privacy – Was I hacked? Does the Apple Mail App on Desktop trigger a Google “signed-in device”?

This might be related to your case – or not.

On the 22nd April 2020 security company ZecOps publicly disclosed that Apple Mail had been exposed for about ten years to 0-day remote code execution vulnerability CVE-2020-9819. They claimed that the vulnerability had been widely exploited before eventually being publicly patched in iOS 13.5 after about a month on the 20th May.

Many in the security industry were extremely worried: the vulnerability allowed attackers to remotely execute code in the context of Apple Mail by sending a crafted message, without the need for user interaction. In order to access the operating system attackers would also have needed an additional privilege escalation vulnerability. Still if your hacked accounts could be reset from email accounts managed by Apple Mail, then in theory that might explain the incident.

In general I advise you to remain calm and use caution when faced with an incident. Even professionals are under pressure and have a hard time with attribution. Any big employer would steer clear of such actions as they know that they would backfire tremendously. If you were hacked, I’d rather guess it was a third party or a specific member of the IT.

Anyway for an informed option on your case I believe one would need the reports and possibly the forensic artifacts.

Mounting a loop device on macOS in C

How do you mount a loop device (similar to hdiutil attach) on XNU / Darwin in C?

I’ve looked on Google for a while and haven’t found much.


networking – Subnet Device commication using consumer grade routers

My ISP requires the use of their router that i am not able to view or configure. As such, i am using my own router (Asus AC5300) as an unfortunate second NAT. I now need to add a second router and would like to keep it logically separated via IP ranges. (192.168.1.X and 192.168.2.X) with a goal of having all or some of those devices communicate freely between the two ranges. I currently have the second router (another AC5300) set as an AP to the first. Now, this works, but it has quite a few devices on the .1 subnet (not over 254, but enough smart devices to make it irritating). I also tried to expand the subnet using a mask. but since DHCP only works on the primary router i would have to statically assign each Router B device on Router A to the other range (not desirable). I have also had Router B in gateway mode (triple NAT) but device communication is only one-way.

I would like to set-up to the set-up shown in the sample layout below, but can’t seem to get Router A devices to talk to Router B devices.
Sample Layout
Both routers connected to the ISP router in gateway mode using a simple switch since the ISP router has only one client port. But still retain open communication between devices.

I understand it may not be possible using the routers i have, but want to make sure their isn’t something simple i am missing before shopping for better equipment.


router – New gateway results in Google and Amazon security lockout, “device not recognized”

The cable company recently replaced my old gateway/wireless router. After the new gateway was installed (a “Touchstone TG1682G Telephony Gateway”, if it matters), both Google and Amazon required additional verification before I could log in to my accounts on their websites. Google gave me a message that my device was unknown or could not be verified and required that I either provide a backup email or phone to receive a confirmation code before proceeding. Amazon required me to enter an emailed code. AOL didn’t seem to notice or care.

But my actual device that I was using to connect to these websites has not changed. It is the same computer I have always used. My IP address probably changed with the new gateway, but the cable company has always assigned new IP addresses several times per year and it has never triggered a security lockout by Google or Amazon. Previously I would get the occasional e-mail notification that a sign-in was made on a new device (either “Linux” or “Windows” depending on which OS I was using), but nothing was ever triggered by getting a new IP.

Based on my understanding of a similar question asked on Quora it would be highly irregular if my router hardware were known to websites.

What about the installation of a new gateway could trigger account lockout protocols for Google and Amazon? Does anyone know what might be going on here?

rooting – how to upgrade operating system of micromax E311 device for a novice user

I have Micromax E311 phone.

For some reason the settings of phone have become unreachable. So on the display I see Setting icon with a mechanical gear on it but when I tap it then I get a pop up

Unfortunately, Settings has stopped.

I clicked Ok.

Then again the same message pops up within a fraction of second this keeps happening then I restart the phone somehow and if I touch settings then same thing happens. If I don’t touch the setting’s icon, there is no problem I can keep using the phone.

So I am not sure what is the OS in this phone. My guess is that it has been formatted to the factory settings, so it’s having Android 4.4.2. I read many tutorials about rooting the phone and installing custom ROM on it. Like

After rooting an Android phone, you can switch the operating system
ROM whenever you want. The rooting process removes the preinstalled
operating system on the Android phone, replacing it with a rooted
Android OS.

as given on

How to root any device

How to install custom rom

How To Install Custom ROM on Android

For my device flash rom

What I am confused with is to upgrade my device OS to android 10, first I should replace the ROM and then do “something” as mentioned on lot of forums or what exactly I should to to upgrade the OS of my phone.
I am very confused with all the tutorials available on internet.
I want to know simple steps in bullet points like

  • Step 1 change ROM
  • Step 2 change this
  • Step 3 change that
  • Step 4 boot phone.

Meaning such a guideline will help me when I read tutorials, and I was getting confused with them.I am not sure if with android 4 OS I can directly upgrade to some thing like android 9 or so.

How to view Google Books previews on mobile device (Android or iOS)?

If you try to preview a book on from an Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet, it’s basically impossible. You cannot zoom in to read the text. For example:

enter image description here

There is a Google Play Books app which is just a regular e-reader; it doesn’t seem to let you view Google Books previews.

Am I missing something or am I stuck waiting until I can get to a desktop OS in order to preview a book?

Ubuntu libmtp error could not get filel from device [closed]

I don’t know why I’m getting this error It would seem to be a permissions problem but I don’t know how to set permissions on t

windows – how to run powershell script so that it affects all users on a device

i need to be able to log in as an administrator and run a powershell script so that it affects all users registry keys.

i have a powershell script that fixes the TWINUI issue. It resets the corrupted registry keys of a users defualt apps back to standard. it only really seems to work if the user is temporarily made a local admin on the device and run it from that login. Obviously removing their local admin privlages afterward.

this issue seems to crop up constantly and when it happens on one user on a device it happens for multiple users. going through every user on a device can be time consuming. if i could log in as an administrator and run the powershell and it go through all the affected registry keys of all the users it could save us a lot of time.

How to Cast or Stream all Playback Audio from Android device to a desktop Pc

I have my Nokia 6 always next to my desk, and I’m using a desktop PC Windows 10 i7 64x
32gb ram and also running Voicemeeter, I use my desktop for everything, I can control all my devices from my desktop and I want to be able to listen any playback audio from my mobile device into my desktop audio system…

I don’t need to cast the mic audio to my PC, just the playback audio
I’m not talking about streaming music either.

Anyone can help? Please thank you