How to Cast or Stream all Playback Audio from Android device to a desktop Pc

I have my Nokia 6 always next to my desk, and I’m using a desktop PC Windows 10 i7 64x
32gb ram and also running Voicemeeter, I use my desktop for everything, I can control all my devices from my desktop and I want to be able to listen any playback audio from my mobile device into my desktop audio system…

I don’t need to cast the mic audio to my PC, just the playback audio
I’m not talking about streaming music either.

Anyone can help? Please thank you

mac – Why cant i change directory on desktop in terminal?

When i want to change the directory to a specific folder on my desktop (summer 2020 classes) it tells me that no such user or named directory exists.

I want to open ‘summer 2020 classes’ from desktop

Example from terminal:

cd desktop

cd summer 2020 classes

and i get this error: string not in pwd: summer
too many arguments

Why the photos edited on lightroom desktop looks different in mobile phone?

I am using Adobe Lightroom CC to edit photos on my computer. When I edit them on computer and export them it looks good on my computer.

But, when I copy same images on mobile device then they looks different. they look over saturated in mobile. (Colors are more saturated in mobile device).

Export settings in lightroom:

enter image description here

remote desktop – Feedback on Using Chrome on RDS Hosts

How well does Chrome work on RDS hosts? I’m looking for feedback on replacing Internet Explorer 11 with Chrome in an RDS environment.

I have a system that uses Internet Explorer 11 in a terminal services environment. There are two RDS hosts and about 50 shared thin clients. Departments are rolling out new web apps that users will need access to that only support Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Internet Explorer’s GPO polices have been great in limiting access to unauthorized sites. Does Chrome work just as well with their templates? Does Chrome seamlessly auto update itself or do all instances need to be closed first?

hyperlink – How do I check the all the links my desktop application is connecting to?

In chrome, in More tools> Network, I can see all the links I am connected. Is there such a thing for desktop based programs? Say for example, I open up “Microsoft Store”, is there such a way that I can see what links that that program is connected to?

Essentially I want to see all the links “insert any desktop program” is connected to.

permission – When I try to delete some old folders on my mac desktop I get error. I have tried some method but failed. Error is shown in description

I have tried several methods in the past as well.

While reflecting on root of problem initially after purchasing mac I had password set which was forgotten within week so I had to used command R feature to reset password. After That everything is working fine but folders and files shown on below screen are not deleted.

enter image description here
Figure 1
enter image description here
Figure 2

When trying to make any changes such as moving, deleting, renaming to shown folder above request pops up for entering admin password. Even after I enter password following error is shown.

enter image description here
Figure 3

After researching some method to solve this issue I changed the disk permission from other to read and write as shown below in Figure 4 but still same issue mentioned above in picture Figure 1, 2, and 3 is repeated.

enter image description here
Figure 4

What further I can do to get rid of those files and folders highlighted on fig 1. I am annoyed as they are useless at the moment and I repeatedly have to encounter them.

No sound from my 20.04 desktop install w/ NVIDIA GK107 HDMI Audio Controller (rev a1)

I have no sound output to my Sony LCD TV monitorafter installing Ubuntu 20.04 on my desktop system. lspci shows NVIDIA Corporation GK107 HDMI Audio Controller (rev a1). Tested cables and all various volume levels. Same system output sound through same setup on Windows before I wiped that with the Ubuntu install.

I found a couple references online that solved the issue through backporting? but I don’t know how to implement that or troubleshoot further.

Any help appreciated.


php – Interconnected technique for web, mobile and desktop

I am planning to do the university project with the Desktop application + web application + mobile application, I have planned to use languages for these 3 as below:

  • Desktop application: Java SE
  • Web application: PHP
  • Mobile application: flutter with Dart
  • Database: Mysql

Now I have a problem with how to connect these 3 with the same database.

for example:
Desktop application can connect without any issue because both are in the same network. problem is how to connect mobile and web application with a local database.

Kindly advise me on how to manage that situation.

Thank you!!

Desktop keyboard shortcuts not working ubuntu 20

I am trying to delete a file on the Desktop by pressing the del button on my keyboard, it’s not working.
I am trying to open a file on my desktop by pressing enter on my keyboard, it’s not working.
I am trying to rename a file on my desktop by pressing F2 key, it’s not working.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

here is what I have tried:
1- reboot.
2- use another keyboard
3- delete, rename, open by using the mouse it works but the keyboard shortcuts don’t work.
*The keyboard is working well, actiually I am writing this question by using the same keyboard.

  • the shortcut for opening the terminal CTRL + ALT + T is working well.

I have tried to rename, open, delete a file on the ~/Desktop/ by using the keyboard shortcuts it’s not working.
I have tried to rename, open, delete a file on the ~/Desktop/Islam/videos/ by using the keyboard shortcuts it working well.

20.04 – Software store missing apps + Chrome remote Desktop problems

So this is how the store looks:

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Which is fine, but when I click a category, this is all the apps that show up: (this is editors pick, happens to all)

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There’s supposed to be more, I’ve tried reinstalling gnome software and that doesn’t work
I’m using Ubuntu 20.04 (external live persistence hard drive, “Try Ubuntu” selected)

Also problems with chrome remote desktop: (I click turn on, set up a name and password, and this shows up)