[ Politics ] Open question: Democrats, how to make the weapons of people who are not breaking the law safer?

And before you tell me: "Nobody wants to take away your weapons." Keep in mind that both Oregon and Washington are doing it. .

Did not the Democrats vote for McCain in 2008 because his partner was a woman?

No. We did not vote for him because his main advisers on foreign policy were the arrogant, but stupid, neoconservatives who gave us the fiasco in Iraq, including that maniac, Bolton. However, the fact that McCain's running mate was an incoherent idiot was part of it (Palin was so amazingly stupid) that the fact that McCain let his people push him was not very judicious, later he himself he admitted.

It seems that the Republicans like the idiots in the Executive Power, and in 2016 they really fulfilled their wish, they voted in a male version of Pallin.


[ Politics ] Open question: If there are democrats in my state, can I consider them as unwanted intruders and kill them? Is not that homicide justifiable?

[ Politics ] Open question: If there are democrats in my state, can I consider them as unwanted intruders and kill them? Is not that homicide justifiable? .

[ Politics ] Open question: Why do Democrats hate whites?

[ Politics ] Open question: Why do Democrats hate whites? .

Why would anyone vote for the Democrats when they harbor 2 Muslim terrorists in Congress?

Divide and waste
The Obama administration imitated the strategy of leftist governments in Europe. They also imported distant Muslims to their countries, precisely to interrupt and divide the population. And to liquidate the traces of a common Christian culture that the nation may have.
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The plan is clear. It applies wherever the leftist globalists wield power. Use "compassion" arguments as necessary for Muslims to cross the border and resettle them safely. Then, use your presence in Italian schools to demand that the classrooms take out their crucifixes. Use your presence in Britain to suppress criticism of Islam as a possible "breach of peace".
Weapons as reliable voters for the radical left. It does not matter how they differ on sexual policy issues. What is important is to liquidate the old common Christian culture. Trans activists, homosexual libertines and Islamists will resolve their differences later on. For now, they are united by a common goal, since the USA. UU And the Soviets increased until 1945.
Making the first amendment inapplicable
The point is that, in reality, it is anti-American to try to silence Muslims, no matter how radical, once they are here. They deserve religious freedom, under the First Amendment. But that Amendment was not written with them in mind. He did not imagine millions of people whose creed demands intolerance. Whose native cultures often include polygamy, female genital mutilation and honor killing. Whose politics in many countries includes, of course, a paranoid anti-Semitism, to the point that Hitler remains a popular hero to some.

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Why do Republicans want people to think that AOC is the face of the Democratic Party? Are they afraid of real democrats like Joe Biden?

We hope that if we tell everyone enough about how stupid it is, we continue with examples, such as their lack of knowledge of kitchen appliances and quotes like "I'm less concerned about being objectively correct than being morally correct," and people will give an account. They do not want to be represented by her or associated with anyone who does not see her as a complete idiot.

Hopefully, we can kill two birds with one stone and people will not want to vote for anyone who represents the same party to which she belongs. If I were Biden, I would worry that being affiliated with the same party that AOC belongs to would destroy my chances of becoming president.


[ Politics ] Open question: Should we force the New Green Agreement on the Liberals? Liberals voted for the AOC. Should we force registered Democrats to obey the New Green Agreement?

Making it illegal for them to drive vehicles with gasoline, diesel or any other combustion vehicle. They can not fly on an airplane unless it is an electric plane. Basically, make them go back to the pre-industrial era, unless we have modern technology they can use. You will also have to pay all this out of your own pocket. .

[ Politics ] Open question: Where do the free things that Democrats promise come from?

[ Politics ] Open question: Where do the free things that Democrats promise come from? .

What do Democrats have to offer the American people?

A good economy, racial and gender equality, a living wage, adequate funding for education and science, and improved infrastructure. Affordable health care, social security, Medicaid and Medicare. Republicans have been trying to repeal social security, Medicare and Obama Care since its approval. The Democrats want to keep them and make sure these programs are well funded.

Republicans want to turn the United States into a banana republic, in which some people own most of the wealth and most of them are poor in poverty, and without medical care or even contraceptive pills.


Do Democrats play the race card because they can not debate current politics?


Racism, hatred, personal abuse, bigotry, sexism, provocative conflict, are all they have.

Unfortunately, democracy actually promotes this kind of antisocial parasitism, because low people can always promise other low people who live at the expense of others.