domain name system – Configure LAN environment

I have a website and I want to host it on a local machine in my house. This is my environment.
*A laptop
* Different wirelles devices
Now, I want the different wireless devices to connect to the laptop and when a guy in the Internet browser, for example,, the laptop responds with my website.
What can I do to solve this?

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domain name system: setting up a subdomain on a different server

I am setting up a subdomain in Google Domains on the form, so that this URL takes users to my server. In Google Domains I can configure subdoamins with registered hosts or synthetic records. But when I do that and specify the IP address of my server (or an external URL) it simply redirects a browser to that IP address (or the external URL) and the user sees it in the browser's address bar instead of

How can I configure the subdomain in Google Domains, so that redirection to a different server is not noticed?

I appreciate any help.

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SharePoint 2013: Add a second domain to PP and move the user

Background: I am quite new to SharePoint administration and have inherited this environment, but we are currently migrating to a new domain (domain B) and SP exists in the previous domain (domain A).

Objective: connect our current SP to both domains (people selector) and make a user move in SP from domainA username to domainB username so that access to all your sites and rights remains intact when your account is move to domain

I know this has been discussed, but I am looking for a solid step-by-step since my Sharepoint Powerpoint is basically non-existent, so I would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.

I get 2 links from a single domain instead of just one

Why does this regularly receive 2 links, not 3, not one, but always 2 from a single domain? My goal is to have only one link per domain. I imported the URLs to publish them manually in the project and, in fact, there are same domains that are repeated in my list, but that is because one URL may not work while others may work (from the same domain).
I just want to limit GSA to one link per domain. It is probably easy but it doesn't work for me.
thank you !

default applications: open links to a particular domain with a particular application

I use a browser as default, but I want links to certain domains to open default with another browser For example, if an application has a button that opens a website, it usually opens it in the default browser. For most situations this is fine, but there are some exceptions in which I would like to change the browser in which the site opens.

Is it possible to set "rules" for the default application per domain?

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