web hosting – From a technical standpoint, why do we have to pay for any domain name?

In terms of the ownership of any domain name, why is it that a person or a company who owns a website and the technology to make the said website work has to pay “extra” money to “rent” a domain name?

Do these (domain registrar) companies offer you some kind of protection against DDOS attacks or do they own some kind of more powerful servers to relay connections towards your main server where you host a site?

And the last thing, do these companies grow/increase prices for more popular domain names and why?

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you.

Will it be a high quality backlink when we get backlinks from two subdomains of a same domain?

My question is that will I get high quality backlinks if we get baclinks from two subdomains of a same domain. For example if there are two subdomains of a same domain – https://x.example.com and https://y.example.com and they both gives a backlink to a site https://website.com so will website.com get two high quality backlinks from that two subdomains or not or there will be different criteria applied by the search engines? If a different criteria will be applied what will be that criteria?


What happens if you make a mistake when you change the authoritative nameservers for a domain?

Say for example during a DNS migration to cloudflare, rather than transfering to “fred.ns.cloudflare.com” you typo’d “ferd.ns.cloudflare.com” or something similar for NS1, and the same kind of thing for NS2.

You realise this after the change has propagated, so you can no longer edit DNS on your original DNS host, but cloudflare never receives the domains.

Is there a way to recover from that kind of situation / would the transfer fail in the first place or something similar, or would you effectively just lose control of your DNS?

— Not something that’s actually happened to me, but something of a potential nightmare scenario that I can’t find any information on, which makes me think I may be overly worried about nothing?

domain name system – Nameserver invalid warning

I made my own nameserver configuration, but as you can see in the picture and the link, I am getting a (hostname) warning.

WARNING: At least one of your NS name does not seem a valid host name
The ones that do not seem valid:
ns2.bo(*).works ns1.bo(*).works

Hosting provider nameserver IPs:

My dedicated IP:

My DNS Records:

Domain Provider DNS Settings:

Where am I making a mistake? Do I enter the dedicated IP in the fields? I could not understand! Why am I getting this error? How should it be properly configured?

seo – What to do in Google Search Console when moving a subdomain to its own domain

I found this post but I it doesn’t answer my question completely.
I have

  • https://de.example.com
  • https://es.example.com
  • and others

which I moved using 301 to

  • https://example.de
  • https://example.es

The redirects work perfectly.

Currently do exist in the Google Search Console the following sitemaps URL:

  • https://de.example.com/sitemap.xml
  • https://es.example.com/sitemap.xml

In the Search Console I already added/confirmed example.de, example.es, … as new properties.

How can I tell the Search Console that these subdomains have been permanently moved so the existing ranking doesn’t get lost?

seo – Effect of 301 redirecting many pages from one directory/folder to another (same domain)?

I’d like to see the effects of 301 redirecting a bunch of pages from one path to another on the same domain. Example:

  • From: mysite.com/stuff/[product_id]
  • To: mysite.com/products/[product_id]

I would of course make sure to change the rel canonical tag as well.

Has anyone done this on a somewhat large scale?

If so, what were the results? I’d expect some level of bouncing around in the SERP, but how did it shake out? Net positive effect on your rankings? Neutral? Negative?

I’m curious to hear any war stories. I’ve heard from others and read in Google rater guidelines that different parts of sites can be judged independently, and I’m curious to see if the same content will rank differently given a new URL path.

How to create a registration manual approval form where customers having a specific domain in email gets automatically approved?

Please tell me is there any way to do this. I don’t know the coding please tell if there are any plugins for that.

How to create Webform Pattern regular expression for restrict email domain

I want to create a Pattern regular expression in a webform email element to reject form submission if user input in email element/field @gmail.com or @yahoo.com or @hotmail.com etc

Pattern like here


google cloud platform – Change domain for load balancer’s SSL certificates

I am going in circles for the past hour trying to change the domain for HTTP(S) Load Balancer’s SSL certificates.

I can’t seem to find an option from the console or CLI to change/update the domains. After created a new one, I cannot delete the old one because it is attached to the load balancer. To remove the old SSL certificate, I have to delete the LB and its dependencies, and to go through all the steps to create the load balancer again.

May I know if it is a bug or expected behavior?