box2d – How to develop both a client and headless server together in Unity

I’m making a multiplayer 2d shooter platformer in unity. And after studying the different options to program an authoritarian server and with the great help that many of you have already provided me on this site. I have decided to create my server also with a unity in headless mode in order to reproduce or simulate the physics of the games on the server with the same engine (box2d) and that the server is the one that decides the movements of the clients.

As you have told me (Thanks @DMGregory), a good option for server development in unity is to use a single project to program both client and server and thus be able to reuse the scenes and prefabs without having to clone them in 2 different projects, but with This idea I find some main problems that I do not know how to solve.

  1. Debugging. How can I run the 2 editors of the same project in unity simultaneously to run server and client?

  2. Separate client and server. Is there a way to separate those elements necessary for the client from those necessary for the server in unity? If not, when compiling my project to use it as a server, it will have a lot of unnecessary material (scripts, sprites, prefabs, etc.) that will make the program more heavy without necessity.

Thank you very much and sorry for my level of English

database – How can I develop a website with dynamic user-specific content?

I’m really new to web development, and have been tasked with what seems like a challenging project. I’d like to learn how to build it myself, but am hoping to get some pointers in the right direction. Or maybe I’d look to hire someone to help me.

The website flow is expected to be this:

  • Users will go through a survey (most likely powered by an embedded Typeform/similar) to note their preferences for a new job.
  • The response from the form should be used to filter a list of jobs in a database. For example, one question in the form might be “are you only looking for full-time roles?”, and if the answer is yes all part-time roles would be removed.
  • A calculation would also need to be done on each item in the database based on the form entry. For example, in the form the user may enter how many hours they wish to work per week. Each entry in the database will have a field for ‘hourly wage’. We’d then calculate the annual wage for each database entry.
  • Based on all of the form responses, the top 3 best matching results would be returned to the client where the user can see their results, as well as showing the result of the calculation.

What would be the best way to build this?

At first I thought simply using Airtable to do the filtering/ranking and calculation. But it seems that would only work for one user at a time, as every time a user goes through the form with their own preferences, the database would need to reset itself and recalculate.

Could I do this with an SQL database? If so, is there a particular one you might recommend? And could the calculation be done in this database, or would I need another tool to do that part?

Thank you!

agile – How can freelancers develop games or web applications on places like fiverr in 3 days for a very cheap price?

I am a computer scientist of a few years and being struggling with finding a focus because I am fascinated with everything… I have been dabbling in the devOps and back-end recently, working on a web application with a small team for 2+ years. For portfolio building and maybe as a side income, I am interested in freelancing. I am estonished by the fact that people are offering very low prices like 20-50 dollars to fully fledged web/mobile apps, or small games delivered in 3 days. I consider myself a good programmer, and we have been working on a single app, albeit a grand scale, for 2 years. I haven’t gotten around a hobby project because it would take “too much time”, it scares me. I am starting to feel kinda incompetent.

What I would like to ask is, how is this possible? I understand 20$ can be big money in some parts of the world, but still, how can they deliver in 3 days? Do these people have prototype libraries or something? I understand templates help immensely, but these seem like domain heavy projects. Are really there fast ways to getting a web app up in such haste? Or is this normal for smallish programs? What is the code quality in there? If this is possible via some tools, what are they? Where can I start to fast prototype apps, even if I would throw them out later, what are some advises to have a streamlined infrastructure?

applications – trying to develop an app to access music databases

Basically i’m trying to develop a search app to get specifics on songs, this data is accessed on whatever databases to provide information about songs, as in whats popular, or specific characteristics about the file, or even as the file is accessed, somethings in the file it’s self. I am new to this but I understand some things. I know you have to pull from specific data bases for the information since I dont have the available server with all the music files.

Develop bot for automating your bulk tasks for $5

Develop bot for automating your bulk tasks

NOTE : Please contact me first before making an order so we can discuss the details and scope of the required program.Are you looking for a programmer to create an automated applications for your bulk tasks? I will provide 5 years of expert level experience in different programming fields.

I will do:

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Languages I use: 
Final application will be offered as an user friendly portable (.exe)  application with graphical user interface (GUI), so you can perform your actions in less time and more focused. Also you will get a full documentation about your application in final delivery.

I am always open for your support and feel free to message me anytime to get my help.


black and white – Can I develop my b&w film a year after shooting it?

Yes, you can develop it later, but the results will be dependent to some extent on how well you kept its environment under control – temperature, humidity, light exposure, etc. For best results, I think putting it back in its original canister to block additional light and for sealing, and then keeping it in a temperature controlled environment would be best. Different films are more or less forgiving, but there have been stories of people getting at least usable, if not pristine, images out of undeveloped film found in an attic after years.

But I feel (opinion/preference – no scientific evidence to back it up) that getting it developed, at least to the negative stage, as soon as possible after shot just simply removes a whole lot of variables and provides the best possible chance of preserving the images in the best condition they can be. If you treat it well, you may be able to put off processing, but given the uncertainty of events during that delay, seems like at least less potential risk, if not a real increase in safety.

cms – Develop a content management system for my website

I am building a website that displays a list of videos in 3 columns and on which only I myself will be allowed to upload videos. An approach I am thinking about is to create an user instance before deploying the website, add a route to the page (e.x. my-website/admin, which cannot redirected to via any events on my website and thus not directly “exposed” to other users) on which I can log in with the already created account, and then I will be redirected to a page that allows me to upload videos once I finish login.

But it seems that malicious users are still able to find the subdomain and inject some code into the page that records my inputting login information next time. I am wondering how they are able to achieve this (I’m using React and all my route information is in main.js, which is rendered by app.js. How are malicious users able to find it?). More importantly, I’m also wondering whether you can offer me some suggestions regarding how to achieve the above-mentioned content management functionality. Thanks!

python – Seeking Revision or Advice to Develop Higher Level Programming Skills

I am new to coding/programming. About four months ago I decided to develop my skills using Python. After several books and a lot of assistance from this awesome community I developed the first part of my “Pizza Order System” program.

