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Hi, I got this method from a different forum, I tried it today and it worked, so I share it here.

With this method, you can double your deposit on a popular Bitcoin trading website – Localbitcoins.com

It literally works for any amount greater than 0.005 BTC. I personally tried this with a 0.03 BTC deposit and it worked without problems.


Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/63me7t30b9ot1cw/localbitcoin_exploit.pdf/file

How to make VSCode represent a double dollar pair $$ Latex_code $$ as a new line?

A double dollar pair $$ Latex_code $$ represents a new line in the jupyter notebook but does not work in VSCode.

enter the description of the image here

I am using VSCode1.40.0 with Markdown + Math plugin, do I need another plugin?

lightning network – Would a double bottom channel be a single UTXO?

Yes, this is correct: a double-financed ray channel is still represented by a single UTXO.

In general, we would expect each participant to contribute at least one entry to the transaction that creates the double-financing channel (each participant can also end up with a newly created UTXO change). This method allows two participants to interact without confidence to create a channel with double funding.

Perhaps it is worth mentioning: with a slightly broader definition of "double financing", we can imagine ways to create a double financing channel, without requiring input from both parties. These methods may require more trust between the parties than the untrusted configuration mentioned above, but they may still be of interest. Examples:

  • two parties share the property of the BTC stored in a certain UTXO and decide to open a channel using it as the only entry
  • one of the parties contributes a UTXO, while the other party makes an external payment. The initial balance of the channel is divided accordingly, to reflect this payment.
  • One party contributes a UTXO, while the other party makes a chain payment. As indicated above, the initial balance of the channel is divided accordingly. This could be done atomically, which means that participants will not need to trust each other. See: splice in / out of channels.

Those are just a few examples out of my head. I am sure there are also other ways to achieve double financing.

Banach space is isometric to double

Leave $ X $ be a real Banach space or linearly isometric complex to its double Banach $ X ^ star $. It is true that $ X $ is it reflective?


Are you looking for a solution to adjust the double-click speed on your MacBook? Well, if your answer is yes, then you have landed on the correct website.

Having a super accelerated mouse can make you click on the unwanted options by mistake on your MacBook. It doesn't matter if you are using a MacBook Pro or Macbook Air, you may need to customize the click speed sometimes. Adjusting the double-click speed can be very useful when you want the best user experience on your MacBook.

In this article, you will learn how to decrease the speed of double-clicking on the MacBook. This will help you click only on specific things. So what is the wait? Let us begin.

How to adjust the double click speed on your device?

1. Navigate to the Apple logo button located in the upper left corner of your device's screen.
2. Go to the "System Preferences" from the options given in the drop-down menu.

3. Now go to the "Accessibility" option. Scroll down and look for the "Mouse and Trackpad" option and then click on that.

4. There is a "Double click speed" setting with a slider to adjust the speed. Drag the slider to the left and right to decrease or increase the click speed.

5. You can also move the slider all the way to the left. By doing so, the double click speed will be reduced to 4 seconds. This means that you will have to wait 4 seconds to click a second time to make a double-click command on your MacBook. Some people may like this preference.

This is how you can adjust your double click speed.

Source: turbotax support

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Do Trung Duong is dedicated to society

What to prepare for the path of busy life.

Do not allow yourself to be right, people are something very difficult to discover. We are good and there are people better than us, leaving needs to be a bit humble as an entrepreneur Do Trung Duong HBC – VCCI It will help us avoid many commercial competitors in the commercial market and also the loss of customers and contracts.

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The father used to say that he entered the market as a battlefield, he had to prepare himself carefully with weapons, knowing that he knew us. The businessman Do Trung Duong is the man who takes the Viking Group, a multidisciplinary business to the sea, to face big waves. Mr. Duong had to prepare the strategy and predict the ways in which the opponent would be applied.


In the HBC – VCCI business, sometimes there are too many jobs that an employee will perform endlessly. Do Trung Duong is dedicated to society shared, sometimes it is necessary to know opening words to help colleagues, this is not something embarrassing. But what matters is how you ask for help. The words will not make you lose any contract or lose billions of dollars for it, thank you sincerely, people will agree to help you. On the contrary, being suspicious and orderly in an impolite way will make your colleagues hate you more, can help you but not want to help you.

Boss Do Trung Duong is dedicated to society – Vice President Do Trung Duong HBC-VCCI That said, sometimes when meetings require staff to give their opinion, you should know how to express your opinions in a timely manner. Don't be too determined, too definite, do everything you have to do so you can retire. Sometimes being too determined will cause others' discomfort. There are no enemies forever, the future sometimes too many enemies will make it difficult for you to back off. At HBC – VCCI, you must learn to integrate with your colleagues, do not lie for this reason, other reasons to lie, sometimes you will forget what you say when you discover people's trust. Apart from that you will lose.

The more you are in the commercial company, the things that people want to tell you will tell you, do not be very curious behind anyone's back. Businessman Do Trung Duong inverter Share more about the things in the business that employees face. There are many employees because the pressure to find new contracts and customers makes it impossible to integrate into the collective. There are times when you should praise other people because learning to praise is the best and fastest way to close the distance between you and your colleagues.

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and 2e: Can a double class character use level drainage to change careers?

Let's say a character (Grunter) has skills high enough for the dual class to and from any class.

If Grunter is an F5 / T6, for example, and gets 7 level drains, then it is now an F4. Could I now level up beyond F5 and dual to another class, to eventually become an F7 / W8, for example?

dnd 4e – Fight with two weapons and double weapons

The rules regarding the feats of fighting with two weapons in D&D 4th Edition seem pretty clear, but I'm still not sure how they apply to double weapons. The Vault of the Adventurer states that "wielding a double weapon is like wielding a weapon in each hand" and states that you can use any end to attack, but there is nothing to indicate how the Fight of two weapons is applied. Would the Fight of two weapons and their subsequent feats apply to double weapons, or would the feats only work if the PC wields two separate weapons in each hand?

7 – Simplenews D7 double option view to show who has and has not opted

I am trying to calculate the percentage of our users who do not click on the link.

I want to configure a view to show all those who have entered their email address in a subscription box to the Simplenews newsletter (which is configured for double subscription) and show who has clicked and not on the link in the email confirmation.

But I can't see that any of the Views options can provide that information.

Both "Simplenews Subscriber: On" and "Simplenews Subscription: Status" return Yes, regardless of whether the link in the confirmation email has been clicked or not.