Dmoz is closing

Did you hear or read that Dmoz is finally closing?
It was announced on February 28, 2017 that DMOZ will close on March 14, 2017.
After all the effort, buzz, hoo-ha, is the directory finally closing?
How do you feel about that?

still listed in the dmoz directory

The situation is so obvious and I always laugh. :)

People say that DMOZ has no remedy, it's a link farm, it's dead, outdated or whatever. But in the next breath of air they are crying because they can not be accepted, it takes years or our standards are too high ………..

Well, all the various reasons why your site is not or have not been included in the list are one of the reasons why Google tends to show a little more attention if it is included in DMOZ … we are simply unique and no one else operates a Directory even close to rival DMOZ.

what happens to dmoz

I was wondering what would happen to the site.

I am interested in creating a free directory website with a free directory script. Please, show me some lights.

Thank you

Any alternative for Dmoz?

It is very difficult to be included in the dmoz guideline. So, does anyone know what can be the best alternative for dmoz