Are these soft spots caused by dirt on the sensor?

Can anyone tell me if this is dirt on my image sensor? They appear in the same place in other images.

enter the description of the image here

This photo is a little clearer: taken with the manual focus f22 in the sky and in the same place.

enter the description of the image here

dust – Wondering about dirt on the sensor

Maybe. Your supplied example does not show obvious dust. You can get a "clearer" view by stopping at f22 and taking an unfocused photo of a wall without distinctive features or a clear sky. The shutter speed does not matter. Any residue on the sensor will look good. Note that debris on the surface of the rear lens may also appear, although softer …

2: hd 52

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technique – how to remove dirt / paste from a CPU

I want to photograph a CPU that had a heat sink in it. After I removed the heat sink stuck from that CPU, it left a sticky paste on it.

Can someone help me with any ideas on how to clean it?
I've already tried it with a cotton swab and 70% alcohol and it does not take off

There is dirt on my sensor

I just cleaned my sensor with a cloth and when I tried the dirt, I saw different dark spots in the image. That I have to do? I tried blowing with a blower, but it did not help.