gmail – How to delete 100 thousand emails all at once?

I have this about 100 thousand emails in my Gmail, good thing it is under the “All Mail” label.

How can I delete all my emails at once?

The Gmail interface can only display 100 emails per page, what’s the workaround to delete all emails at once?

workflow2013 – Unable to delete 2013 Workflow

I am trying to delete a test workflow on SharePoint Designer but unable to. The cursor will spin for a minute or two, then the screen will refresh, but the workflow is still there. I was able to remove 2010 workflows, but 2013 will not delete. Also, when I go to the associated library in SharePoint, the workflow isn’t listed there anymore, but still listed in SharePoint Designer. Incase it helps, I do not have access to PowerShell

php – Delete post meta by serialized meta value

I have some post meta entries which I like to delete from the database. The delete_post_meta() function seems the way to go:

delete_post_meta( int $post_id, string $meta_key, mixed $meta_value = '' )

The problem: I have many entries with the same meta_key, so I’d like to specify the rows to be deleted by meta_value. But, the meta_value is serialized data. So how do I use delete_post_meta() to delete the post_meta by a specific value of the specialized data?

For example, the serialized data:


How do I delete by serialized ID value?

mysql – ¿como agregar “ON UPDATE ON DELETE” a una llave foránea en una tabla ya creada?

Espero que me puedan ayudar con este problema la verdad no se si tenga solución. Lo que quiero hacer es agregar las restricciones de “ON UPDATE” y “ON DELETE” a una llave foránea, pero el problema es que ya tengo creada la tabla con la llave foránea sin las restricciones que les mencione.

Esta es la estructura de la tabla:

empleado | CREATE TABLE `empleado` (
`id_empleado` int(11) NOT NULL,
`nombre_empleado` varchar(15) NOT NULL,
`segundo_nombre_empleado` varchar(15) DEFAULT NULL,
`sueldo` float NOT NULL,
`fecha_nacimiento` date NOT NULL,
`hora_entrada` time NOT NULL,
`hora_salida` time NOT NULL,
`fecha_ingreso` date NOT NULL,
`CURP_empleado` varchar(18) NOT NULL,
`id_genero_empleado_1` int(11) NOT NULL,
`id_codigo_postal_4` int(11) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`id_empleado`),
UNIQUE KEY `id_empleado` (`id_empleado`),
UNIQUE KEY `CURP_empleado` (`CURP_empleado`),
KEY `id_genero_empleado_1` (`id_genero_empleado_1`),
KEY `id_codigo_postal_4` (`id_codigo_postal_4`),
CONSTRAINT `empleado_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`id_genero_empleado_1`) REFERENCES `genero_empleado` (`id_genero_empleado`),
CONSTRAINT `empleado_ibfk_2` FOREIGN KEY (`id_codigo_postal_4`) REFERENCES `codigo_postal` (`id_codigo_postal`),

Aun no se han ingresado datos a las tablas y tengo varias creadas de esta manera.

How to Get All Server Side Traces in SqlServer from SSMS, stop it from SSMS and delete the log files

How to Get All Server Side Traces in SqlServer from SSMS(Active,Inactive), stop it from SSMS and delete the log files.
I need all traces saving into file as well as table.

I tried SELECT * FROM fn_trace_getinfo(DEFAULT). Some times few parameters are NULL. What does it mean ?

delete picture from the photo library using the command line?

After installing my wife’s new mac some pictures ended up in heic format. Which is not conveinient for her.
I converted the files using ImageMagick.
Somehow the files where not picked up by the photo application so I imported the converted files back in the library.

Now, I would like to delete the “old” heic files. Is it possible to delete them from the command line without corrupting the library ? Please tell me how ?


userscripts – Delete a user if he puts his email in a form and presses “delete button”

As an exercise, I am trying to create a form. This form will be connected to a database. I managed to get the user’s information from the form and to put them in my db. But let’s think a user wants to delete “its row”. How can I do it? My thought is: I can create another form and put only “email” field. email is also my db’s primary key. So, if the user puts his email in the “delete form”, he will cancel his record from my db. (I know, this is not really realistic, I just want to learn the basis to do it).

By far, this is my code to put the new user into the db:

async function myFetch(myUser) {
    let response = await fetch('http://localhost:3000/register/',  {
                    method: 'POST',
                    headers: {
                        'Content-Type': 'application/json',
                    body: JSON.stringify(myUser),
    if (!(response.status >= 200 && response.status < 300)) {
        throw Error(response.statusText);
    let data = await response.text();  // o response.json()
    document.getElementById("risultato").innerText = "Registered!"; = 'visible';

function registra(myUser) {
    .catch(err => {
        if (err.message == "Conflict") {
            document.getElementById("risultato").innerText = "Errore - already exists";
        else if (err.message == "Failed to fetch"){
        document.getElementById("risultato").innerText = "Errore - server";

Can you help me doing something similar to delete? I thought it could be something with method “DELETE” instead of “POST”, but it’s not working.

permission – When I try to delete some old folders on my mac desktop I get error. I have tried some method but failed. Error is shown in description

I have tried several methods in the past as well.

While reflecting on root of problem initially after purchasing mac I had password set which was forgotten within week so I had to used command R feature to reset password. After That everything is working fine but folders and files shown on below screen are not deleted.

enter image description here
Figure 1
enter image description here
Figure 2

When trying to make any changes such as moving, deleting, renaming to shown folder above request pops up for entering admin password. Even after I enter password following error is shown.

enter image description here
Figure 3

After researching some method to solve this issue I changed the disk permission from other to read and write as shown below in Figure 4 but still same issue mentioned above in picture Figure 1, 2, and 3 is repeated.

enter image description here
Figure 4

What further I can do to get rid of those files and folders highlighted on fig 1. I am annoyed as they are useless at the moment and I repeatedly have to encounter them.

c# – I draw the shapes and visualize them on Form (wiith PictureBox) and add them to List , but I can’t delete them from picture box with KeyEvent

I draw the shapes and visualize them on Form (wiith PictureBox) and add them to List<> , but I can’t delete them from picture box with KeyEvent
Tried to clear the List and picturebox but didn’t work
Any suggestions???

 public partial class Scene : Form
    public Bitmap bitmap;
    public Graphics draw;

    public List<Rectangles> drawRectangle = new List<Rectangles>();
    public Squares drawSquare;
    public Triangles drawTriangle;
    public Circles drawCircle;

    public List<Figure> Figures { get; set; }

    public Scene()
        Figures = new List<Figure>();
     public void ShowBox()
         bitmap = new Bitmap(pictureBox.Height, pictureBox.Width);
         draw = Graphics.FromImage(bitmap);
         pictureBox.Image = bitmap;
    private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        if (rectangleBox.Checked == true)
            var drawRectangle = new Rectangles(50 + int.Parse(side_a.Text), 50 + int.Parse(side_b.Text),
            50 + int.Parse(side_a.Text), 50 + int.Parse(side_b.Text));

        foreach(Figure figure in Figures)
    public void Scene_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
        if (e.KeyCode == Keys.Delete)
            pictureBox = null;

Deleting inbox email in gmail results in delete of reply

When I do a reply and hit send in gmail, I sometimes will subsequently hit delete to delete the present email. But I have found that gmail will then subsequently delete the reply email in the Sent folder.

Which has me wondering:

  • Did the reply get sent out?
  • Can this behaviour be modified? Like, can the sent message be retained in Sent.