magento 2 swap firstname and lastname in shipping and billing address in diplay

In Magento 2 how to swap firstname and lastname in shipping and billing address in diplay for the logged in customer in dashboard section. in default saved address ,i need to swap in display level only in frontend

magento2.3 – How can I diplay best sellers top 4 on catalog view by default in grid display with the option to see all the products?

I am sorry for that question, but I am new to Magento and although I was hired as Junior WordPress Developer I have more or less senior position (except for the salary) and nobody in the company is able to guide me, help me, basically I was hired as a Junior, but I apparently have the biggest knowledge there.

So, I have this task to display top 4 bestsellers as a default view in Magento, and then after clicking some button user should be able to see the rest of the products.

Bestsellers should be calculated dynamically.

How can I approach that?

There is no module built for that from what I checked, am I correct?

Could somebody guide me, how to do that?
What resources are good to understand Magento module building in a short time?

woocommerce – Diplay product labels on store page after each product name

I am looking for a solution to add, on the store page, for each product the corresponding product labels. I intend to do this using a hook and put the product labels in the product_title_end location. I will use a plugin to enter the content of the hook.

Could anyone suggest the code I should write to the hook to accomplish this?

Thank you

python – diplay result in a tag

answer1 = float(Ro)/float(resistance)

answerdisplay1 = Label(frame31)
        answerdisplay1.config(text="The Section Needed is %d" % answer1)

for R0 = 0.179 resistance nd = 0.24 the answer1 must be 0.74 but I get 0 when I visualize the label what to do, please help