Design creative mobile app ui ux 5 Screen for android and IOS With prototype for $100

Design creative mobile app ui ux 5 Screen for android and IOS With prototype

Welcome and thanks for taking interest in our work!

If you want your web application or mobile app UI UX design professionally without crashing your bank account, simply order my gigs! I will provide you a unique, modern, and high fidelity UI UX Designs for your website and mobile.

What this gig includes

  • Pixel perfect UI UX design for as many screens as you need
  • Fast delivery
  • High-quality mockups
  • Very quick responses
  • Latest UI UX design trends
  • Modern and clean design
  • Several revisions
  • Full satisfaction

About me
I am a Computer Science Engineer specialized in UI UX. I am passionate about user experience and love creating pixel-perfect mobile UI. I am working as a freelance UI UX designer in Australia.

Software used

– Adobe XD

– Adobe Photoshop

– Adobe Illustrator


I will not develop your application, I design what your app will look like. The deliverable doesn’t include code, it is a prototype made with Adobe XD / Adobe Photoshop.

Any question? Feel free to leave a message me, I will answer very quickly!


database design – Modelling a bitemporal data set in a data warehouse

I have a bitemporal EAV type model.

There are multiple attribute tables(one for each value data type(int_attributes, float_attributes, etc. )) looking like:


And a reference table for attributes:


It is possible to construct an entity and get all its attributes at any point in time by querying a union of all attribute value tables.

I want to move this data to a data warehouse(Snowflake). I wasn’t able to find a whole lot of info on moving bitemporal data to a warehouse and how to model it. I don’t understand where would I need a facts and dimensions related modelling in this scenario. Also would it make any sense to pivot this table to get attributes as columns when loading the data in the system?

The main use cases of this data is to get the current snapshot of data, and get entire history of some entities.

I’m very new to data modelling in a warehouse, any pointers/books/resources to understand this are also appreciated.

I will do professional social media design for you within short times for $5

I will do professional social media design for you within short times

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l design a modern business card for you for $5

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design patterns – Testing lower- and upper bound values in Python

Except under unusual circumstances, classes are things or entities — hence the
term objects — while functions or methods are actions or operations. You
want to name them according. For that reason Get_labels strikes me as an
oddly named class. Based on what you’ve shown us, I might suggest the name
Bounds as an alternative. A side benefit of that name is that it allows you
to shorten up the attribute names without loss of meaning.

A separate method for checking the basic validity of the bounds seems like
over-engineering to me — unless the checking logic becomes much more complex
or unless it will be used elsewhere in the code. So I would just do simple
validation in __init__() in this case.

Avoid the temptation to use chatty or verbose message in your code. It won’t
help you or your users over the long run — at least that’s my experience. Keep
things direct and rigorously concise. In fact, it’s often beneficial to keep
the messages very technical rather than natural in their stylistic orientation.
What I mean by that is rather than describing the problem the way one might
verbally to a human (“The lower bound, which was 1000, must be less than the
upper bound, which as 125”), you are often better off to describe the problem
in a formulaic, schematic, computer-like way. Among other things, that approach
allows you to adopt a conventional format for all error messages in an
application. The error message format shown in the rewrite below could be
described generically as PROBLEM: SELF. A consistent approach makes it
easier to write validation code in the first place and to maintain it over
time. Consistency also conveys professionalism to users.

Along those lines, you can often simplify the creation of such validation
messages by first defining __repr__() for your class, as illustrated below.

For the validations you have so far, a ValueError is a closer
fit than raising a general Exception. Also, you might consider checking
for other kinds of errors: for example, are bounds restricted to integers only?
If you do check for that, raise a TypeError.

Finally, a stylistic and admittedly subjective fine point. Below is a stack
trace from your code as written. We see the verbose message twice, first as an
f-string and then with parameters filled in. What’s wrong with that? Nothing
serious, but it’s heavy, tedious, even lacking a certain elegance. At a
minimum, one could say that the repetition of the verbose message is mildly
distracting to the user, putting an extra increment of visual or cognitive
burden on the user to figure out what’s going on. Compare that to the stack
trace from the revised code.


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 19, in <module>
    get_labels = Get_labels(-1,25,"first")
  File "", line 7, in __init__
  File "", line 17, in check_threshold_validity
    raise Exception(f'Sorry, the lower threshold={self.lower_bound} should be larger than 0 for configuration={self.configuration_name}')
Exception: Sorry, the lower threshold=-1 should be larger than 0 for configuration=first


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 72, in <module>
    b1 = Bounds(1000, 125, 'first')
  File "", line 67, in __init__
    raise Exception(msg)
Exception: Upper bound must be greater than lower: Bounds(1000, 125, first)

Code with some possible edits for you to consider:

class Bounds:

    def __init__(self, lower, upper, name):
        self.lower = lower
        self.upper = upper = name

        if lower <= 0 or upper <= 0:
            msg = f'Bounds must be positive: {self}'
            raise ValueError(msg)

        if upper <= lower:
            msg = f'Upper bound must be greater than lower: {self}'
            raise ValueError(msg)

    def __repr__(self):
        return f'Bounds({self.lower}, {self.upper}, {!r})'

website design – Standard headshot and thumbnail dimensions and width/height ratio

Is there a preferred size and ratio for images that represent a headshot/mugshot of a person? I have a project where we’re taking photos of people, generate thumbnails, store the thumbnails and print them on identification cards. Those cards can be swiped by a computer and the photo pops up in a little notification window.

So is there a preferred or standard photo size / ratio for printing on identification cards (drivers licenses, passports, Costco cards)? Also, is there a preferred or standard size / ratio for headshots of people in web or Windows-based UIs?

An example might be a “Meet the Executive Team” section of a website that has executive headshots.

I know some places will do square headshots (StackExchange @ 128x128px), I would prefer a slightly more vertical headshot, but I’m not too picky either way. If there were any standards in this area, it would be great to know what the recommended Square headshot, vertical, or (if this exists) a horizontal image layout dimensions and ratio is.

I will do professional calender design for you within short times for $20

I will do professional calender design for you within short times

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design patterns – When writing a fluent interface, shoule one return the calling object of a function, and returning a memberwise copy of the calling object?

I have an scenario where a fluent interface really does make the most sense. That said I’ve never actually had to write one before, or paid the most attention when using one. I realized that a fluent function could either A.) Modify the calling object or B.) Return a member-wise copy (with modifications) while still leaving the calling object intact.

I realize that it probably depends on what I’m going with the fluent object, but because SE is supposed to help future readers, I’d like to be as general as possible. What trade offs should I consider when making this decision?

I Will Make Professional Business Card Design of Your Priority for $1

I Will Make Professional Business Card Design of Your Priority

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Who am I?

My Name is Bozlur Rahman. I’m a Graphics Designer, working as a professional designer for more than 5 years. My dedication is to always satisfy my clients.

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