serial port: Linux display command does not accept keyboard input

I am trying to connect to a JTAG device using the screen.

I write the command sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB1 115200,cs8

I can see all the output on the board, but I can't write anything on it. Previously I was able to do well on this same board. Have I screwed up any display settings that are blocking my input? I don't think it's a problem just not echoing the input, because when I type Enter, the commands on the device are not sent or executed.

microsoft excel: how to make a value field display the last value in a pivot table

I have a table like this:

enter the image description here

And I would like a pivot table like this:

enter the image description here

Except instead of displaying the sum of the quantity group by Region in the value field, I want to display the last value by date. For example, it will show 300 for Central, 1200 for East, and so on.

I look at the summary options for the value field, but it seems that such operation is not available.

Display: MacBook does not generate native resolution on monitor with a security device, but works with a different security device, even though the EDID outputs are exactly the same

I've gone crazy trying to figure this out, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Basically I have this 3440×1440 monitor and I bought that 8-in-1 usb-c hub to try and clean up my setup a bit. This is what I am experiencing.

  • With the Uni 8 in 1 hub (tested with power on and off):
    • My Macbook has a resolution of 2540×1440. Even with the option to click on system preferences, that's the highest resolution you get, when it should be 3440×1440.
    • A second laptop that I have to run Ubuntu works fine with this hub and the same cables. That is, it comes out correctly at 3440×1440
  • With apple usb-c adapter
    • Both laptops work well. The same HDMI cable used for this adapter and with the usb-c hub.

What I tried:

  • Comparing the EDID files on my Macbook with the Apple dongle and the USB-C hub. They were exactly the same
  • Reset NVRAM etc.
  • When trying EasyRes and SwitchResX4, neither had the proper 3440×1440 resolution.

Does anyone have any ideas for 3440×1440 to work with usb-c hub? If EDID files are exactly the same, shouldn't they work correctly? I would greatly appreciate any help!

Also another tidbit: IIRC worked a few times with the USB-C hub and my Macbook at 3440×1440, but once I plugged it in and my macbook made a loud screeching noise, and I think it may have changed to 2540×1440 after that. However, they could be wrong things

Is it ok to display the list of members / users in a modal?


I am currently designing an interface similar to Slack / Discord.

Is it possible to display the list of members in a modal? I already check various platforms (Discord, Slack, Quora, FB) but they show the user list on a designated page.

The main reason why I would prefer a modal for it to be consistent with other channel settings. So the question "Is it possible to have a user / member scrollable list with a search box in a modal?

If this is not feasible, would the option be to display the user list in a sidebar? I don't prefer this as it reduces the width of the main section of the screen.

Thanks in advance!

magento2: how to display product configuration attributes based on store view on order summary page

How to display product configuration attributes based on store view on order summary checkout page

I am trying to get product attributes based on store view in order summary, mazeplaza Magento 2 OPC module

Can anyone have any idea how I can achieve this?

Interaction design: ideas on how to display auto-complete suggestions and validation messages cleanly

I am currently working on a task for a company I am applying for. I need to have a text input with a submit button that shows suggestions as the user types, but it also needs to show validation messages based on what the user types. I am looking for suggestions on a clean way how to display this.

Here is my current design:

enter the image description here

If unclear, the text box is on the left with the suggestions below, the submit button is in the middle, and the validation message is on the right. You could put the validation message below the suggestions, but it might seem a little crowded. Any other suggestion? It's not terrible as it is, but I find it a bit awkward. Thank you!

Views – How can we display the last 10 of the most popular articles on the front-end?

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seo – How can I display a price in Google search results?

You can set a price range with this parameter:

  "priceRange" : "$100 - $200",


Try it out with the structured data testing tool:

Link to the official priceRange scheme:

Link to the scheme price:

Online sharepoint: Unable to display "All Items" view on SPO page for a list of calendar events

I created the Calendar List (Event List) and created a page to host the "All Items" view … only to find that the "List" view application does not see my Calendar Events List, but it does see lists "regular". I tried to embed the URL of the "All Items" view in the Embed app, but it shows the whole page (See picture), not the data in the view. I need it to display the "rows" on the SPO page … and maintain the "Synchronize with Outlook" functionality so that I cannot create a "standard" custom list.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this in SPO?
PS: I would like to keep it as OOTB as possible due to the risk of breaking it with any updates in the future.
And I am an expert in HTML but not in JavaScript or more difficult languages ​​and the administrators of our site collection have blocked the use of SP Designer.

enter the image description here

shortcut keys – Extend display modes

This is my first post on this forum, so sorry for the missing details. If you need any just ask and maybe tell me the terminal command as I switched to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS a week ago.

But now to my problem:
I have Ubuntu 18.04 installed on my Lenovo ThinkPad E470. My key & # 39; F7 & # 39; toggles to choose between extended viewing options. It shows four possible modes:

  • single screen laptop
  • extend to the left
  • mirror
  • external monitor only

If I press my & # 39; F7 & # 39; key, it rotates through those modes and allows me to choose any one. But for my use, those four options are not enough. I want to add two more options to exactly this cycle:

  • extend right
  • extend to the top

So that at the end you can press the & # 39; F7 & # 39; and choose from six possibilities. I'd also be willing to give up any of the default options in case you can only add four.

I don't know what information is needed to solve this problem so I'm just going to provide a few:

  • UEFI Bios version: RODET94W (1.94)
  • Firmware version ME:
  • Machine type model: 20H1007XGE
  • Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 620 (integrated card)
  • Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
  • Gnome 3.28.2