How are DNS name servers updated for a TLD when a new domain is registered?

Let's say I have registered a new domain with a domain registrar like Godaddy.

When I search for my domain, I see the following section:

;; AUTHORITY SECTION:       3079    IN  NS       3079    IN  NS

This indicates that the authorized servers for are the servers, which (according to the available information) are name servers owned by GoDaddy.

I would like to better understand how .com TLD servers are updated to know the authorized name servers for a newly registered domain. Specifically:

  1. Does this involve updating the zone file for the .com TLD? So what
    type of entry is made there?
  2. Is there only one zone file for the .com TLD?
  3. What is the mechanism by which the update is performed? Is there any API integration between a registrar like Godaddy and the TLD server?
    make such entries? Or does the registrar post such updates by
    some other mechanism?
  4. At the end of the logger, is a separate zone file created for

Windows 7: computers cannot be accessed after changing domain password

I changed my domain password, so after that my Microsoft computers stopped working.

  • I tried to go to Credential Manager to remove all credentials
    about Teams (as advised by Microsoft's support page) but nothing.

  • I tried clearing the Microsoft Teams cache in this folder:

    C: Users MyUser AppData Roaming Microsoft Teams Cache

But nothing.

When I try to access Microsoft Teams I have this message:

Can you log in again? Sorry for any inconvenience. Sign in now

But when I click "Sign in now" a blue circle starts but the loopo is infinite.

I don't know how to solve this problem.

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apache2: assigning the domain subdirectory to a specific port using Apache's reverse proxy

I am running a dockable application that can be accessed on port 8334. I can access it from http: // 8334. I want to access it from (I already have SSL certificates configured for This is what I tried to add in virtualhost:

ProxyPass /subfolder

ProxyPassReverse /subfolder

It takes me to an error page specific to that app. So I guess reverse proxy worked, but then something went wrong.

Now when I visit http: // 8334, it redirects to http: // 8334 / login. I am assuming that cannot redirect to and that is the reason for my error.

I have tried using redirect rules. For example:
RewriteRule ^/subfolder(.*)$$1 (P)
But that did not solve the problem.

What can I do to make it work?

Redirect www to bare domain

I have a Google domain and every time the user enters it in their browser with www, I want them to redirect to the bare domain without www.

I tried adding www as CNAME and then in Synthetic Records I added the subdomain redirect with the subdomain set to www and the redirect set to my domain (with https included before).

But I get an error of:

This synthetic record has an error and will not work correctly.

Github is a good example of how it redirects from to just

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Google Search Console domain property is not in the list of properties that I can add to Google Analytics

I am trying to connect a domain property to a google analytics domain. But when the property I added is not in the property list where I can choose.

All other properties are. The big difference is that the newly added property is a domain property. All the rest are regular properties. Is there a new way to connect the properties of this domain to google analytics?

dnd 5e: How does the Spirit of Healing spell interact with a Life Domain cleric's Disciple of Life feature?

Let's tackle the rules first. Disciple of life establishes 3 conditions:

  1. use a spell
  2. 1st level or higher
  3. restore hit points to a creature

Healing spirit is a spell of 1st level or higher that you can why (Use for restore hit points. Almost word for word meets the conditions required for the Disciple of Life. This is how this feature works.

Address some concerns

It should not work because no action is required to restore hit points.

Disciple of Life does not require you to use an action, it does not mention the economy of action at all.

Also, as @jgn pointed out, it's helpful to note that Disciple of Life doesn't trigger when you cast a spell, but every time you use it to restore hit points. (This is somewhat unusual since many features are activated by casting a spell, but it is an important distinction.)

It is not the character but the spirit that is causing the healing.

The spirit is not a creature, it is not known as a creature or anything that has any mechanical impact on the game or agency other than the healing and movement you make it do. It's how the spell works. You are not commanding a spirit to do something, you are causing a physical manifestation of a spell to do it. If the spell were to summon an elemental creature that could heal on its turn, this argument would make sense, but that's not what the healing spirit does.

A similar argument could be made for the goodberry spell (he is not restoring life points, if he eats the berry), but it was clarified in the Compendium of wise advice (containing official rules on how to interpret the rules) that Disciple of life, in fact, works with the goodberry spell out:

If I am a cleric / druid with the Disciple of Life feature, does the goodberry spells benefit of function? Yes. The Disciple of Life feature would have each berry restore 4 hit points, instead of 1, assuming you cast goodberry with a first-rate spell slot.

Healing spirit it's very strong

In the end, the DM's job is to manage the game. If they feel that the healing spirit is too powerful, they can ban it or change it to make it less powerful.

If this is the case, I would suggest changing the text of the spell to:

Once per round Until the spell ends, each time you or a creature you can see moves into spirit space for the first time in a turn or starts its turn there, you can have the spirit restore 1d6 hit points to that creature (don't requires action).

(highlighted text added by me)

Additional domain email is displayed via gmail

I have an primary domain setup with unlimited multiple hosting that allows additional domains. Now I have a new additional domain in the hosting account. I set up emails within the domain but all emails are received in gmail as "… via".

How can I remove the part "… via" and send it as

enter the image description here

[I've done some research on StackExchange before posting this and the closest topic I found is the best way to set up emails from various sites in my Gmail, but it still doesn't answer my question.]