nginx – For redirected domains, what DNS records are required?

This applies to my VPS that runs both the web server (nginx) and email server (dovecot + postfix) for several domains.

Hypothetically, suppose that I have domain, and that I additionally purchased the .org, .net, .us and .uk variants of the same domain to deter any unfortunate incidents. The additional domains (every TLD not .com) will serve only to redirect to

Question: how do the DNS records for the primary domain and all the redirect domains differ?


  1. What DNS records do I need, at the bare minimum, for the redirect domains?
  2. For email subdomains such as autoconfig, imap, mail, pop, and smtp, do the redirect domains require the same?
  3. What should MX records look like? Is it just 1 across the board?
  4. Am I correct in assuming that need an SSL cert for every domain, even the redirecting ones?

Thank you in advance!

networking – How to add google DNS Ubuntu 18.04


I want to add google DNS but i can’t find the nameservers part in my config file
this is the netplan directory

netplan folder

but when i open the 01-network-manager-all.yaml to edit i can’t find name spaces part as described here

So, How can i add google dns?
Thanks in advance.

networking – Why is DNS resolution so slow using full DHCP on my Ubuntu 20.10 laptop?

Lately I have noticed that if I set my wi-fi connection to full DHCP getting DNS from the router resolution of many addresses are very slow. There’s up to a five second delay before the web page is resolved and loaded. If I set the same DNS as used on the router manually in the connection settings, DNS performs as I’m used to. Not all sites are affected by this. Many are instant as before but many are also slow to resolve. This only happens on my Ubuntu 20.10 laptop, not on Windows and not on my phone.

dns server – How does a router with DHCP and a custom DNS set deal with client DNS settings?

I have a custom DNS server in my network that I want all clients to use (it has ad-filters etc, similar to PiHole).

I have set my router (LinkSys Velop) to use this DNS server. However, on the DNS server’s admin page, I see only the Router doing DNS queries, not the clients. I would assume that the router (sooner or later) tells the clients to use the specific DNS server. Despite restarting the clients (and doing various other network reset actions such as ipconfig /flushdns etc, they do not seem to access the DNS server directly however: only the router does.

So far, the only way I could get the clients access the DNS server directly was by entering the DNS Server manually at the client network config.

So questions:

  • Is this expected behavior?
  • Is the DNS setting in a (or only my?) router simply making the router continue to “act” as a DNS server and re-direct the request to the set IP address, then sending the result back?
  • What do I have to do so that clients set a specific IP address as a DNS server? Do I have to setup my own DHCP server?
  • Do the usual (e.g. ISC DHCP as in CentOS?) linux DHCP servers tell the client which DNS server to use or do they as well just forward the requests instead?


networking – How to configure my router to redirect clients to use AdGuardHome as DNS?

I have setup a local server in my LAN to host a AdGuardHome DNS server that filters Ads etc (a bit like PieHole if you want) on a fixed, e.g. IP

If I configure that DNS server to be used in a client (e.g. Windows 10) instead of “Automatic”, I can see that machine connecting to the DNS server and the filter works fine. The manual setting allows me to set specific filters for that client (e.g. parental controls) that do not apply to others. All other machines use my router (LinkSYS Velop) as DNS on which redirects to whatever my provider has set.

What I would like to achieve is that all clients connect to the DNS at .1.88 instead of the default at 1.1 and that I can see and configure all my clients on the AdGuardHome interface:

I thought I can achieve that by setting the DNS in my router to the .1.88 address:

enter image description here

But all that I get then is that I can now see my router in the AdGuardHome dashboard doing all the requests and there is no way to configure the filters by device:

enter image description here

Should it not be that the router is telling the clients that they should be using 1.88 as a DNS server instead of the router using that address? Or is there another setting I need to apply to have this achieved?


Tools for managing DNS domain zone settings: what to choose |

Tools for managing DNS domain zone settings: what to choose

One of the most frequent requests to technical support is a question about tools for configuring a DNS domain zone. And now, we are going to tell you about the types of instruments for managing domain zones settings:

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google search brings wordpress post file name next to dns

Google search results are structured. SEO works fine, the only “complaint” is that URLs are displayed in search results. Actually it brings the wordpress post file name next to dns. I understand that the URL of a document is usually displayed in a search result in Google below the document title.

As per this:

best practices include to use words in URLs that are relevant to your site’s content and structure are friendlier for visitors navigating your site, etc.

But can we somehow remove this path+file name?

enter image description here

Domain and nameservers not resolving in popular dns servers but are resolved in other dns servers


I have a website that when I check `nslookup′, or checking it with, it returns ` can’t find m… | Read the rest of

dns – Can’t access the website with only one device (PC) which is on and working

Around 2 weeks ago I suddenly became unable to use my university’s classroom website from my PC. My PC is the only device having problem, I can freely access it from my phone or laptop. Website url is, When I try to ping it form my PC it shows IP but from Laptop it shows which is correct one (cause I can access it from laptop). Some time ago I think i edited some dns settings from cmd or something like that, I was having problem and that solved it and I don’t know how to reverse/check it if its causing the problem.

Whenever I try to to go to the url it just does nothing in the browser (tried all of them similar result)

(I don’t know if I should be asking this question here so if something tell me where to move it)

migration – When moving my web hosting but keeping mail hosting, how do I change the SPF TXT DNS record with an IP address?

My website was previously on a windows server A with ip but my mail server was on a Linux hosting with ip of There were three DNS record that were connecting these two servers:

  1. Name:
    Type: MX
  2. Name: mail
    Type: A
  3. Name:
    Type: TXT
    Data: v=spf1 mx a ip4: ~all

Now I have moved my website on a new windows server B with ip but I want to keep the mail server on that Linux server. On the new server I have set MX and A records exactly as same as previous ones but for TXT record I am confused. What should I do? Which server is responsible to translate the TXT record? Should I add the TXT record on new server B or add a new TXT record on old server A to allow the new IP using that mail server?

Footnote: is now loading fine but when I try sending/receiving emails it seems that the new IP is now allowed to communicate with the Linux mail server.