design – Why are Description classes useful in oop

“If an item in the inventory is sold or deleted, the stock count will be updated from the database” –

It’s not about that. This is not a generalized OOP recommendation, this is about the kinds of relationships that arise in certain domains.

If an item is sold out, you still can go to the database and query the price or details of that product. The table that stores product details, as well as the stock count is a description of a product. But sometimes it’s not enough to just store the count, sometimes you need extra data, perhaps better represented by a separate table or an object. Again, this whole discusion is not really related to OOP itself, it’s about domain modeling.

E.g., suppose you’re selling stuff online. You may want to keep generalized product descriptions & specs (something that people might search for) separate from data about the concrete items you have on stock (e.g., these might store info on whether the item is new or second-hand, if it’s damaged, a note about the item itself, etc.)

What is Meta Description On WordPress ?

Hello everyone,

Kindly help me , what is meta description. 

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How to override product short description category wise

I want to display a specific product short description per category:

if any products belong to category X then display in the product short description XX
if any products belong to category Y then display in the product short description YY

Why YouTube shows my old description?

I changed the description of the YouTube video but YT is still showing the old one. However, when I go on "edit video", I can see the new description. Why?

Using a new attribute as product description

Using Magento 2.3.2.

We currently sell through our website, and Amazon and Ebay via the M2E Pro extension.
Our current product description is used for the website and Ebay, and the short description is used for Amazon.

The product description is not really suitable for the website, as it contains a lot of ebay related content, so I was wondering if it was possible to create a new attribute, say, ‘web_description’ and use that as the description on the website.

Any help in solving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

accessibility – Validity of PDF for image description

You’re probably covered at a very base level about the idea of providing alternate locations for very long image descriptions as covered in “G73: Providing a long description in another location with a link to it that is immediately adjacent to the non-text content”, though this only talks about alternate HTML pages, if you’re providing an accessible document I’m sure that’s moderately sufficient.

In the spirit of great accessibility, though, I always ask myself “What would be an even better experience? How could we engage more of an audience?”. To that question I recommend trying to provide that information directly on the HTML page or at the very least in another URL linked below the image. Think about a user using a screen reader: while opening a PDF and reading it seems easy to us, jumping between applications or document types is probably somewhat of a chore than having one format.

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Is it possible to extend SPFieldUrl to have more properties like url or description, to create a custom field type?

Url field type has more than one property : something like url, description. I want to know that how can I extend url field type(or some other field type that have more than one property) to create a custom field type with more than one property?

Create Google Calendar event from description

I have a human-readable text-based description of an event, for example:

All Hands meeting Tuesday, October 13th, at 11:30-12:30 Eastern Daylight Time

What I would like to do is to copy&paste this description somewhere on my computer, so that it creates an event in my Google Calendar. Does something like that exist?

It sound like something that should be easy to do in the age of Siris and Alexas.