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DragonByte Donate is a professional donation mod, allowing administrators to accept donations from any payment processor you’ve added to XenForo 2.


DragonByte Donate is the ideal product for forums that wish to accept donations from their members. Featuring the ability to create multiple different donation drives, an advanced recurring donation drive system and support for multiple payment processors, you will have plenty of options to suit every need.

You can display multiple…


Who could donate 1 BTC to save 1 life?

Community, I need 1 BTC to complement the value of my son’s surgery. He suffers from a gastric ulcer and needs to perform surgery.

Who can help me on this mission?

I will leave my BTC address to anyone who can help:

Thank you all.

labels – “Donate a sum but allow me to take money back” – say shorter

The idea that the donor can take his or her funds back (unless he or she dies or like this or a set time in the future passes), to make it more appealing to donate. So, it is kinda bequest to a charity.

How to say shortly and appealingly: “Donate a sum but allow me to take money back”?

Another idea is to have just “Donate” option but with also “Allow me to take money back before a date I set.” checkbox. But this checkbox would appear just if the donate option is clicked, so somebody would not click it at all because he would not want to donate without the option to take back. That’s bad, how to make it better?

Why It Is Not Wise To Donate To Charity

Believe in giving and helping others.

BUT… people often blindly give to charities (or perhaps are shamed at the cash register or the Facebook birthday page when someone asks, “Will you give $1 to XYZ charity”?)

I feel like I am charity shamed every day.

Not all charities are created equally:

Some charities do not distribute their money effectively. (E.g. charities that donate to help impoverished people in third world countries but the money is stolen by corrupt governments is a typical example).

Some charities, like some businesses, are poorly run.

Some charities spend too much money on administration and marketing so only a tiny portion of your money is put to good use. – James A.

Profits from games of knowledge:

❓ASK – Would you donate to a youtuber you like? |

Hello Guys,

Would you donate to a YouTuber you like and watch ? i mean videos not streaming, im trying to get some ideas to see what really drives people to donate ?

Is it Pure will to help ? a perk for your donations ? a shoutout ? or you don’t donate at all

Share your ideas on what might entice people to donate or if you yoursellf actually donates share what made you want to do it below

thanks for your feedback

Excess office furniture: sell, donate or renovate?

In terms of strictly "getting rid" of your excess furniture, I would suggest contacting an auction company and having an auction sale. Just last month, I attended one of those types of sales where bidders bid on chairs, executive tables, etc. The company can earn more money that way, although a longer process depends on the auction company, its hours, and whatever percentage they pay. Usually between 10 and 15%. BUT … they will do everything in their power to get the maximum price for that furniture.

You can contact furniture stores and see if they would buy it, but your strategy is, and always will be, to negotiate the lowest possible price. You may have to haggle a bit if that's what you choose.

The parking sale, as you suggested, might also be a good idea. But that would involve moving furniture in and out of the building for items that are sold or not sold.

Either way, I only offered my 2 cents … good luck.

[ Politics ] Open question: What will you do with your free £ 1,000 from Trump, am I going to donate mine to the Democratic Party?

[Politics] Open ended question: What will you do with your free £ 1,000 from Trump, am I going to donate mine to the Democratic Party?

Does anyone donate bitcoin?

Could help me please, I really need it a lot …
I wish they could help me

How to add the Donate Facebook button to an NGO's Facebook page

I am trying to set up a donation page on Facebook, using the nonprofit template. I want to enable my page to incorporate the "Donate" button. According to the following resource:, I need to select Edit Page Info, Then add Nonprofit Organization as a category to enable Shop with you or make a donation below +Add a Button. Apparently, this is supposed to give me access to an option for a Donatebutton. Even after adding that category, I still don't see Donate As an option. What else should I do to allow access to Donate button on my page?