How to resolve single-name (no dot) domain names with upstream DNS server on Linux workstations

We are using dnsmasq on our firewall machine and have set up the machine with the hosts file for all our printers and other shared resource machines. This should let us use this as a distributed hosts file, as dnsmasq will respond to queries that it sees in the local machine’s hosts.

This is working well from Windows machines. A NAS device, “tusker”, for example, is set up as I can “ping tusker” from any windows machine and it will correctly resolve that to We also have some Linux workstations, however, and none of them will resolve any single-name domain name. They are a mix of mostly Debian-based distros (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Arch) and universally the response to “ping tusker” on any of them is “temporary failure in name resolution”. They don’t seem to be passing on any single-name domain name queries to the DNS server. It sees there are no entries in its local hosts file and stops there without sending the query up.

I’ve tried “options ndots:0” in resolv.conf to no effect. Is there a way to tell the Linux resolver to always send names up to resolve regardless of how many levels are in the host name?

domain driven design – Where to place methods that consume multiple object collections

OOD and DDD differ on this significantly.

Object-orientation says that there is no reason to have any objects unless they have some useful (i.e. business-related instead of technical) behavior. So unless you can assign useful behavior to Timesheet, Invoice, etc., they should not exist. That leaves us with Project.calculateCost() or something similar. It doesn’t matter how or on what data this is done, or where that data comes from. Again, if you do have some useful behavior in other things, you can use those in Project.

If you have to have null-checks you’re doing it wrong. It either means that you use objects as essentially free-for-all data-structures, or use lots of implicitly assigned semantics. Or both. Neither is good.

Mainstream DDD is completely different from what I described above. That would say that data-structures are fine, and you should build a replica of all data in-memory, perform some procedure on them, and then push data back wherever they came from. Logic only lives in the “model” if it can be done completely “purely”. Logic that needs multiple things usually then resides in Services that act on the “model” completely from the outside.

You have to decide for one, they are not compatible.

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Is there a variable containing the domain name in nginx?

I am doing come configuration refactoring of an nginx/1.14.1 server which acts as a reverse-proxy to PHP-FPM.

The way it’s now configured, I’m able to do

# in a server {} section at a vhost there's
# set $base_domain;
# and then it includes another config file which has something like this: 
if ($php_logs_path = '') {
    set $php_logs_path /a/b/$base_domain/logs/$server_name.php_www_errors.log;
fastcgi_parma PHP_ADMIN_VALUE "error_log=$php_logs_path"

This works fine and the log file appears at the right path:


However, I don’t particularly like the fact I now need to go over hundred vhosts to set the $base_domain variable. I went over the nginx docs, but I couldn’t find a variable which gives only the domain segment without the sub-domain.

Is there an easy way to do this with a custom variable?

magento2 – Add footer link without domain from xml layout

I’m trying to add a tel: href to a footer with the next code:

 <block class="MagentoFrameworkViewElementHtmlLink" name="telefon">
                                <argument name="label" xsi:type="string" translate="true">0728 947 887
                                <argument name="path" xsi:type="string">tel:0728947887</argument>          

The link generates but it comes like:

In order for the tel: to work, I simply need it to be tel:0728947887

I also tried adding this to the block but the href did not change:

 <argument name="attributes" xsi:type="array">
                                    <item name="href" xsi:type="string">tel:0728947887</item>

I’d appreciate any ideas, thanks!

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lets encrypt – How do I renew LetsEncrypt certificates for a wildcard domain via HTTP challenge?

I have created and installed a cert for my wildcard domain * OK using a dns challenge. So far, so good.

Now I want to renew the cert using a cronjob. I will need to use the http challenge because I my DNS host has no API mechanism for me to automatically create the TXT record. What I don’t understand is how to tell certbot/letsencrypt where my http server is, given the domain is a wildcard that doesn’t point to the server where I’m running certbot.

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