How can I disable the red X button on the unit?

I just want to know how to disable the red X button in the game window using the unit, to prevent the player, for example, from closing the game.

So if anyone knows how to do it, any help would be greatly appreciated.

UEFI – Disable SMM – System Management Mode

My question is very simple, how to disable SMM. I know there are some methods that are listed here.

But I haven't found anything where it is explained in more detail. For newbies, it is not easy to understand.
I want to check the behavior of the system without SMM.

I think the best way would be to disable SMM through. MSR Write to the registry. If it is not write protected.
OR MOD the UEFI BIOS. (Set bits to correct location or removal of SMM firmware / modules?)

Thanks in advance.

amazon web services: disable Cloudfront caching if file not found

I created a Cloudfront distribution against an S3 container with a RoutingRule to redirect to a lambda function if the requested file is not found. I am using this to resize the images.

Desired flow:

  1. Request the file from Cloudfront
  2. File not found in Cloudfront check S3
  3. File not found in S3 redirects to lambda function
  4. Lambda will find the original file, resize it, and redirect it to the Cloudfront URL.

Set of redirection rules on s3 website:


I have a problem with step 4 when the lambda function redirects to the original url
Cloudfront cached 404? and the S3 routing rule is redirecting back to the lambda function causing a loop.

  1. I confirmed that the lambda function generated the file.
  2. if I invalidate the file in Cloudfront I see successfully that it is served from S3]

I tried adding a 0 TTL to the 404 error page but it didn't help.

Custom error response

redirect rule returns status code 307 [Temporary Redirect]. But I don't know how to set 0 TTL on this. I couldn't find the option on Cloudfront's custom error response page.

enter the image description here

This is a follow-up question about RoutingRules in AWS S3 static website hosting

I appreciate your help.

macos: How to disable long caps lock function on mac?

There is a function on the Mac keyboard, when the caps lock is pressed for a long time (1 second), the light turns on and changes the input method behavior, what I want is to disable this function totally, even press the lock capitalized for a long time, the light does not turn on and does not change other behavior, how to do this?

Disable software updates

Is there a registry file or setting or setting to disable software updates for the core operating system similar to my iPhone?

magento2: Can I disable Magento inventory modules?

I am having issues with inventory quantity vs. salable quantity, I will not be using inventory from multiple sources in this project, can I disable all Magento_Inventory modules and have no problems?

    'Magento_Inventory' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryAdminUi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryAdvancedCheckout' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryApi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryBundleProduct' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryBundleProductAdminUi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryCatalog' => 1,
    'Magento_InventorySales' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryCatalogAdminUi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryCatalogApi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryCatalogSearch' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryConfigurableProduct' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryConfigurableProductAdminUi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryConfigurableProductIndexer' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryConfiguration' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryConfigurationApi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryDistanceBasedSourceSelection' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryDistanceBasedSourceSelectionAdminUi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryDistanceBasedSourceSelectionApi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryElasticsearch' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryExportStockApi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryIndexer' => 1,
    'Magento_InventorySalesApi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryGroupedProduct' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryGroupedProductAdminUi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryGroupedProductIndexer' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryImportExport' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryCache' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryLowQuantityNotification' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryLowQuantityNotificationAdminUi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryLowQuantityNotificationApi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryMultiDimensionalIndexerApi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryProductAlert' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryRequisitionList' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryReservations' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryReservationCli' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryReservationsApi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryExportStock' => 1,
    'Magento_InventorySalesAdminUi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryGraphQl' => 1,
    'Magento_InventorySalesFrontendUi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventorySetupFixtureGenerator' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryShipping' => 1,
    'Magento_InventorySourceDeductionApi' => 1,
    'Magento_InventorySourceSelection' => 1,
    'Magento_InventorySourceSelectionApi' => 1,
    'Magento_SalesInventory' => 1,
    'Magento_ScalableInventory' => 1,
    'Magento_InventoryShippingAdminUi' => 1,
    'Magento_CatalogInventoryStaging' => 1,

How to disable tabgridlayout.i I tried to disable it but it doesn't work.cardUI is better

The layout of the tab grid keeps coming back every time Chrome is restarted. The card's user interface is better. I went to the grid tab banner and disabled and relaunched, but it was useless. . Since it's default when Chrome restarts the grid layout, the only time the grid layout is disabled is when I set it by default.

nodes: disable system path

I want to disable the system path that comes with Drupal.
I have installed the pathauto, so when I create a new page it automatically changes to

But both pages exist. I just want the / books / jacks-journey exist and disable the / node / 12. Is it possible to do that?

How to disable sending notifications to Live Stream subscribers on YouTube

I'm experimenting with live streaming of unrelated channel themes on YouTube, but YouTube sends notifications to all subscribers and few are unsubscribed because of that.

How can I disable the sending of notifications to subscribers of a live broadcast? This is possible when uploading a new video on youtube, but not when creating Live Streaming. Is there any work around?

How to disable / block Microsoft Store in Windows 10 Pro by firewall?

I want to lock Microsoft Store on Windows 10 pro in a corporate environment. After reading relevant articles on this matter and testing them on my machine, I see that Windows 10 Pro does not support this feature (either through Group Policy (not recommended by my Administrator) or the Registry.

Now, I choose another solution, that is, block it with a firewall. If feasible, can anyone show me the rules on how to block Microsoft Store by firewall? I am using a tool to configure this rule.