrl (change ctrl and alt). Then I use the system configuration to assign ctrl-tab to swtching application.

When I did this first, it worked. As expected

But since the update and restart, this now requires pressing two tabs before the switch appears. That is to say. in the first ctrl-tab the tab seems to enter the application, and only when I have the tab again, the application selector appears.

The two changes work well independently, but when I combine them, strange behavior occurs.

Any ideas? Any other way to change keys outside of gnome-tweak?

Thank you!

integration: the Gelfand variation calculation notation for what looks like an integral double

I'm making my way through Gelfand's book. I found the slogans that are built towards the Euler-Lagrange derivation. From a more general example of a linear functional:

$$ phi[h] = int_ {a} ^ {b} left[ alpha_{0}(x)h(x) + alpha_{1}(x)h'(x) + alpha_{2}(x)h”(x) + dots right]dx $$

with $ alpha_i (x) $ fixed functions in $ mathscr {C} (a, b) $, the author proceeds to determine the form of $ alpha $That would be all $ h (x) $ in a class they disappear. That is, what is the form, shall we say, of $ alpha_2 (x) $ what it does $ int_ {a} ^ {b} alpha (x) h & # 39; & # 39; (x) dx = 0 $ for all $ h (x) $ in $ mathscr {D} _2 (a, b) $, etc.

This is where I find this:

$$ h (x) = int_ {a} ^ {x} d xi int_ {a} ^ { xi} left[ alpha(t) -c_0 – c_1t right]dt $$

I think $ h (x) $ It is a function twice differentiable. We do not know its form, except that the second derivative seems $ alpha (x) -c_0 – c_1x $ for some function $ alpha (x) $ and constants $ c_0 $ Y $ c_1 $. Am I doing this right?

But then, why does double integration look like this? It is not exactly a double integration, rather a double integration in the same independent variable, right? In general, in my previous experience, the notation for a double integration of a function $ f (x, y) $ it was like $ int int_Rf (x, y) dydx $ or some variation thereof.

So, what about this notation?

user behavior: why do companies often keep half the double doors closed?

My girlfriend works in a store where they have both doors open all the time, regardless of the weather. It's almost everything to do with sales. Several studies have been carried out over the years, and my girlfriend has done some studies of her own, that closed doors represent an obstacle for people. And strangely enough, even if it's just a door, that obstacle is enough so that people do not move by chance

My girlfriend locked the doors one day that she knows it's usually a busy day, her sales almost halved.

The amount of & # 39; vagabonds & # 39; Occasional and we just took a look & # 39; decreased drastically to buyers, like people with & # 39; extra luggage (for example, strollers, buggies, strollers, etc.) or, interestingly, people in groups of 2 or more.

There may be other reasons cited, security, airflow, etc., and all may be valid reasons, but by far they are a matter of sales.

Think of the phrase "My door is always open" or "You have an open door policy." Everything that is intended to be cozy is where the door is always open for you, without obstacles. Lazy, but true.

Macos – Sophos AV always runs double instances of your application. How did I just have 1 running?

I run Sophos Anti-Virus in macOS Mojave and always executes two instances of the application. It has 2 menu bar icons and runs as 2 separate processes. When I try to exit or force the exit of any of the applications in the Activity Monitor, it automatically executes them again (I assume it as a security measure).

Is there a way to have only 1 running?

Traveling with double passport and change of entry at the airport.

Please help I need help desperate
I have an Indian and Portuguese passport currently in India
Now I have to travel to the United Kingdom and I can not travel with the passport of India because I need a visa to travel to the United Kingdom and Portugal. I can not show Portugal's passport at the airport and immigration
my plan as below I advise
1) book the ticket in the passport of India and travel to Doha with the visa at the arrival facilities
2) after arriving at the Doha airport, change to the Portuguese passport to enter and leave Doha to the United Kingdom by booking a flight from Doha to the United Kingdom

my question
since I will leave with the Indian passport and the exit stamp, while the change to the Portuguese passport at the Doha airport will be an immigration officer, he will request my exit stamp in the Portuguese passport.

please help

How to select a text with double click on a web page through Selenium in Python? (Xpath, ID, etc. not available)

I have boxes like this:

Xpath value for the space next to the "Axes":

// * [@ id = "ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_ABC_ctl02"]

Xpath value for the space next to the "Classic":

// * [@ id = "ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_ABC_ctl03_"]

There is only one difference in the number at the end, but these are not specific values. The classification can vary according to each user. This ranking could look like this:

The Xpath value for the space value next to the "Classic", which is the fourth row here

// * [@ id = "ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_ABC_ctl05_"]

The value of Xpath changes according to the classification, not the name on the left. This prevents me from using values ​​such as Xpath and ID. As a solution, I plan to change to the corresponding box by selecting the Classic value by double-clicking and pressing the TAB key. By the way classic is so name. The real name could be something like "Classic of the year". In fact, I can also choose the complete phrase "Classic of the year".

By the way, the classification is valid also for Axes, Classic, etc. That's why I can not choose Axles or Classic with Xpath, ID. Because, like boxes, these values ​​do not have specific Xpath or ID values.

For these reasons, I would like to double click on the word "Axes" on the page and switch to the tab with the TAB key. Is it possible through Xpath, does it contain? If so, how?

dnd 5e – Can I use a Greatsword and a Longsword in a turn with combats with two weapons and feat with double hilt?

You must be holding both weapons when you attack to use the Combat with two weapons, and attacking with a big sword requires both hands.

You have the Dual Wielder feat, so it does not matter that neither of the two weapons is light. So far all good, however:

The rules of combat of two weapons establish:

When you take the Attack action and attack with a light melee weapon what do you have in one hand, you can use a bonus action to attack with a different melee weapon. what are you holding in the other hand.

There are two problems here.

First, and more simply, when you attack with a big sword you are not "holding" [it] in one hand & # 39; – It is true that you can keep a big sword in one hand, but not while you are attacking.

Two hands. This weapon requires two hands when you attack with it. This property is only relevant when you attack with the weapon, not when you simply hold it. PHB

Secondly, although it is not completely explicit, it is generally understood that TWF requires that you already have both weapons, when you take the action of Attack with the first weapon, to have the option of Bonus Action attacking with the second weapon. To obtain consensus evidence on this decision elsewhere, see these other related questions, here and here.

To attack with your big sword you need to use both hands, not just one, and you can not hold your long sword with the "other hand" while doing it. Therefore, you do not meet the requirements of the combat bonus action of two weapons.

Geometry ag.algebraica: independent conditions imposed by a collection of double points

Consider the following statement: There is a collection of $ d $ points $ gamma subset mathbb {P} ^ {n} $, so that $ h _ { Bbb P ^ n} ( gamma ^ 2, m) = min {(n + 1) d, binom {n + m} {n} } $ implies for any general collection of $ d $ double points $ gamma subset mathbb {P} ^ {n} $, $ h _ { Bbb P ^ n} ( gamma ^ 2, m) = min {(n + 1) d, binom {n + m} {n} } $

Question: Is the previous statement true?

If so, how to prove it explicitly? I guess we need to use the semicontinuity of the Hilbert function, but I do not know how to use it. Can anyone give a reference about this?