partitioning – Cannot delete LVM (to install Ubuntu 20.04)

I would like to install Ubuntu 20.04 from scratch. I booted on a live USB, but the install failed as my previous lvm partition /dev/ubuntu-mate-vg could not be removed. Using gparted (after deactivating the partition), it fails on the command:

lvm pvremove --force --force --yes '/dev/sda3'
WARNING: PV /dev/sda3 in VG ubuntu-mate-vg is using an old PV header, modify the VG to update.
WARNING: PV /dev/sda3 is used by VG ubuntu-mate-vg.
WARNING: Wiping physical volume label from /dev/sda3 of volume group "ubuntu-mate-vg".
Error writing device /dev/sda3 at 512 length 512.
bcache_invalidate: block (5, 0) still dirty
Failed to remove label from /dev/sda3 at sector 1
Failed to wipe existing label(s) on /dev/sda3.

Following Remove lvm to install Ubuntu I tried to fill the drive with zeros with:

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda3 bs=8M

(which eventually failed with “out of space”).
I still get the issue above.
Any idea?
Thanks a lot!

Keep the foreign key constraint using soft delete

I have a product table and it is foreign key for product ingredients table.

Is there a way to check if it is fk referenced before making isdeleted = true without manually querying for it?

macbook pro – Shortcut keys to delete all text to end of line (or all text after cursor)?

macbook pro – Shortcut keys to delete all text to end of line (or all text after cursor)? – Ask Different

How can I delete a draft message when it is an attachment and not text?

I accidentally selected the wrong contact initially. I’m not seeing a way to delete the draft. There isn’t any text to delete.

I am using Message+ 6.7.12 on a Samsung Galaxy S8.

single sign on – With Microsoft 365 SSO. Delete user in third-party App when such user gets deleted in Active Directory

I have an application connected to Microsoft Active Directory using SSO. So basically users in the third-party App authenticate with Microsoft 365 using SSO however we would like to delete a user in the third-party app when such user gets deleted from our Active Directory.

Is this possible? Where could we find some documentation?

linux – How to delete swap file in ubuntu?

I am trying to delete the swap file by the following link:

However, when I type:

sudo rm /swapfile

I am getting the following error:

rm: cannot remove `swapfile': Operation not permitted

I have changed the permissions on the swap file to 777 and I believe I have root privileges, But still not able to delete it.

sharepoint online – Delete unique permissions of a File or Folder in a document library

I have a document library which has 3 folders in it and inside each folder there is a document (docx, xls, ppt).

My objective is to iterate every file inside my document library and check if It has unique permissions and If it does it should remove them.

For the folder part I already have this code working properly which fetches the root folder and prints if it has unique permissions.

$siteUrl = "https://****"
Connect-PnPOnline –Url $siteURL –Credentials **
$context = Get-PnPContext 
$ListName="List name"

$list = Get-PnPList $ListName
$folders = $list.RootFolder.Folders

foreach($folder in $folders)
  if($folder.ItemCount -gt 0)
    $f = Get-PnPFolder -Url $folder.ServerRelativeUrl -Includes ListItemAllFields.RoleAssignments, ListItemAllFields.HasUniqueRoleAssignments

    Write-Host $f.ServerRelativeUrl -> $f.ListItemAllFields.HasUniqueRoleAssignments

For the document / item part I’m struggling a bit because I cant seem to put this to work.
It always gives me that the item is not part of a list.


So my questions is:

How do I check if a item / document has unique permissions and how to remove them?

how can I delete raw transaction

How can I delete funded raw transaction? When I call another fundrawtransaction method, it just appends new info to already created hash.

auto set value of a specific column after 24 hours and to delete record after one week: Oracle SQL

Here is my table:

create table passwordResetLink(
link_id number(5) primary key,
link_date timestamp(0) default sysdate NOT NULL,
isExpired number(2)
email varchar2(110) UNIQUE NOT NULL,
linkUsed number(2)
  1. How can I auto update isExpired column? I mean when record is inserted its value should auto set to 0 and when 24 Hours passed the 0 should be updated as 1
  2. link_date is timestamp of inserted record. The record that has passed one week should auto be deleted from the table


powershell – Shell command to delete all files in specific range of folders

I’m working on an upgrade to an application and I need to delete all of the files in several folders so that the the files are regenerated when users login. The file path is Master#(where # is the workspace no. in the app)MRHomepage. The issue is, there are 136 MASTER folders, so I wanted to see if there’s a way to run a script to go into each of these folders and delete all of the files.

So to summarize it, I want to have this script go into each dbMaster#MRHomepage folder and delete all of the contents. I know how to do this for a single folder but not for each folder through the same script.

Remove-Item XdbMASTER1MRHomepage*.txt* -Include *.txt.ycache* -Confirm$false

Is there a way to wildcard the MASTER# in the url link? I don’t want to delete anything other than what’s in the Homepage folder.

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