licenses – WSL licenses and implementation details

Almost all articles on WSL mentioning Linux Kernel within Windows.

I was wondering how it satisfies the Linux kernel license and how it is implemented at the conceptual level.

I found the following problem on Github with some explanations:

  • The kernel was re-implemented from scratch.
  • This is a specification (if I am correct).

Then, the following questions arise (note that I am new to Linux and I am not a license expert):

  • Free software could be reimplemented from scratch and used in
    Commercial product without compilance license?
  • Do the specifications have licenses to limit the use of
    Implementations in commercial products? (sounds like a patent to me,
    But I'm not sure)

Any opinion is appreciated and welcome!

Gutenberg block get details of the author

How do I pass the details of the author as a name, biography and avatar to a block?

Subsequent processing: How can I get a lot of details on the face, the skin as seen in this The Martian poster?

The lighting is from the sides, what you can see in the highlights of your face, and the lack of spotlights in your eyes. The light that brushes the face from the sides creates shadows in all the pores and accentuates them (unlike the frontal illumination, used in fashionable shots, that fills the pores with light, eliminates the shadows and hides them).

Another example of side lighting is how you can see more details of craters in the shots of a crescent moon than in the full moon, where the light is in front and the detail simply fades away.

And I would say that the image has been improved too much to highlight the details.

Here is a picture I made using lights on each side to highlight the texture of the face. I sharpened it enough, but the appearance is mainly due to lighting. No makeup, no filters or special techniques, only lighting and sharpness.

enter the description of the image here

All the details of Hyip in one place

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fraud: How could a scammer get the details of my card if I've never used it?

Today I had approximately $ 600US distributed in 20 transactions taken from my debit card in the last three days (I notified my bank that they gave me a new one and they will reimburse me)

This particular account that I only use to transfer money in and out of my account to get additional savings interest; I have never used it to make purchases online, the card has always been left in a raffle and has never been taken out of the house.

Since I have never entered the details of the card anywhere to make a transaction, and neither have the previous versions of the card been used, how could this have happened? I have never saved the card data anywhere.

It is unlikely that the scammer was able to list the details of the card (as of 0000 -...- 0000; 01/01 for expiration date and 000 for cvv and increment) since they would also have needed for my billing address to be correct.

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How can I add details to the goals in Google Calendar?

I've been using Google Calendar targets for quite some time. They are very practical and easy to use. Simply create the goal you want to achieve, set the preferred time and frequency and you will be all set.

However, there are some additional things I want to do with the Goals in the Google calendar that would make the experience much more enjoyable. I want to add details to the goals.

For example, I have a goal. exercise routine. Now, suppose I have set this goal for 1 hour each morning. Now, one day I decide that I will not do push-ups tomorrow. To achieve this, I want to add details to the exercise routine goal for tomorrow However, I can not do that!

Is there any way to do it in the Google calendar? If not, is there any external application that can do it for me and that is synchronized with the Google calendar?

Thanks for the help.

Subsequent processing: How are these details presented in the gradation of cyan and opaque color as in this image?

I have enough experience in Photoshop and I prefer it to Lightroom. I want to know the directions to achieve these specialties of the image below:

  1. Facial details in wrinkles and hairs.

  2. Boring A color similar to cyan in the whole image without giving a feeling of sheet of colored paper on it.

  3. General appearance boring in terms of light with good exposure, less contrast but less haze. These are conflicting properties.

  4. Color of water

  5. I believe that heaven can be done in this way by undoing, desaturating and reducing blacks.

I could be wrong in some of my evaluations here, if so, correct me.

Image of Paolo Piantadosi in Behance.

Image of Paolo Piantadosi in Behance: The old man and the sea.

Subsequent processing: How to present these details in the gradation of cyan and opaque color as in this image?

I have enough experience in Photoshop and I prefer it to Lightroom. I want to know the directions to achieve these specialties of the image below:

  1. Facial details in wrinkles and hairs.

  2. Color cyan in general without giving a feeling of sheet of colored paper on it.

  3. In general, it looks boring in terms of color and light without sacrificing exposure, but it also minimizes haze.

  4. Color of water

  5. I believe that heaven can be done in this way by undoing, desaturating and reducing blacks.

I could be wrong in some of my evaluations here, if so, correct me.

Image of Paolo Piantadosi in Behance.

Image of Paolo Piantadosi in Behance: The old man and the sea.

php – Insert problem of product and user details

I am using PHP 7.2 MySQL add to cart. Insert product as a user's gest. and product detail, all the data are inserted, but not the data related to the product. I want to insert details of the product. data inserted as

productImage, productName, product_qty, price) insert looking
foreach database loop impload function
PHP code here …

<? php
$ msg = & # 39; & # 39 ;;
yes (isset ($ _ POST['submit'])) {
$ address = mysqli_real_escape_string ($ conn, $ _POST['address']);
$ total = mysqli_real_escape_string ($ conn, $ _POST['total']);
        for each ($ _ SESSION["products"] as $ product) {
$ productName = $ product["productName"];
$ productPrice = $ product["productPrice"];
$ product_qty = $ product["product_qty"];
$ productImage1 = $ product["productImage1"];
$ productImage = implode (& # 39;, & # 39 ;, $ productImage);
$ productName = implode (& # 39;, & # 39 ;, $ productName);
$ product_qty = implode (& # 39;, & # 39 ;, $ product_qty);
$ price = implode (& # 39;, & # 39 ;, $ price);
            $ query = "INSERT INTO orders
(address, productImage, productName, product_qty, total, price,)
VALUES (& # 39; $ address & # 39 ;, & # 39; $ productImage & # 39 ;,
& # 39; $ productName & # 39 ;, & # 39; $ product_qty & # 39 ;, & # 39; $ total & # 39 ;, & # 39; $ price & # 39;) ";
$ run = mysqli_query ($ conn, $ query);
unset ($ _SESSION["products"]);
echo "";