ROOT Lenovo tab 3 7 "TB3-710F Android 5.0.1 Also to make things even more difficult, there is no OEM unlock in developer mode.

Lenovo tab 3 7 "TB3-710F 5.0.1 No OEM unlocking in developer mode

macos – Size and color of letters very difficult to see in the Utilities window

The size and color of the font are very difficult to see in the Utilities window.

Hardware: MacbookPro at the end of 2011.

In addition, the bottom of the window is clear, so Apple's choice of a white text icon on the background of a clear window is almost impossible to see, besides the text is very small.

Bessel functions – Calculate the difficult integral $ int_0 ^ infty J_0 (x) ^ 4 log (x) dx $

Numerical calculation of integrals of oscillating functions from. $ 0 $ to $ infty $ It is a well-known and difficult problem. Here is an example for which I do not know a solution: I know how to calculate (to thousands of decimals if necessary) $ int_0 ^ infty J_0 (x) ^ 4 , dx $ Y $ int_0 ^ infty J_0 (x) ^ 3 log (x) , dx $, where $ J_0 $ is the $ J $-Function of the ship. On the other hand, I do not.
know how to compute $ int_0 ^ infty J_0 (x) ^ 4 log (x) , dx $ because the magic of Pari / GP's sumalt program does not work here because the exponent is even.
Keep in mind that I do not need this specific integral (which, as far as I know, can even be expressed in closed form), my question is more generally how to calculate an integral with an even number of $ J $ functions multiplied by some slow increase function, such as $ log (x) $.

Forex is easy or difficult? – Discussions and Help

Currency trading is complicated. You must have adequate knowledge, a good analysis before investing, have patience and ability to control your emotion.

Of course, forex It is easy Yes we know the science. But that everyone is not easy. I take a long process to be able to master that everyone. but through time, so we will be be able to to dominate that everyone. Learning Y practice It is the key.

Do you think it would be difficult or easy to switch from using plastic bags to reusable shopping bags?

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