iphone – I don’t receive calls or messages from messenger or Instagram or Skype..etc even though I’m online

I’m using iPhone 6, I have a problem recently, I don’t get any calls or messages from messenger or Instagram and the other apps, even though the WiFi is on, and the person who calls, it appears to him that I’m offline, and if they send a message it Will be just sent not delivered, untill I open the app, they can call me, but the other apps Will be offline, so how can I fix that?

I don’t receive push notifications for Twitter Direct Messages from private accounts

It’s pretty much what’s in the title. I believe it has nothing to do with my device (an iPhone), nor any other defect. I believe it’s how Twitter sets it up for some weird reason. Is there a way to go around this?

I don’t receive push notifications for Twitter DMs from private accounts

It’s pretty much what’s in the title. I believe it has nothing to do with my device (an iPhone), nor any other defect. I believe it’s how Twitter sets it up for some weird reason. Is there a way to go around this?

Why do people assume you are racist if you don’t support black lives matter ?

It’s not about black lives matter. It’s not a movement for equality. I don’t see any equality signs up. All I see is defund police signs up 

Also, it’s a democratic political thing to me. They donate all the donations to white democrats. They don’t donate money into black communities. 

It says black lives matter but it means something completely different. 

I could basically label a policy “the all children care act” and then it sounds nice and all but underneath, there could be a lot of shady stuff. 

Why is my jQuery getting children i don’t expect it to?

I am trying to get the 2nd div of this parent div, but it is also getting the second child of the parent’s first child. The class names are a little confusing but not in my control, so i apologize for that. I added comments to show the div’s that are getting selected.

How do i prevent <div class="ease-search__meta-item tease-search__meta-item--date"></div> from getting selected?

// jQuery

// get 2nd div of each section
jQuery(".base-tease-inner.tease-search-inner div:nth-of-type(2)").css("background-color", "purple");


<!-- parent div  -->
<div class="base-tease-inner tease-search-inner">

    <div class="ais-hits--content tease-search__meta">

        <div class="tease-search__meta-item tease-search__meta-item--type">
        <!-- this is the div getting selected that i need to not be selected  -->
        <div class="ease-search__meta-item tease-search__meta-item--date">

        <div class="tease-search__meta-item tease-search__meta-item--issues">

    <!-- 2nd child i need to select  -->
    <div class="tease__image tease-search__image">

    <div class="ais-hits--content tease-search__content">
        <div class="ais-hits--excerpt tease-search__excerpt">


Good morning! (or afternoon…or evening…I don’t judge) | Forum Promotion

Howdy, stumbled upon this place from using the ubiquitous Google machine. Co-owner of a forum where we’d like to drum up more members to join, but we’re currently in the middle of a MAJOR upgrade for the first time in about 9 years, so we’re down (for now) but hopefully back up soon.

Happy to have found this place and looking forward to having a look around and maybe seeing if there’s any loose change under the couch cushions. :androidbiggrin:

Don’t prompt for opening certain external apps in Chrome

Chrome prompts me before opening external apps. Is it possible to add certain apps to an allowlist (e.g., Zoom, Notion) so that I’m not prompted each time?

windows 10 – win ftp works in File Explorer, don’t work in PowerShell, “unknown host”

Well this is bizaar,

i opened File Explorer (windows 10), did new network location,, a window opened and i DLed some files from the remote server, no problem. Then i did PowerShell as administrator, turned off windows firewall, and got this:

ftp> open

Unknown host

downloaded and ran some other ftp client and it worked fine. Please help if you know about this. I need it for a batch file.

thanx, mike

Why do white people refer to people of color as “black” people? Don’t they realize how offensive that is to us?

Please don’t use white. We’re varying shades of white.

Umm. White devil, piggy, whitewash, etc. Of course, I’m being sarcastic. It’s pretty crazy to assert that because some people have negative connotations with something, that something shouldn’t be used. There are plenty of people who will also be offended by “people of color” given its resemblance to “colored people” as a racial divider in the past. There’s always a way to demonize the language with vague “connotation” arguments. So, instead, let’s focus on what the person is actually saying, rather than make assumptions.

Why don’t I see ads on YouTube?

Alright I understand Ads are annoying at times, but its been a while since I am not seeing any ads on YouTube. Well all I see is a white background with the Skip Ads Button and a Timer kind of thing at the bottom-left. Also, I am not using YouTube Premium.

This is all that I see before the actual video.

No ads

So does anyone have an idea about this? I’m just curious to know why am I not seeing any ads.