safety – Car shipping Do’s and Dont’s

1: As long as you have tags, registration and insurance, there should be no other paperwork required.

2: Always a good idea, as proof of condition before shipping.

3: Once you accept the car and drive it off the delivery yard, they are absolved of claims for damage that you discover later. Always good to do a walk around before signing the delivery receipts.

4: Opinion based, not really allowed on this forum.

5: Depends on the shipping company, some consider personal effects to be extra cargo and charge accordingly. But if it is OK, I wouldn’t put anything of value in there. The car company will likely want keys to car and trunk.

luggage – Flight cost from A->B/B->A is $2k more than C->A->B/B->A->C. What are the dos and don’ts

Lets say I live in A(USA) and need travel to B(Asia). The cost of a ticket from A->B is $2000 more than a ticket from C(USA) -> A(USA) -> B(Asia).

C and A are 90 minutes apart and there are multiple flights daily. Can I or can I not do the following:

  1. Book C->A->B and turn up at A and tell the checkin staff that I came there through alternate means. I will obviously have to be before the flight from C departs to avoid being a no-show.

  2. On the way back from B -> A -> C, can I disembark at A after requesting the checkin staff at B to book the baggage only until A?

I’ve already booked the C->A->B/B->A->C flight but I want to see if I can save myself a little hassle along with a lot of money.


windows – Microsoft: Do’s and Don’ts of Naming Files/Folders?

(Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I was a little lost!?)

I am working with Microsoft Windows 10 and recently I was transferring files into my new hard-drive and someone told me that I was naming my files and folders wrong.

For starters, I like to name my folder “1 – (name here)” if I want it to be at the top of my list and I often add a lot of dashes in my file names when I am working on a design. It’ll end up looking like “Logo Design 1 – New Colour” or something along the lines.

I’m not very tech savvy when it comes to this particular subject and a lot of googling has lead me more to people sharing different codes (??) than any explanation. So I was wondering if any of you might be able to offer me some solid tips on what’s the best way to go about organising my folders?

Thank you!