Explanation of my program:
When the program in ran, the user is prompted to pick a pizza size. The user can choose more until they press ‘t’ which will return the total of all the pizzas chosen. The program then continues to the topping menu where the user can choose toppings ($1 each). When they are finished choosing their toppings the user will press ‘f’ and the program will return the final order total.

I know this is a quite simple program, however, being new to this world I am really stoked. I am also a high school teacher and I know one of the biggest parts of growing and learning a new topic is feedback.

If you could examine the code and provide me any areas of improvement or different approaches to getting the same result in a more effective manner would be greatly be appreciated.

Here is the code:

size_mappings = {
    1: "Small",
    2: "Large",
    3: "Extra Large",
    4: "Party Size"

cost_mappings = {
    "Small": 6,
    "Large": 10,
    "Extra Large": 12,
    "Party Size": 24

class Pizza():
    def __init__(self, size):
        self.size = size

    def set_size(self, size):
        self.size = size

    def get_size(self):
        return self.size()

    def get_cost(self):
        return cost_mappings(self.size)

class Order():
    def __init__(self):
        self.pizzas = ()

    def addPizza(self, pizza):

    def getTotal(self):
        total = 0
        for pizza in self.pizzas:
            total += pizza.get_cost()
        return total

# start processing the order
order = Order()

def run():
    print("nWhat size pizza would you like?nn
    | 1: Small  |  2: Large  |  3: Extra Large  |  4: Party Size |n
    |    $6     |     $10    |        $12       |       $24      |n
    n- Press 't' to choose your toppingsn")

    while True:
            response = input('-')

            if response == 't':

            size_wanted = int(response)

            size_wanted = size_mappings(size_wanted)

            print(f"Pizza: {size_wanted}")
            print("An error occurred, please try again")

print("your current order total: ", "$" + str(order.getTotal()))

topping_mappings = {
                    1: 'Anchovies', 
                    2: 'Bacon', 
                    3: 'Bell Peppers', 
                    4: 'Black Olives', 
                    5: 'Chicken', 
                    6: 'Ground Beef', 
                    7: 'Jalapenos', 
                    8: 'Mushrooms', 
                    9: 'Pepperoni',
                    10: 'Pineapple', 
                    11: 'Spinach',
                    12: 'Onion'

topping_cost_mappings = {
                        'Anchovies': 1, 
                        'Bacon': 1, 
                        'Bell Peppers': 1, 
                        'Black Olives': 1, 
                        'Chicken': 1, 
                        'Ground Beef': 1, 
                        'Jalapenos': 1, 
                        'Mushrooms': 1, 
                        'Pepperoni': 1,
                        'Pineapple': 1, 
                        'Spinach': 1, 
                        'Onion': 1

class CustomerToppings():
    """ Have customer pick toppings for pizza"""
    def __init__(self, numToppings):
        self.numToppings = numToppings

    def set_toppings(self, numToppings):
        self.numToppings = numToppings

    def get_toppings(self):
        return topping_cost_mappings(self.numToppings)

class ToppingOrder():

    def __init__(self):
        self.topping = ()

    def addTopping(self, toppings): 

    def toppingTotal(self):
        get_topping_total = 0
        for toppings in self.topping:
            get_topping_total += toppings.get_toppings()
        return get_topping_total

# Strat processing the order
topping_order = ToppingOrder()

def runTopping():
    print("nWhat toppings would you like on your pizza?nn
    | 1: Anchovies |    2: Bacon    | 3: Bell Peppers |  4: Black Olives |n
    |  5: Chicken  | 6: Ground Beef |   7: Jalapenos  |   8: Mushrooms   |n
    | 9: Pepperoni |  10: Pineapple |   11: Spinach   |    12: Onions    |n
    Press 'f' for your final total: n")

    while True:
            response = input('-')
            if response == 'f':
            toppings_wanted = int(response)

            toppings_wanted = topping_mappings(toppings_wanted)

            print(f"Topping: {toppings_wanted}")
            print("An error occurred, please try again")


sub_size = int(order.getTotal())
sub_toppings =  int(topping_order.toppingTotal())
final_total = sub_size + sub_toppings

print(f" nYour final total will be ${final_total}n")

javascript – I’m trying to develop a 2D game with Java Script using Phaser 3, but I need help, where can I hire a professional to teach me?

I have to develop a browser game in javascript, it has to have server side functionality and requires you to fetch any kind of API, as requirements for the project.

I’m considering creating a 2D game, something like “The Legend of Zelda”, a character that can move around and defeat monsters. For the API requirement I’m considering fetching the Discord API to add chat functionally. For the server side requirement, my idea is just storing the state of the game into the server when you hit save, and restores it when you hit load.

Therefore I’m trying to come up with all the steps I have to go through:

  1. I need to learn how to use Phaser 3 framework to create the html pages that run the game
    • I also have to understand what are dust files and how to use them
  2. Learn how to use NodeJS and Mongoose to create the server and its routes
    • I already kinda know how to set up request and response, but do I have to care about synchronisation?
  3. Learn how to use in order to enable multiplayer?
  4. Learn how to put everything together.

I’m sure there are other details and important things that I have forgot to add in the list above, and it already sounds very overwhelming as is, and this is the reason why I want to hire a professional, having someone to guide me through all of the items will be a great experience overall.

Do you know where I could hire a person/company that would help me on the idea I have described?

I will develop a highly converting website for your business with wordpress for $200

I will develop a highly converting website for your business with wordpress

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