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artificial intelligence: how can you build the leap directed towards conflict?

I am implementing a Backjumping algorithm driven by prosser conflicts in java. But, the algorithm is an iterative approach. How can it be built with a recursive approach?

In AIMA, Chapter 6 describes Forward Checking can admit established conflicts without additional work. Therefore, we do not need to code CBJ if we have already created the verification and backward algorithm.

mysql – can a certain row of a table be updated within a trigger directed to the same table?

I enclose this SQL query of a trigger, which consists of two separate tables but that the filling of the warehouse table must affect the product table in the stock field. The conflict happens when updating the warehouse table

Here is my chart diagram for analysis:

enter image description here

Here I attached my SQL query for analysis:


USE control$$

DROP TRIGGER / *! 50032 IF EXISTS * / TI_almacen$$

    / *! 50017 DEFINER = 'root' @ 'localhost' * /
    TRIGGER TI_almacen AFTER INSERT ON almacen

DECLARE _id_producto INT;

DECLARE _stock_caja INT;
DECLARE _stock_botella INT;
DECLARE _cantidad_caja INT;
DECLARE _cantidad_botella INT;

SET _id_producto = new.id_producto;
SET _cantidad_caja = new.cantidad_caja;
SET _cantidad_botella = new.cantidad_botella;

SELECT a.stock_cajas, a.stock_botellas 
INTO _stock_caja, _stock_botella
FROM almacen a ORDER BY a.id_producto = _id_producto DESC LIMIT 1;

UPDATE almacen SET stock_cajas=(_stock_caja+_cantidad_caja),stock_botellas=(_stock_caja+_cantidad_botella)
            WHERE id_almacen=(SELECT id_almacen FROM almacen ORDER BY id_almacen DESC LIMIT 1);

UPDATE producto
    SET     cantidad_caja=(_stock_caja+_cantidad_caja),
            WHERE id_producto=_id_producto;
/*cajas =10 + new caja 10 0 total cajas pilsen 20
botella = 120  new botella = 10 total botellas pilsen 130   */




Find a longer route with k vertices in a directed graph

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The assigned units are still directed to the degraded DC server

I updated a domain controller from Server 2008 to 2016 before, everything works fine, but your login script continues to assign the units to the old 2008 degraded server any solution to solve this problem, please

Algorithms – Partition in paths in a directed acyclic graph

I have a directed acyclic graph $ G = (V, A) $, I want to cover the vertices of $ G $ with a minimum number of roads so that each vertex $ v_i $ is covered by $ b_i $ different paths

When $ b_i = 1 $ For all vertices, the problem can be solved in polynomial time. But I am looking for the complexity of the problem when $ b_i> 1 $ for at least one vertex $ v_i $Do you know any results that can help me?

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seo – When my main domain is directed to India and I want to point to my worldwide subdomain, how to achieve this?

This is not an easy question and I think there may be many different ways to achieve your goal.

As Google suggests, it is mainly about its content and where it is shared.

It will be all about the content you put in that subdomain and in which countries your content is shared (I'm not talking about social networks here, but I mean links in articles, forums, etc.)

And obviously, the content of your subdomain must be in English.

PS: I suggest you use another primary domain instead of a subdomain, since I think it is more difficult to classify the subdomains compared to the primary ones. Check out this Twitter post by Giuanluca Fiorelli on how to move a blog from a subdomain to a subfolder