batch – Bat file to exit an application delete files and folders from %temp% and Cisco jabber folders , flush dns cache

I need help with code for .bat file should do following operations:

  1. Exit Cisco Jabber application.

-Delete files and folders from following locations:
%userprofile%AppDataRoamingCiscoUnified CommunicationsJabber
%userprofile%AppDataLocalCiscoUnified CommunicationsJabber

  1. Reset IE

  2. Flush DNS cache.

Below is the sample code I found from this forum.


SET THEDIR0=C:UserslashleyAppDataLocalTemp

Echo Deleting all files from %THEDIR0% DEL "%THEDIR0%*" /F /Q /A

Echo Deleting all folders from %THEDIR0% FOR /F "eol=| delims=" %%I in ('dir "%THEDIR0%*" /AD /B 2^>nul') do rd /Q /S "%THEDIR0%%%I" @ECHO Folder deleted.

SET THEDIR1=C:UserssaikuDesktopNew folderNew folder

Echo Deleting all files from %THEDIR1% DEL "%THEDIR1%*" /F /Q /A

Echo Deleting all folders from %THEDIR1% FOR /F "eol=| delims=" %%I in ('dir "%THEDIR1%*" /AD /B 2^>nul') do rd /Q /S "%THEDIR1%%%I" @ECHO Folder deleted.

SET THEDIR2=C:UserssaikuDesktopNew folderNew folders

Echo Deleting all files from %THEDIR2% DEL "%THEDIR2%*" /F /Q /A

Echo Deleting all folders from %THEDIR2% FOR /F "eol=| delims=" %%I in ('dir "%THEDIR2%*" /AD /B 2^>nul') do rd /Q /S "%THEDIR2%%%I" @ECHO Folder deleted.


Is it ok to delete this file from WhatsApp?

I have 2 WhatsApp files in my system and one is massive and I’m trying to know if it is ok to delete it. The file in asking about is the 16GB one. enter image description here

I am using DiskUsage and my phone is a Huawei Honor View 10 with emui 9.0

Is it safe to delete the folder? It takes up 80gb on my 256gb hard drive

Is it safe to delete this folder? From what I’ve read, it just holds App Store cache. I’m running really low on disk space, and this folder is massive.

Unable to identify and delete SharePoint 2013 site users by using Sids through Powershell

I have set of Sids provided by client to delete the respective users from site permanently using share point 2013 power shell.

Firstly, I tried below script to get user by sid as below, but it does not provide user details for some Sids (These sids has to be deleted by me anyway from the site)

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
$UserSID = “S-1-5-21-3173304932-3636910964-1439844995-11231”
#Get the User by SID
Get-SPUser -Web $SiteURL -limit All | where {$_.Sid -eq $UserSID} | Select UserLogin, DisplayName

Kindly help me in achieving the same.


users – The admin/content page only shows the Delete button for nodes; missing edit and view

I have created a role in D8 with permissions to add/edit/delete any content type, even if its not their own. They also have the blanket “Administer Content” permission.

When they view a node, they see the tabs to Edit, Delete, Revisions, etc., and are able to act accordingly without issue.

However, when viewing the admin/content overview page, the only button available underneath the “Operations” column is the delete button. When they click the title of the node and go to view it, they can edit it from there without issue.

I’ve attached a screenshot with some info blocked out.

admin/content overview page with only delete buttons

networking – 20.04 network settings GUI bug? Cannot delete routes

I have this issue consistently on Ubuntu 20.04.1 with Gnome 3.36.3 and X11

Within the Settings app, Network section, individual connection settings (Cog icon), IPv4 tab – I can add IPv4 routes but if I try and delete a route by clicking the trash icon the modal network connection dialog immediately goes completely blank (white). The Apply button at the top is enabled so I click that but the route is not deleted. So I cannot delete any routes via the app.

I can’t see any errors in logs or dmesg when I click the trash icon.

I can work around the issue by manually editing the relevant file in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ but I just wondered if others have the same problem?

Can i delete a message from a blocked caller. Just a certain one not all of them?

Can you delete just certain messages you get from a blocked call?

entities – Delete poorly named taxonomy in Drupal 8

I’ve created a couple of taxonomies programmatically, and accidentally included some spaces in the machine names (bad data in an input csv). I cannot delete these taxonomies with Vocabulary::load($vid)->delete();, even though I can see the vocab names with dsm(taxonomy_vocabulary_get_names()); load($vid) returns NULL

Any ideas on how I can nuke these vocabs? I was able to delete all the terms in the Vocab, but the reference remains under structure/taxonomies

[WTS] Delete

Delete please.