Contest – $ 25 background design

I will give about 2 days. Payment: Paypal.

I need someone to design this photo. The text will be changed later, but the design and dimensions of the text will remain the same. The current text is only random letters and the winner will receive the final text. . It will go on an 8.5 x 5.5 flyer, so make the file 8500x 5500px and the text should cover most of it. Do what you want !! I want it to look BEAUTIFUL and EASY TO READ and, of course, the letters in bold must be distinguished.

It is related to REAL ESTATE. So, maybe some transparent houses in the background? Maybe some variations of different background colors? Maybe text separated somehow? Whatever you want … go for it.

See the image and text here: LINK

Is using a hyperlink to close a modal a bad design decision?

so I have a little back and forth with our user experience designer that I obviously prefer to have a superior knowledge of the field. However, part of its design doesn't suit me and I can't swallow it, so I'm looking for opinions of minds brighter than me.

In essence, we have a sidebar mode that appears when a certain button is clicked, this sidebar contains several fields in which the user can enter text. When the sidebar is activated, the background appears dimmed and when clicking anywhere, no action is taken. At the bottom of this modal, there is a "Close" hyperlink, when clicked, the modal will disappear and will not retain any information.

The fact that this & # 39; Close & # 39; be a hyperlink does not suit me, for me, a hyperlink means that they will take me somewhere. A button feels more appropriate in this case, since I will return to my original context. However, as mentioned, perhaps I am completely outdated in my opinions.

Why is design important when developing an application?

I would like to know for a university essay why design plays an important role in developing an application and what factors make up a good application that does not overwhelm the public

Why are the design systems of many companies publicly available?

Why many companies like IBM, GE, VMWare, etc. Do they make their design systems publicly available? Designers find it useful, but how is it useful for those companies and why do they do it?

c # – Implementation of the Singleton design pattern in a non-traditional way

Its implementation does the trick. It is thread proof. It is guaranteed that the static constructor will run only once, so it will not accidentally end up with two instances if two threads attempt to capture the instance for the first time simultaneously.

However, there is one more thing you can consider. Due to the way the static constructor works, it is executed the first time the class is referenced in the code. This means that the instance is created in your singleton, even when you don't try to take the instance, but perhaps another static variable.

To solve this, you may want to make the creation of the instance slow, so that it really only activates when you need it. To do this, you can use the Lazy class:

public class Person
    private Person() { }
    private static Lazy lazyPersonInstance = new Lazy(() => new Person());
    public static Person GetPersonInstance() 
        return lazyPersonInstance.Value;

His method GetPersonInstance It can also be a getter property:

    public static Person Instance => lazyPersonInstance.Value;

To read more, see this blog post by Jon Skeet.

loop – Different design for publications

I have two rows to show posts
in the first row I have two publications image + content, image + content
And in the second row, the subsequent design change means content + image, content + image
can you solve this my problem
This is my code:

4 4
have_posts ()): $ arrg_query -> the_post ();
foreach ($ arr as $ i):
$ i ++;
// a type of design
yes ($ i% 2 == 0):

/assets/images/blog1.jpg "alt =" “/> ->



"class =" read_more ">


I send an image of the publications I want: enter the description of the image here

GUI design: why is the input field always at the bottom of a chat window?

The reason is not related to any language, but to the nature of the information and the focus point to get an overview of how to change any situation.

The conversation is not static information like the text in the book. Placing text at the bottom will allow the user to get the last message and the conversation in progress.

The computer console also works with the same logic, the latest written information is the latest and newest information. From my point of view, there are also other implementations of the same concept.

Stock information or the latest news will be placed at the bottom of the screen because it is the best place where you can maintain a focal point for changing information while having general information.

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

Subtitles also work better if they are placed at the bottom of the page than if they are placed at the top of the screen, and the Japanese also use it in the same way. Do you mind if we are going to move the subtitles on the screen? Are you going to perform better in that case?

I have no data, but I definitely also have some connection with that.

php – Design pattern where the backend and frontend code are in a file

Forgive me if this is a simple question but I couldn't find the answer for this anywhere online. What is the name of the design pattern in web development in which both the front-end and the back-end are integrated into a single file, with the back-end code that appears in line with the front-end code? end? Some examples:

$sql = "SELECT id, first, last FROM MyGuests";
$result = $conn->query($sql);

while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) {
    echo "
id: ". $row("id") . " - ". $row("first"). " " . $row("last"); }

This is opposed to other design patterns such as web development driven by API or MVC.

Website design: how to effectively obtain data from the incorporation process?

We currently have a very basic Incorporation process when registering on the platform.
It consists of 3 screens:

  1. Welcome to the platform.
  2. Ask to enter personal data (date of birth, gender, city where you currently reside, country, place of birth)
  3. It asks you to write a brief description of yourself, choose soft skills from a drop-down menu and professional skills from another drop-down menu.

It can be said that we are asking for somewhat confidential data, but the reason for this is equipment pairing. We want to put users on computers based on their current residence, as well as on the combination of soft and hard skills. However, the incorporation process does not seem motivating and rather aggressive.

Reading about the different methods of incorporation, I mainly gathered information about what should be an introduction to the platform and then some kind of tutorial (simply). But I couldn't find anything on how to effectively obtain user data in the incorporation process.

So how can we make it more motivating for users to complete the incorporation and not skip? Is there a logical order about which questions to ask first and what last? Make it gamified? Maybe also make chips instead of deployable?

Design patterns – tab menu + side panel – how to organize the menu and the "context menu"

I have a control panel, with a menu of tabs (tabs on the content) and a side panel with a vertical menu.

My question is: I would like to make a menu (tab or side panel) as a first level menu and the other menu for options within a specific context.

for example:

In my tabs I have three menus (users, analysis and categories). After that, I click on one of those, that is, users, then my left menu will show options related to users (manage, audit, etc.). I could also do the opposite, in the left menu, users, analysis and categories, and as soon as I click on the users, I get three tabs on my content (manage, audit, etc.).

So how to decide which model is better? What I was thinking as a decision point is which menu can have more elements, since too many tabs do not look good.

Any other advice or idea?