[ Politics ] Open question: What will you do with your free £ 1,000 from Trump, am I going to donate mine to the Democratic Party?

[Politics] Open ended question: What will you do with your free £ 1,000 from Trump, am I going to donate mine to the Democratic Party?

Liberals, how about instead of criticizing Trump, do they respond with what they like about the Democratic Party? Will I wait …..?

They don't want to "keep everything as it is" *. What do you like about the republican party?

* or you want to go back to the 1950s, you know, when segregation was practiced, the polio vaccine didn't exist (well, until 1954), fans had grids that suggested when you should put your fingers on, but you could still slip they in?

[ Politics ] Open-ended question: Do you see the shortage of toilet paper as a test to put us on the path to democratic socialism?

[Politics] Open-ended question: Do you see the shortage of toilet paper as a test to put us on the path to democratic socialism?

Harvey Weinstein was apparently a great donor to the Democratic party and was not a Trump fan. Is anyone really surprised?

Not surprised Because Trump is not like Harvey. Democrats have given money to many women to falsely accuse Trump, but everything has failed. Now women respect Trump even more, because he treats women with dignity and respect.

US leftist media UU. As CNN and others have received billions of counterfeit coins from Muslims and others tricked by the mysterious Babylon to attack Trump day and night. They foolishly think that people follow their fascist racist channels that promote terrorism and extremist lies. Their disappearance will soon occur, that is why these channels are sobbing in vain lies and trying in vain to deceive people.

What has the Democratic Party done for you?

It is not a thing. But, nevertheless, that is more than what the Republican Party has done, which is to take away the things that I once had.

I once had more discretionary income, but then Trump's new tax law stole that from me. Once I had pride in my country, but now that also went away.

How the hell was the Democratic party kidnapped by radical socialists?

Obviously, they are seen as radicals. The people who are voting are not looking at the socialist etiquette attributed to Sanders. And yes, he describes himself as a DEMOCRATIC socialist; therefore, they are focusing on the democratic, but most likely what is happening is that they are focusing on their message that the free debt of college and student loans will be erased, in a certain amount. That is what they are listening and responding. The socialist label is nowhere in your thoughts. Only how they can benefit if it becomes the nominee.

No one cared that Trump had no knowledge of the government or apparently much more; but they were listening to their racist terminology and their conversation about manufacturing and coal mines. He hasn't done the last two, but he still sounded like them when they talk at the table and each other at work. And it still does. It doesn't matter that anyone has come running back to reopen coal mines (because they are still inactive) or run to reopen manufacturing jobs (because that hasn't happened). But he still talks about people, races, immigrants as they do. So, it is still very important for them to remain president.

Bernie Sanders does not say racism, but people who vote for him like what comes out of his mouth.

Why don't people sing the United States in democratic demonstrations?

Probably because those people are gathering support for a candidate they need and want to beat Trump. Conservative voters are largely about flashy artificial displays that accomplish nothing. Singing "USA", wearing red hats, waving flags and declaring yourself a patriot are just a visual display of each other and to FEEL good without accomplishing anything. It is only by identity; "This is what I am!" But what is it really doing differently? It is not a thing.

However, singing for a candidate is hoping that supporting that person will achieve something. Active meeting, inactive conversation and visual screens from the other side … see?

Republicans, who is most afraid of winning the Democratic nomination?

They should be more afraid of Bloomberg. The others have fatal defects.

Keep in mind that Americans, in general, are very superficial people. They don't really want a boy that looks old, one that doesn't look like "everything there," a gay boy or a woman.

Will the Democratic candidate mention Trump's criminal history during this year's debates?

The answer is … NO … the reason is … Trump has no criminal record. Never accused, never arrested, never convicted. No criminal record. I don't defend Trump, his behavior drives me crazy … but he has no criminal record.

[ Politics ] Open question: Are Ashley Judd's liberal speeches useful or harmful to the Democratic Party?

When I saw her at the women's march, I thought she was having a seizure.