Dotes – Taking out leveling and classes – Replacements

So, my RPG is not going to use levels or classes to determine the progress. I'm trying to keep it as open as possible, and I also realize that if a character goes up and then fights a little harder monsters, it's the same level of difficulty and they may not level up.
Instead, I'm testing a dowry / skill type system (like in Savage Worlds) where the characters acquire Skills by spending Skill Points (which they get by doing important things, I'm also trying to eliminate grinding). These skills will not increase their primary stats, but give them things to do in the tactics department and complete the character's portfolio. There are certain areas of expertise, but it does not retain many characters.
Due to the leveling function, most characters will have about 10 life points, so I have reduced the damage rolls from d1 (only 1) to d6, instead of d4-d12 as in most systems . The characters will not have a barrel of hit points for the monsters to stab.
Thoughts? Ideas? Problems?