Accessing iTunes servers displays albums multiple times

I have a number of albums with multiple artists involved. Some I’ve imported from CDs, some bought on the iTunes store. In iTunes these albums display correctly as one albums containing all the tracks. But I have two scenarios involving other apps accessing iTunes albums that don’t work.

The first is where I use VOX to read the iTunes library, the second is where I use iTunes to access an iTunes server running on my NAS.

In both of these scenarios, the album is displayed multiple times, broken up by the track artists instead of the album artist.

For example, the Adjustment Bureau, albums artist: Thomas Newman. Contains a couple of tracks done by Richard Ashcroft and Sarah Vaughan. This was bought from the store so should have the correct metadata.

In iTunes: Displays correct as one albums.
In VOX accessing iTunes: Displays as 3 albums, one per track artist.
In iTunes accessing NAS iTunes server (Synology): Displays as 3 albums, one per track artist.

If I had to guess I’d say the problem is that the format of the file that iTunes makes available has changed. But I don’t know how to fix this.

Has anyone had the same experience? Fixed it?

Windows 10 always displays Connect wifi again in 10 hour

Either wifi is turned on or off Windows 10 displays the same select box with options Turn on manually, turn on in 1 hour and so on. This select box is normally displayed when I manually turn off wifi. We cannot get rid off it and connect wifi again. Notebook restart has not helped. What to do?

enter image description here

8 – View only displays nodes that has comments when adding comment count field

On drupal 8 I am facing an issue with views.
I created a view listing all nodes of a certain content type.
I added basic fields, Title, Date content was created, and a read more link.
The view works fine with these fields, but when i add Comment Statistics: Comment count, all nodes that don’t have any comment don’t show up in the view.
It only lists nodes that received comments.

Any idea on how to fix this ? Am I doing something wrong ?


Spam: SpamAssassin displays an HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_XX error. But I don't have an image in my email

SpamAssassin shows that my email is going to be spam with the error "HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_20" or "HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_16".

From what I read and understood so far, this is because SpamAssassin says my html has an image and the total email size is less than 1600-2000 bytes. However, my email is text only. I don't understand why this problem keeps coming up. Please can you help me with this.

Displays the list of posts for the taxonomy term, but displays the last featured image of the post

I'm trying to make a page where all posts from a list of custom post types, broken down by their taxonomy terms and having a large photo at the top of the list (last featured image of that term).
Right now I have the following code, but it shows the wrong images (each term should show the featured image from the last post, and I'm not even sure why the images are random, even in the wrong term):

'ID', 'order' => 'ASC', 'hide_empty' => 0, )); //Loop throug each taxonomy terms, foreach ( $terms as $term ) { //Query argument for post $args = array( 'post_type' => 'technology', // Or Custom Post Type, 'order' => 'DESC', 'orderby' => 'date', 'taxonomy' => $tax, 'term' => $term->slug, // Query posts for each term based on term slug ); $query = new WP_Query( $args ); $posts = $query->get_posts(); ?>


'technology', 'order' => 'DESC', 'orderby' => 'date', 'taxonomy' => $tax, 'term' => $term->slug, 'posts_per_page' => '1', //just one because only need the latest post's featured image ); $ga_query = new WP_Query( $ga_item ); $ga_posts = $query->get_posts(); if ( $ga_query->have_posts() ) { while ( $ga_query->have_posts() ) { $ga_query->the_post(); ?>
ID,'full'); ?>

mempool – the "bitcoin core" btc desktop wallet incorrectly displays my balance amount

I have "bitcoin core" win 10-64 installed. I have not opened my wallet for a long time and have not synchronized it. Once again I opened the wallet, the wallet synchronized with the network and discovered that I have a certain amount of about 0.04. When I tried to transfer this amount to another online wallet, I was unsuccessful. I received this problem (Transaction status: 0 / not confirmed, not in mempool), I even asked a question about this and did not understand the answer at all.

Transaction status: 0 / not confirmed, not in mempool

Also, I transferred a very small amount (0.00015732) to my desktop wallet from an online wallet … And I worked fine with this small amount, transferred it to different wallets and everything worked fine, but what about the larger amount ? through transactions and received (Transaction status: 0 / not confirmed, not in mempool).

Also, I decided to remove the "bitcoin core", for later restoration …

I reinstall "bitcoin core" on my computer, I do all the operations to restore the wallet, I start the synchronization and after 3-4 days it correctly shows the amount of my wallet, approximately less (0.0001).

Then I get the quantity in the quantity of (0.04747) and everything is displayed correctly for me (0.04757 …).

Then once again I open the wallet on the desktop and see the amount (0.08 …….), but it should be (0.04 …….).

But at this stage, I know that my amount is not showing correctly, I am trying to transfer not the total amount, well, let's say (0.0004) to another wallet, then I already have the problem
(Status of the transaction: 0 / not confirmed, not in mempool). What is the problem with my bitcoin core?

Tell me how to get out of the situation and what needs to be done to prevent this from happening again?

Linux Terminal: displays the text after x time from start

I need to write a script that shows "sample text" after 1 minute from start (Ik shouldn't use cron, but I need the command: to)

php – displays a random image from the Media Library

I was asking if it is possible to get all the images from the Media Library and display one of them randomly every time I refresh the page.

I think it would be something like making a series of images from the media library (php) and then just calling one of them trying not to request unnecessary requests

I think I am new to this world and I don't know how to start.
Can anybody help me?

Thank you!

Create a function in Google Sheets that displays user information

I would like to add a Function to my Google Sheets, to be able to show in a cell the user who changed another cell (only the last change), with the option to also show the date and time of the change.

Something like:

Function name: SHOWUSER

A1: cell modified by user
B1: Cell showing name or email or time of change


1 -> Show username
2 -> Show user email
3 -> Show change date and time (the format of B1 will determine if it shows date, time or both)

B1 = SHOWUSER (A1; 2) -> Must display the email address of the last user who changed the contents of cell A1.

Notes: By default, the function will always assume that cell A1 is on the same sheet tab (ActiveSheet?) As where cell B1 is located. However, the function can also refer to another sheet using the same reference that Google Sheets uses to refer to a cell in another tab of the sheet. For example, if B1 is on "Sheet 1" and A1 is on "Sheet 2" (a different sheet tab in the same Workbook):

B1 = SHOWUSER (& # 39; Sheet 2 & # 39 ;! A1; 3) -> It should show the date and time of the last change made in cell A1 of "Sheet 2".

Thank you.

hardware: Motorola G6 Play no longer displays IMEI, SIM card, IP address, etc. after update

I have tried to unlock the bootloader of my Motorola g6 Play Phone to be able to install a custom rom. I went to the official Motorola website to unlock the bootloader and followed the steps, but when I restarted my phone it showed & # 39; bad key & # 39; for a few moments before starting normally. I put the phone down for a while, but when I came back it had been upgraded from Android 8 to 9 and it no longer shows IP address, IMSI, IMEI, ICCID, Bluetooth address, phone number and MAC address.

The phone does not detect a SIM card even if one is installed. Also, when I try to search for a WiFi network, the setup app crashes and I can't connect to the internet. I tried to lock the bootloader again with minimal ADB and Fastboot but it doesn't seem to work and now 80% of the time the phone doesn't connect to the computer. Is there a way to fix this?