wp enqueue style – How to dequeue wp_get_custom_css in Twenty Twenty Theme

How to remove Additional CSS from loading. It loads as internal style sheet on every page. I am doing this but it is not working.

add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'mywptheme_child_deregister_styles', 11 );
function mywptheme_child_deregister_styles() {
    wp_dequeue_style( 'wp-custom-css' );

c++17 – c++ dequeue page with aligned memory allocation

i am about to write a class representing a double ended queue, just like std::dequeue, but with the capability to store any trivially destructible type, and without indexing support. Iteration or pop operations will only work knowing the types stored before. Most of the time it will be used as a queue/stack like storage, referenced by other types, as references are guaranteed to stay valid, even if it is pushed/popped to either end in between. Allocation and freeing of memory should be done in huge blocks. The systems page size seems to be a perfect fit for a default block size.

I’m afraid using malloc() or std::aligned_alloc() will lead to the heaps metadata ( which for example is later required by free(), to know the size of the allocated memory) being stored in front of allocated memory, which would lead to a huge waste of memory (one page for each allocated page). Or is there any optimization or different API for page aligned memory allocations of the heap? For example, i could imagine an API allowing the client to specify where to store the required metadata, or which returns a pointer to the memory and a pointer to the metadata on allocation.

On the other hand, using the systems native APIs (Windows / Posix / FreeRTOS) to allocate pages would require a separate memory pool, which would be a heap optimized for page aligned memory allocations. But having two heaps not knowing about each other could lead to memory waste too, as both will have a pool of preallocated pages. Or do most standard library implementations free pages to the operating system as soon as they are not used by clients any more?

Dequeue Table of Content Font

I have been using the Table of Contents plugin on my website. It is slowing down my site but I don't want to remove TOC from my site. Is there any way to remove TOC sources?

queue – Enqueue and Dequeue in efficiency O (1) – C #

I am implementing a queue class in C # using a Node / LinkedList class that I also implemented, and I wonder if there is a way to implement queued and queued methods, both in algorithmic efficiency of O (1).

In the Queue class I have a head and tail field, and I managed to implement the queued method in O (1), but the queue is O (n).

This is the code for the queue removal method:

public T Dequeue()
    if (IsEmpty())
        throw new InvalidOperationException("The queue is empty");
    T data = head.Data;
    if (tail == null)
        head = null;
        return data;
    Node temp = tail;

    while (temp.Next != head)
        temp = temp.Next;

    temp.Next = null;
    head = temp;
    if (tail == head)
        tail = null;
    return data;