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Grocery shopping is always an important part of a household functioning. To make life easier, technology has grown. Now, store owners would be able to take benefit of the on-demand grocery shopping. Groceri script is for supermarkets, grocery chain and startup to build and grow their grocery delivery business. Engage grocery shoppers with your own grocery delivery business and give your users a new, better and accessible grocery shopping experience.

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The convenience of shopping grocery using Groceri creates an unforgettable experience. It saves the time so that people can focus on the other important tasks than just spending hours for going to the market and shopping for their groceries. Now it is possible to get the desired type of grocery delivered with the desired quantity at the doorstep.

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What is Disciplined Agile Delivery in a real software development context?

I believe that they’ve moved away from this terminology, but when Disciplined Agile was newer, the creators described it as a “process decision framework”.

DA is centered around high-level activity phases for a project and goals within each phase. These aren’t strict phase-gate phases, but rather a way to organize the goals. However, DA doesn’t tell you how to go about accomplishing these goals. It’s more like a library of practices and information about which ones work well together.

We can take a concrete example of Scrum for more information.

Scrum doesn’t tell you how to form your team. DA recognizes that there are choices to be made about where the team members come from, such as repurposing an existing team or creating a new team. There are also different structures such as feature teams and component teams or geographic distribution of the team or the dedication of the team members (full-time, as needed). All of these are decisions that would be considered as part of DA.

Scrum tells you that you need a potentially releasable product Increment after every Sprint. DA recognizes that there are choices to be made about how to go about doing this. Are you going to be using BDD? TDD? Maybe a combination of both? Are you going to produce formal design specifications? Maybe you’ll be using mob programming to evolve the design with the whole team. Or maybe you’ll build proofs-of-concept and demonstrate those.

There are even higher-level choices. Do you have cadences or do you perform work just-in-time, for example. The same sets of roles, phases, goals, and activities can be used to describe a number of processes. It’s been mapped to a Scrum-based lifecycle, a just-in-time Lean lifecycle, and even an exploratory delivery lifecycle. All of these are built using the same building blocks, with just a different set of choices.

Some choices are mutually exclusive. Some combine well.

You could have 5 organizations adopting Disciplined Agile. They would likely be able to communicate with each other using DA’s fixed sets of roles, phases, and goals. However, each organization may have a different way of satisfying those goals, so their lifecycle would look entirely different.

DA brings a framework that lets an organization build a process lifecycle that is appropriate for their needs. It’s not prescriptive at all, but it guides the organization through the things that need to be thought of along the way and some ideas of common practices that have been known to work.

python – Optimize delivery plan with travel miles

Is there an optimization algorithm in python that can help me with my delivery optimization problem?

Stop1 | Stop2 | Stop3 | Travel Miles
 A    | B     | C     | 874.9
 A    | C     | B     | 888.39  
 D    | E     | F     | 972.918  
 G    | B     | F     | 945.669
 D    | G     | F     | 905.184
 G    | B     |       | 1005.184
 G    | E     |       | 750.12

A, B, C, D, E, F, and G are the stops where some freight needs to be delivered via truck. Each row in the data is a possible route a truck can take to deliver the freight. The actual data consists of thousands of possible routes.

The objective is to create a delivery plan consisting of routes covering all the delivery points just once and minimizing the delivery miles of the entire plan. We also cannot change the stop sequence in a route. Maybe the data is inadequate but I hope it gives you an understanding of the problem statement.

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DoorDash Clone – An Ultimate Platform to Food Delivery Business – Other Money Making Opportunities

Among the different food delivery apps, DoorDash is one of the largest food delivery app that mainly targets in the US and Canada. As an entrepreneur looking to start a business like DoorDash can go with using the Doordash clone. With the help DoorDash clone, designed with the advanced solution caters the business needs of an entrepreneur. This DoorDash clone script allows users to place the order using the Doordash clone app and get it delivered to the desired location. The DoorDash clone script allows the user to explore the menu, select the item to be delivered and can pay online. 

Here are some of the features, a startup can include while having a DoorDash Clone App development.

  • Featured Restaurants
  • Restaurants that offers Free Delivery
  • Restaurants that provides different offers
  • Order Tracking
  • Contact Details of Restaurant and Delivery Guy

One can offer a rating system with their food delivery app that reflects good quality service in delivery, speed, food and overall services being offered. This helps to make your app more popular that will indirectly increase the number of users to your food delivery app.


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workflow – What is the optimal user flow for Contactless Delivery

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the US and its states have applied many restrictions when it comes to person-to-person contact. These restrictions have required many US companies to quickly pivot to providing a contact-less delivery model. I have noticed anecdotally that individual companies vary in how they execute their contact-less delivery as this delivery method is very new.

Here are some examples from US food delivery companies:

There are a few things that are not explained by the companies and perhaps are not even understood by the staff:

  • Should you remain at the location to see the food picked up or should you leave?
  • How do you handle tipping if it was not applied during the purchase process?
  • How should returns be handled? (“I said no anchovies. Take it back.”)
  • How do you verify ID?
  • How do you handle questions about the order during drop-off? (“Can I get some sauce packets too?”)

What aspects should be considered to design an optimal contact-less delivery model? Ideally one that could/would be emulated by other companies?

email – SMTP delivery failure issue

My client has a customer in Libya. His ISP frequently – but not consistently – blocks his outgoing emails to this client, referring these emails to Spamhaus. Incoming emails from the Libyan customer are received without problems. Neither his ISP nor Spamhaus have offered a resolution to this issue. None of my client’s other customers are affected by this problem. We’re talking about a small number of emails to a fairly important customer.

I’ve looked at 3rd party SMTP providers to get around this problem. All the providers I have found are geared up for large-scale subscriber and/or email marketing campaigns. and require monthly and/or volume-related fees. My client sends out between 100 and 150 emails a day across 3 employee accounts – which is very small in SMTP providers’ terms – and the emails causing this problem are a fraction of those. He therefore won’t subscribe to a 3rd party service.

I am therefore looking for a solution which will:

  • allow seamless use of a non-ISP SMTP server at no cost
  • allow up to 3 employees to send from their own email account (all accounts are on the client’s domain)
  • all outgoing emails will appear to be from the employee’s address

Gmail’s SMTP server appears to offer a solution, but it’s likely his business will break their sending limit on a daily basis.

Any suggestions will be very much appreciated – my client is very demanding, and I’m spending way too much time on this. I was directed to this forum by an email-related post on another StackExchange forum – please advise if I’ve posted in the wrong place.