Why don't the Democrats care that Warren deliberately tells lies about his ancestral heritage to advance his career?

She never benefited. His mother told him stories and was proud to think she was a native.
Maybe it wouldn't be a big problem if she told thousands of lies and just got lost.

Trump literally pretended to be fake people to plant positive stories about himself in the press.

Republicans have less than zero high ground, even if it was proven that Warren deliberately lied, which has not been.

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User research: how to deliberately reduce the Internet connection to better understand the user experience on slower connections?

I would like to better understand UX on slower connections.

Is there a set of tools or instructions on how to achieve this in mac / windows?

For your information, my software is not a website or an application, it is a desktop software that runs on Mac and Windows.

Maybe there are tools available to help? (Although I don't mind a DIY solution)

pathfinder – Can a pitcher deliberately fail at Wrest Resources to produce adamantium?

You do not need to deliberately fail. All you need to do is not meet the requirements of the skill roll. Stay in a state where you may not be able to perform DC 42 checks on Knowledge (Nature), Knowledge (Geography) and Survival is not difficult, especially taking into account the strict limitations in skills assistance.

Mind, it is not entirely free. You will have to get to Adamantium worth 500 gp per launch. It will cost you 1000 gp of diamond powder for Restoration. It will cost you 100 GP for the magic bottle and, for the non-malignant way, 1000 gp for the clone. You also have to fail your salvation, but that is voluntary.

The magic of dissipation does not work, because Flesh to Stone is instantaneous, instead of duration. Flesh to Stone is also 6th level, which means that Break Enchantment will not work unless it can break with Dispel Magic or Stone to Flesh. Mythic Break Enchantment would do the job, but if someone is casting mythical spells on you, you're probably already in trouble.

Stone for meat is … questionable. It targets a petrified creature or a quantity of stone. If you are inflexible, you are not a quantity of stone, and the pieces broken / cut clearly are not a creature. In addition, Flesh to Stone does not refer at any time to the petrified state, and the petrified state itself says specifically that it refers to one that has become stone (which, once again, adamant is not). A DM may well claim that counteracting Flesh to Stone is for what Stone to Flesh is, and therefore it works, but they should also have ruled out that parts removed from the statue (such as limbs) would still count as parts of the creature in question, in a way that simply is not for the removed parts of a standard non-petrified creature.

On the positive side, even if the DM does not rule against you in Stoen to Flesh, all is not lost. Very few people would imagine that casting Stone to Flesh in an inflexible golem would make some sense, to the point that if someone is trying, and there are no hostile deities involved, it is almost certain because the DM is abusing the knowledge of OOC. Break Enchantment is more plausible as a tactic, but it has a launch time of 1 minute, during which the golem has the opportunity to present its objections to the process.

Also, if you are bad, there is a way to do it that requires much less spell. Find a wretch you will not miss and apply the appropriate levels of mind control or diplomacy to convince him that you are a friend. Show him the ritual. To have the Cast it, alone. Make sure you hit him with something to release his save bonus while you're at it, and maybe something that will feed him temporary HP to the point that the 6d6 damage does not kill him directly. (If it is dead, it is no longer a valid target for Flesh to Stone).

Of course, this is the kind of scheme for obtaining resources that leaves traces and can produce interesting complications. You have to find the ritual, you have to learn it, and since the ritual is literally trying (albeit wrongly) to steal everything inflexible inside an area whose radius is measured in tens of miles, it seems to be the kind of thing. That could attract attention.

Final warning: for the ritual, the mineral / metal / precious stone must be "natural". As a skymetal, adamant may or may not qualify, depending on the exact definition of "natural". Their probably It's okay, but your DM may disagree.

Linkworth deliberately does not pay its publishers?

The Linkworth payments do not reach the publishers and this seems like a deliberate attempt on their part to make a cut whenever possible.

Last month I found out that I had a lot of previous bills pending payment that were compensated after many tickets and a lot of follow-up.

Again this month, one of the bills is pending and nobody answers on the ticket either. 9 days have passed in the wait.

Linkworth seems to be in trouble and this is becoming a recurring problem that seems to be being deliberately done to reduce the expenses in the payment.