security: authentication of WP users through third party sites between different domains (WP and Node.js)

I got a WP page that gets the username of the Connected User and makes an HTTP GET call to a different site, which delivers the corresponding data to that user.

Ultimately, I want to secure these endpoints so that users can't just GET with a different username parameter and get account information other than their own.

I know there are several methods to protect endpoints, so I should focus the question on how do I generate a token key (JWT or, unless otherwise suggested): how can I include it in the request from a WordPress page ?

domains: how to redirect everything (www) .example. (com / net / org) at

How do I configure any URL / URI for


to end in the corresponding:

I guess the solution (if there is one) will involve configuring DNS and .htaccess voodoo. But I really don't understand how those things work (particularly .htaccessTherefore, some specific suggestions on what to read would also be appreciated. (Yes, I can Google, but this seems to be a fairly specific and / or esoteric question, and I have not been successful in solving it. Or it could be stupid …)


I have domains /.org/ /.com all registered with the same registrar. Through the registrar domain settings, I have Y .org configure to redirect (301) to I have hosted by a separate shared hosting company that uses Apache and cPanel.

Currently some redirects work: http://(with or without www).example.(net/org) =>

Nevertheless, does not redirect to just

Now for the difficult part. The web server also has "SNI based SSL". So, Y They both work, but with https, the www URL doesn't redirect to the base domain (

Additionally, It does not work either, with or without www (no connection / timeout).

So in summary (too late ??), if possible, how do I configure all permutations of the above to end in the corresponding one:

Or, if the answer would require completing a doctoral thesis to implement, what is a common / reasonable configuration?

domains: too many SPF searches included

I used a DNS search tool on my website and did a search for SPF records too and found that I have "too many searches included". I understand the limit is 10, but it seems to me that I'm only using 6 (max, and 5 includes). The tool says I'm using 23. How is this possible?

If you understand how I am using too many searches, how can I reduce this within the limit and optimize my spf record?

dnd 5e: can I sell a supplement that refers to non-SRD clergy domains?

I am creating a completely unique environment for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, and I am truly pouring my heart and soul into it. Under the Wizards of the Coast OGL (Open Gaming License), I hope to sell this setup as a companion book (probably a downloadable PDF via DriveThruRPG).

However, I'm a little confused about the differences between OGL and SRD, and what I'm allowed to use versus what I'm not in the context of a commercial product. Specifically, I was thinking of referencing some non-SRD clergy domains (the only SRD clergy domain that I know of is Life), such as the ones in the Player's Handbook, in the context of linked locations to particular domains. Would that be allowable? I don't know if I am allowed to use non-SRD domains in a commercial job. He would not be reproducing the real Domains, in their specific mechanics, just referring to their existence.

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Is it possible to customize the WHOIS response for .health domains?

I have a domain name registered under .health TLD, but when I search for the domain using whois I do not see my name appear as Registrant or Technical Contact. Instead, I see this generic answer which seems to be the same for other .health domains I looked at.

contact:      administrative
name:         Eric Brown
organisation: DotHealth LLC
address:      120 SW 8th St Miami, FL 33131
address:      United States
phone:        +1-305-372-0075
fax-no:       +1-305-372-0076

contact:      technical
name:         Director
organisation: Neustar, Inc.
address:      21575 Ridgetop Circle
address:      Sterling, VA 20166
address:      United States
phone:        +1 844-677-2878
fax-no:       +1 571-434-5401

I have already logged into my registrar's web console ( to confirm that whois privacy is disabled (and it has been like this for more than 2 weeks) but I still don't see my information appearing in whois.

Is there a way to customize or change our whois response for a .health TLD?

networks: can a MOFI4500 block domains on a schedule within a day?

I use a MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-V2 as the primary Internet in my home. It provides wired and WIFI connectivity and I'd like to block some attention-grabbing social media domains during the first half of my day, but allow them in the second half of the day.

I found an option on the MOFI menus to lock a domain directly, adding it to the Blacklist in the "Mofi Lock" section, but I don't see any sync option.

I tried iptables, but it seems this is the wrong approach to lock a domain. I see an application acl but that doesn't seem to be installed in the Mofi shell and I'm not sure if I could install it.

I'm sure I could easily do this on my desktop PC, but I have many devices and am not interested in a solution that involves managing them separately.

domains: CNAME records pointing to the SRV record

I have several running services that I would like to access through a port. For something like this to work, I have a proxy server running that can redirect clients based on the url they connect to. For example, a client that connects to would be redirected to service 1, and someone else connecting with it would be redirected to service 2. I want to do this, so I only have to forward one port (for security and to facilitate adding / removing services).

Right now, I have an SRV record pointing to this service (a subdomain, and I've verified that it works). Ideally, I would like to add CNAME records that point to this SRV record for each and every service that runs behind the proxy. In other words, if this service's ip: port changes, I'd like to change just one record since they all use the same ip: port. it's possible?

My first thought is to make CNAME point to the full domain name of your SRV record, i.e. But I still haven't been able to verify this … I'm also curious to see if there is a better way to do it. Thanks in advance.

I need to migrate more than 100 SmarterMail 13 domains to Linux

Hi everyone,
I need to migrate over 100 domains using SmarterMail Enterprise 13.0 to a new Linux server and after reading a lot of how I could … | Read the rest of

Plotting roots and complex domains

I'm trying to trace the roots of a complex equation, $ p (z) = 0 $and a domain $ D $But you have not found a smart way to cover general domains.

If, for example, we take the equation $ p (z) = 5 z ^ 3 + 9 z ^ 2 – 25 z + 21 = 0 $ with the domain $ D: | z-1 | <$ 1 an illustration can be given by

equation = 5 z^3 + 9 z^2 - 25 z + 21 == 0;
domain = Disk({1, 0}, 1);
roots = z /. NSolve(equation, z);
roots // TableForm
points = ReIm(roots);
p = Graphics({PointSize(Large), Red, Point(points)});
d = Graphics({EdgeForm(Dashed), Opacity(0.1), Blue, domain});
Show(d, p, Axes -> True, Frame -> True)

The specification of $ p (z) $ it's pretty good but on the third line define $ D $, the way $ D $ specified is very limiting, as is the EgdeForm(Dashed) later to indicate that the border of $ D $ not included in the domain Yes $ D $ where a more complex area, with the border included ("$ … le … $"), this code should be modified in several places.

Is there a better way to trace complex roots and a domain (with or without border)? AUNT