WhatsApp 2020 marketing solution | Money Maker Discussion

EHV Mobile Blaster is a custom software that gives users the ability to promote their trademark by allowing them to send thousands of WhatsApp messages to their target audiences. Developed by some of the most experienced programmers on the Android platform, EHV Blaster is distinguished by a highly innovative and functional marketing solution.

These are some of the main features:

– Sending different types of message campaigns (text, image, video, audio, documents)
– Options to set and regulate the interval between messages
– Channel / sender management
– Inbox function
– Auto-Reply
– Direct chat
– Group sender
– Number generator
– Ability to rotate senders and change their profile images
– Possibility of using VPN or proxy to process campaigns.
– Delivery reports available for each campaign.

Lifetime license without additional fees

Note: The package includes full support and a free filter.

Demo Video:

Interested in buying or receiving additional information? – Send me a private message here or contact me by email or Skype.

E-mail: (protected email)
Skype: number.king

Always 10% Cashback | Money Maker Discussion

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Amazing news for your players!
A new feature is available at Hyper⚡Casino: 10% refund!
And this is not all the news …

The most interesting: ZERO betting requirement: PURE CASH!

With a money back feature at Hyper Casino, players can claim 10% of their lost deposits and keep rolling like a boss you are!

How does it work?

After any deposit at Hyper Casino, no bonus included, the watch will make a 24-hour countdown.
After the 24-hour period has expired, the player can activate the accumulated refund.
That is not mandatory, the player can activate his money back at any time after 24 hours.
This means they can claim your refund in any way they see fit, once a week or once a month. The clock restarts after they have activated their money back.

Read the full Terms and Conditions at HyperCasino.com/promos

Inform your players about this great opportunity so they can have an even more exciting gaming experience!

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Symfony – Discussion: how to make configurable notifications

I have a Symfony application based and I want to create a Notification system
The traditional way is to specify which action will trigger the notification (keying, editing, deleting, etc.) and for which entity.

So, what I am trying to do is configure the notification and make the user choose (form an interface) which entity and what action will trigger the notification, you can also select to which user this notification should be sent

Let's say I have 2 entities Product, Invoice:
I want to show an interface that contains these 2 entities (they can be represented in a tree or list or whatever …)
The user selects the Invoice entity and then selects the action, say create action, and then save this setting.
So, what should happen is that every time a Invoice A notification is created that should be sent to all users since in this case it did not specify which users will receive the notification.

Are there any design patterns that I must follow to achieve this goal?
Any documentation or if someone did something similar would appreciate if you share any suggestions or ideas about it.
Thanks in advance.

Tournaments in our casinos | Money Maker Discussion

A tournament is a great opportunity for players to have fun and, of course, get extra money
We are happy to give our players this opportunity.

Your players should know about our TWO ongoing tournaments!


Prize bag:
1st place € 1,000
2nd place € 500
3rd place € 350
4th place € 200
5th place € 100
6-10th Place € 50
11-30 ° Place € 30
31-40th place 200 free spins (Spinsane)
41-50 place 100 free spins (Spinsane)


The distribution of the prize is as follows:
First: € / $ / £ 1,500
2nd: € / $ / £ 500
3rd: € / $ / £ 400
4th-9th: € / $ / £ 50
10-19: € ​​/ $ / £ 20

Feel free to ask your manager for marketing materials for these promotions.
Alternatively, you can send us a text message here (protected email)

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General Discussion Forums | Forum Promotion

Is anyone interested in joining me in a general discussion forum project?

I have approximately a budget of 1k USD with some experience as a webmaster. I am looking for partnerships in forums, with other webmasters or site owners. I will take care of everything related to webmasters, I have the idea of ​​creating an active community too. If you are interested in joining me, send me a message in this thread or send me a private message.

Thank you

Vidcloud.co Discussion

Discussion thread for Vidcloud.

Discussion Vidfast.co

Discussion thread for Vidfast.

Email: how to send a Facebook post with a long discussion below to someone who is not on Facebook?

How to send only one Facebook post with a longer discussion below (that is, many comments, and of course, many of them did not expand) to someone who is not on Facebook and is not willing to be there?

Disclaimer: Of course, I have all rights to the information I want to share.

Monitor the problem of G-Sync | Money Maker Discussion

I just bought an Acer Predator XB241h that supports 144Hz games, I think even 180Hz. That's why I bought the monitor, but stupid I didn't do my research. The G-Sync function means that I cannot use 144Hz via HDMI and both my laptop and my Xbox one do not have screen port inputs.
How can I solve my problem or just wasted my money mainly? https://tradevenue.se/
I've searched for an adapter, but from what I can see without Thunderbolt 3 (which neither my Xbox nor my laptop have, I can't get up to 144hz)
My laptop is an Acer Predator Helios 300 G3-G571 and my Xbox is an Xbox One S. If you need more details, let me know, thanks!

Bonus Calendar | Money Maker Discussion

Just a gift? This is not our way of doing things. :RE

We give our players not one, not two, but 25 BRIGHT Christmas gifts this year to thank them for being a loyal Hyper Casino player.

Our Christmas calendar is already running and will continue until Christmas Day, so players have a full month of exciting rewards.

We are entering the holiday season with daily bonuses, free spins and money back offers. Celebrate with us this wonderful time of the year!

We have thousands of free spins to give away this year, as well as thousands in real money bonuses.

Give your players this great opportunity to make their Christmas magic!

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