Democrats, do you realize that the coronavirus blockade is just a glimpse of what socialism would be like?

So you must be against farm bailouts, unemployment insurance, FEMA, the current bailout money that the federal government is allocating to individuals and small businesses, social security, public education, etc.

It should be for private hospitals, private highways and roads, private EMS personnel, private law enforcement, etc. You must be against any company that is not profitable. What you are currently seeing in the United States is the result of rampant capitalism and the dismantling of any policy related to the public good.

True or False: Did Democrats Spread the Corona Virus Across the United States to Topple the Trump Administration?


You obviously don't know where it came from and how it started spreading. US citizens are victims just like citizens of other countries. I think this is all China's fault.

I think the US government. USA And other governments around the world are only partially responsible for making the pandemic worse, but they are not to blame for starting it. Because China is where the coronavirus began to spread.

Are Democrats Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio responsible for the spread of the coronavirus in the United States?

The person responsible for the spread of the coronavirus is the Chinese leader. The other government leaders who have infected citizens in their country are only partially responsible for the spread of the coronavirus.

By allowing 1 infected person to return home, or by allowing them to visit another country, this is what made the pandemic worse. Perhaps there was more than 1 infected person who visited other countries well, which also made it worse.

[ Politics ] Open-ended question: Why are the F Democrats blocking the stimulus package? Americans don't have a job, could we use the extra money πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ‘ΉπŸ’€?

[Politics] Open-ended question: Why are the F Democrats blocking the stimulus package?!? !! Americans don't have a job, could we use the extra money πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ‘ΉπŸ’€?

Okay, Democrats, if calling it Chinese Flu is racist, what are you calling idiots Chinese food now?

the question is. What is the effect of communication?

referring to Chinese food does no harm to anyone and does not convey fear or hatred. Chinese food is Chinese food like Italian food is Italian food.

BUT … Asians in the United States are being targeted for violence, hate crime, harassment and real racism. People are using Corona Virus as a reason to attack these people. Given the current social climate, it is not okay to do anything that can further advance this sentiment. This is a global pandemic, so it is not just something Chinese, it is a disease that is affecting all continents. We are dealing with a crisis that calls this a Chinese flu that leads to xenophobic sentiment that worsens the situation. This virus has been called Kung-flu.

There are clear cases of xenophobia and racism in this country. People who do not experience racism will not see or understand it when it occurs. But the people who don't understand it are generally the ones who do it and don't even realize they are doing it.

It's cool to be curious, but focus on doing 'x' It is not racist, it is a waste of time. People get sick when they die, companies close, people lose their livelihood, we face another recession. Many people will want to blame someone because they are toxic on the inside. That will not help anyone, it will only create more problems. We need to focus, we are all in this together and we must all work together in this crisis to prevent the virus from spreading and ending this sooner.

Also, keep in mind that the last global recession was due to the American recession that came from American banks, where the American government deregulated banks to ruin the world economy. No other country tried to attack and intimidate the United States for that. I don't want our people to be known as these horrible, hateful people who always find a breed of people to stand out. I want to be better than that. The people who say that does not exist. Well, it must be nice to live in your world, but everyone around you knows who you are, even if we are not being ugly about it.

Why do Liberals and Democrats seem to care more about making the world a better place than Republicans / Conservatives?

Republicans only care about themselves and their own image. Trump is a self promoter. He used the stock market as a primary indicator to promote himself and we are now close to election time and the stock market is collapsing due to a global crisis. Trump, who only cared about himself, tried to save his main rallying cry for his Presidency, rather than the American people, all based on a hunch that this would all fade away.

It is quite poetic, his own narcissistic tendencies will be his biggest downfall.

Who else feels that Trump owes an apology to all Democrats?

On February 28, 2020, Trump told supporters at a rally in South Carolina that the new corona virus was a hoax created by Democrats to make him look bad! He was quoted as saying, "Now Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus," "They have no idea, they can't even count their votes in Iowa. This is their new hoax!" I think Trump owes all Democrats a public. Excuse me after lying and accusing Democrats of creating a hoax to further damage his presidency! Who else feels the same?

[ Politics ] Open question: Andrew Gillum was found in a hotel room with prostitutes and Crystal Meth. Democrats still drooling over this man?

[Politics] Open question: Andrew Gillum was found in a hotel room with prostitutes and Crystal Meth. Democrats still drooling over this man?

Why have Democrats not learned their lesson?

I feel like many Biden supporters are too old to know how to use social media. If they knew how to use social media, they would know that their abortion and civil rights record is very disappointing. It is running on a centrist platform. That did not work for Hillary or Kerry. Although Obama is moderate, he ran on a progressive platform of "hope and change." Why should you vote for a former segregationist like Biden running in the Republican Republic? I think Trump will win again in November because the Democrats couldn't find anyone other than a weak candidate with obvious signs of insanity. Boomers are ruining everything for us again. I will be out of this choice AGAIN! FYI I'M A DEMOCRAT!

Updated 3 hours ago:

Bernie will eat Biden in the debates! Biden is embarrassing our party with his obvious cognitive decline and weak campaign. The corrupt DNC ​​ensured that Warren and Buttigieg stayed behind to split Bernie's votes.

The World Health Organization has just declared the outbreak of coronavirus as a global pandemic. How did the Democrats accept that "deception"?

The flu often meets the standards to be labeled a pandemic, but don't get too obsessed with the label. Whether as an epidemic or pandemic, the flu kills tens of thousands every year in the US. UU. Healthy young adults face a significantly low risk compared to older and sick adults. The same goes for the coronavirus.

Stroke, heart disease and car accidents kill many more people than flu viruses, but they will never be labeled a pandemic.