javascript – How do I make a Discord bot react to the last message of someone I tagged?

I’m trying to make a js Discord bot that will custom react to the last message of the person I had mentioned within a server. I’ve only tried my hand at javascript for the past day, so I apologize for the noobness. I tried looking for similar solutions and applying logic to no avail. This is the idea

> User1: I just ran a marathon!
> User2: !goodjob @User1
> (Bot reacts to 'I just ran a marathon' with multiple reactions like :happy: :1thumbsup: and/or a custom react)

Here is what I have so far, however this only makes the bot react to the person who initiated the command (without the 3 lines that start with # that I put now in the example)

if (cmdName === 'goodjob') {
  let mention = message.mentions.users.first();
  #function getUserFromMention(mention){
  #const matches = mention.match(/^<@!?(d+)>$/);
  #const id = matches(1);

I am not very skilled so I probably messed up the logic somewhere. If the solution was elsewhere I’m sorry! Any and all guidance is appreciated!

Discord: purpose of the "I’m making this server for a club or community" when creating server?

What is the purpose of the checkbox "I’m making this server for a club or community", when you try and create a new server in discord?

discord server creation dialogue box

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python – making a discord bot print coloured text using the css code format

Hi i have a simple bot that takes a command:

@bot.command(name='repeat', help='help me to understand bots')
async def test(ctx, *lines):
    for line in lines:
        coloured_lines.append("```css n"+ line + "```")
    await asyncio.gather(*(ctx.send(line) for line in coloured_lines))

You write to it a command like $repeat “green text is cool”, and you should get an output like:

enter image description here

instead you get enter image description here. My intuition is that this is because something is happening with the ` character – although i am not sure what, or how to fix it.


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programação dinâmica – Comando do discord ban e mute

OLha eu não acho nenhum código para meu bot executar meu comando de ban que eu programei vcs pode me mandar um código de ban e de mute para que eu possa concluir meu bot?

permissions – Discord allow uploading from hidden directories

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nodejs – Discord bot node.js mssql package

Soy bastante nuevo en js y venia a ver si me podian ayudar un poco, tengo un bot en discord mediando node.js, discord.js, y he hecho la conexion a una base de datos mssql con el package mssql, mi problema es que quiero que el bot de discord muestre un valor especifico de un field, pero en el chat solo sale (object, Object), alguna idea de como puedo hacer que se vea el valor real?


const client = new Discord.Client();
var sql = require('mssql')

var dbconfig = {
   server: "-",
   user: "sa",
   password: "-",
   database: "-",
   port: 1433,
   options: {
      encrypt: false,
      parseJSON: true

 client.on("message", message => {
   var conn = new sql.ConnectionPool(dbconfig);
   conn.connect(function (err) {  
   if (err) throw err;
   var req = new sql.Request(conn)
   req.query(req.template`select Usuario FROM Usuarios where nUsuario = '1'`, (err, result) => {
      if (err) throw err;

}); ```

Gracias por su tiempo!

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audio – Discord has robot voice with voicmeeter banana after windows update

So first of all, some windows update reset every sound setting I had setup to have my cheap microphone sound decent.
And after that, I’ve noticed that my mic on discord has a robotic sound when I speak, which doesn’t happen on other programs like FL Studio or Audacity, and never happened prior to the update. The fix I found is restarting discord again and again until it starts working, but that is extremely tedious. I hope to find a more permanent fix. All of my buffer and sample rates are set to the same thing.