Business manager disabled for no reason


Please I just created my first business manager in Facebook using my old Facebook account, and after 1 day, it got disabled for no reason?

I still never posted anything on my Facebook page, also never created an Ad or anything to violate Facebook policies?

I never had a previous business manager or Ad account, it’s my first account.

Please check the screenshot and give me advice on what I can do now please.

Note: I still never added my credit card to that business account

Also I can’t request review, because they ask me to verify my business first while I only have an e-commerce website “Dropshipper”


You can see the image from the link:

Thanks in advance.


Accidentally Sent BTC to bitcoin core watch-only wallet with private keys disabled

I think I already know the answer to this, but I just want to make sure as it will result in a loss of funds. I have Specter desktop connected to my bitcoin-core. But because I also sometimes use the core wallet as a hot wallet as well, I accidentally generated the address in the core wallet that is linked to my specter wallet, but the core wallet is a watch-only wallet with the priv keys disabled and then I sent funds to this address and not the address generated by specter or my default core hot wallet. But because this is watch-only my core wallet does not have the priv keys. I am doubtful but is their anyway for the wallet to know it generated this key by enabling priv key.

New Window (ctrl+n) is disabled in Windows File Explorer

When I press ctrl+n to get a new window in the Windows File Explorer on my new Windows 10 laptop I am presented with this
error popup.

Transcription: “This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.”

My system administrator has no idea why this is happening and didn’t disable this deliberately.

I have local admin rights on this machine, is there a registry key or something I can edit in order to re-enable this shortcut?

I couldn’t find this documented anywhere. There are reams of “howtogeek”-type webpages listing that ctrl+n opens a new window, but I couldn’t find anything that described disabling or enabling that shortcut.

I couldn’t find any useful docs for File Explorer either.

gmail – Certain (mainly Google) apps crashing on phone after Google app disabled and re-enabled

The Google app was taking up half a gigabyte of storage even though I never use it, so I cleared its data and disabled it. After I did this, Gmail and Outlook crashed, so I re-enabled the main Google app. Gmail and Outlook were still failing, however.

Since the main Google app was now an earlier version, I thought maybe I should update it. Although I can open the main Google app, it crashes as soon as I switch to the “Update” tab, so that’s not an option. I also tried clearing my Gmail and Outlook data to see if that would help, as well as disabling and re-enabling Gmail, but neither had any effect.

I’ve also cleared all data from Google Play Services and restarted my phone to no avail. If I try to visit Google settings from the Settings app, then the Settings app freezes. What can I do to make these apps operable again? Note that not all Google apps are afflicted. For example, I can still use Drive, YouTube, and the Play Store.

For a little more detail, the Gmail is receiving data. I can see new messages for the half-second that the app is open before it crashes. If I try to send a crash report, the crash-report-sending services crashes too.

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge running Android 8.0.0.

disable – What order should the list of options be after 1 more option gets disabled?

Designing an app feature that lets a group of users register for multiple accounts in certain situations. The 1st screen shows that 4 users, who are in the system, and 1 user is already registered from a previous session. After user 1 has been registered user will return to the 2nd screen where user 1 is no longer able to be selected.

My question is does the order of these options make sense. should unavailable options stay in their current position or should they be pushed below?

enter image description here

Laptop’s inbuilt keyboard is not getting disabled [ WINDOWS 10 ]

One of my laptop’s keys(/) was continuously getting pressed on its own. Maybe it was stuck or it was dirt, I don’t know, so to fix it I disabled my laptop’s inbuilt keyboard by following this procedure :

Device Manager -> Keyboards -> Keyboard with PS2 written ( it was the inbuilt keyboard ) -> Right click -> Uninstall device.

Now it worked perfectly (i.e. laptop’s keyboard stopped working) and I began using an external keyboard which was all fine until today when Windows 10 got an update of about 409MB, keyboard enabled itself (I don’t know how ). And when I try to disable it, it isn’t getting disabled.

I tried the same procedure and it says to restart but the keyboard is working on restart too.

How can I completely disable my keyboard ?

macos – Can Apple Silicon Macs run iOS apps when System Integrity Protection is disabled?

There are a couple of reports appearing online that iOS apps will not launch on Apple Silicon macs if System Integrity Protection is turned off.

Can anyone with the appropriate hardware test this more thoroughly? Is it possible to use iOS apps whilst System Integrity Protection is off?

sharepoint online – MS Flow is raising this error :- ‘XrmSystemUserDisabled’. Error Message: ‘The CDS system user record representing user is disabled

When the MS flow runs it raises the following error on a “Start and Wait for Approval” action:-

The request failed. Error code: 'XrmSystemUserDisabled'. Error Message: 'The CDS system user record representing user 'admin.user@***.com' is disabled. Please ask a database administrator to enable this user.'.

Here is a screen shot of my Flow and the error i am getting:-
enter image description here

now the admin.user@***.com is our global admin and is enabled,,, so why the error is saying that the user account is disabled… any advice? Also seems all the Connections are working well as follow:-
enter image description here

so not sure what is going on?

Why is iOS sending HTTPS requests even with background refresh disabled?

I’ve installed NextDNS on my iPhone and started noticing random connection requests to *,, and others.

What made me wonder is that

  1. I don’t have “background app refresh” enabled,
  2. No app from TikTok, AliExpress or Amazon is installed and
  3. I had the phone locked (“standby”) during the whole time.

Does anyone know what might be happening here?

networking – Wifi disconnects randomly on Kubuntu 20.04 KDE Plasma Version 5.18.5 Kernel version 5.4.0-52 generic while power management is disabled

running lspci i get:
04:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 7265 (rev 59)

Power management is set to leave unchanged for all situations.
Wifi shows connected but stops working. Looking at the inbuilt network upload and download speed shows a connection to the network and my router does detect the machine but I lose internet access. KDE Wallet is known to cause issues but it has been disabled (was never enabled). I have tried running on multiple bands and on both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz.

running spci -nnk | grep -i network -A2
04:00.0 Network controller (0280): Intel Corporation Wireless 7265 (8086:095b) (rev 59)
Subsystem: Intel Corporation Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265 (8086:5210)
Kernel driver in use: iwlwifi

running rfkill list all
0: tpacpi_bluetooth_sw: Bluetooth
Soft blocked: yes
Hard blocked: no
2: phy0: Wireless LAN
Soft blocked: no
Hard blocked: no
running iw dev gives:
Unnamed/non-netdev interface
wdev 0x3
addr 34:02:86:44:74:ac
type P2P-device
txpower 0.00 dBm
Interface wlp4s0
ifindex 3
wdev 0x1
addr 34:02:86:44:74:ab
ssid AasraAirtel
type managed
channel 11 (2462 MHz), width: 20 MHz, center1: 2462 MHz
txpower 21.00 dBm
multicast TXQ:
qsz-byt qsz-pkt flows drops marks overlmt hashcol tx-bytes tx-packets

I have tried adding a static IP to as well as disabling IPV6 still no difference.

iwconfig gives:
usb0 no wireless extensions.

enp0s25 no wireless extensions.

lo no wireless extensions.

wlp4s0 IEEE 802.11 ESSID:”AasraAirtel”
Mode:Managed Frequency:2.462 GHz Access Point: 64:2C:AC:72:69:54
Bit Rate=144.4 Mb/s Tx-Power=21 dBm
Retry short limit:7 RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off
Power Management:off
Link Quality=53/70 Signal level=-57 dBm
Rx invalid nwid:0 Rx invalid crypt:0 Rx invalid frag:0
Tx excessive retries:1219 Invalid misc:410 Missed beacon:0