equation resolution: delete one of the columns in the output of the Solve command

I would like to delete a variable in the output of the "Solve" command without changing the rest. For example, in the following code

p = 6;
A = Solve[{p == x + y + z + t && x > 0 && y >= x && z >= y && 
 t > 0}, {x, y, z, t}, Integers]

we have the exit

{x -> 1, y -> 1, z -> 1, t -> 3},{x -> 1, y -> 1, z -> 2, t -> 2},{x -> 1, y -> 1, z -> 3, t -> 1},{x -> 1, y -> 2, z -> 2, t -> 1}

and I need to remove, for example, the last column for "t" and have:

{x -> 1, y -> 1, z -> 1},{x -> 1, y -> 1, z -> 2},{x -> 1, y -> 1, z -> 3},{x -> 1, y -> 2, z -> 2}

Without changing the code in the input, I mean, I just want this change in the output section to keep the original output there.

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In which file on the Android system can I delete the Wi-Fi password field?

If I wanted to root my Android-based device (v4.0.4), what system file and how can I change to remove the field where we manually enter a password when we connect to the new Wi-Fi hotspot?

P.S. It is an additional and separate question to which Android system files should I change to connect only to specific Wi-Fi access points

Why don't mobile keyboards have a Delete button?

Here the argument is that the "Delete" button is not useful on mobile devices. Because we already have the x button.
I have many use cases where I would need the "Delete" button instead of the x button.

1] Let's say I have written some sentences in my application. Let's say I want to delete the last 2 sentences, out of a total of 5 sentences. Instead of going to the end of all the content, I would go to the place where I want to eliminate those sentences. that is, I would prefer to go to the end of the third statement and press "Delete" and delete the last 2 statements.

2] Let's say I have a great URL that I copied and pasted in the browser's URL bar. Now I just want that part of the URL that does not need the content after saying "/", in this case I would go to that slash and press the "Delete" button and delete the remaining part of the URL. I will not prefer to use the & # 39; x & # 39; icon to remove the last content from the large URL, because in that case you would need to verify if the last "/" that you wanted to keep as is, has arrived or not.

eg The current URL is Why don't mobile keyboards have a Delete button?

Now I just need the URL up to Questions. I know this is not a great URL, but think of it as a great URL. What would you prefer if you want a URL to https://ux.stackexchange.com/questions/?

What I would prefer is that I don't want content after the questions /, so I would go to the questions / and delete everything after that using the "Delete" button.

These are only 2 use cases, there are many, if you think about it.

usability: where should I put the Delete button?

I have a sidebar that shows all the links that users saved. Since it's just a sidebar, I want to keep it as simple / clean as possible. Therefore, I use the cross icon next to the link to remove it.

Option 1

pros: easy to know which link to delete

cons: remove unaligned buttons

Option 1

option 2

pros: easy to know which link to delete, align delete buttons

Cons: it seems strange to put the Delete button at the beginning

option 2

Option 3

Pros: The Delete buttons line up, they also line up with the contraction icon, which looks good.

Cons: the delete buttons are too far from the link and may cause incorrect deletion. (Adding a border around the row or separating each row with a different color can mitigate this problem, but the sidebar seems messy)

Option 3

In general, I prefer option 3, but how to ensure that users click on the correct removal icon?

gmail: delete all emails from & # 39; All emails & # 39; no tags when "has: nouserlabels" doesn't work

I have approximately 3000 emails in my Gmail that I want to purge.
All the important emails that I have put in folders with labels.

Of course, I don't want to delete these important emails, so delete all emails without Tags is my desired result.

Now … before labeling this question as a duplicate, I have seen similar messages here:
Question 1
Question 2

All of which suggests disabling the conversation view and using the search term has:nouserlabels. However, this returned around 50 emails that have since been deleted, but now no longer returns any search results.

I have folders with subfolders and subfolders, so I also tried to solve this through usign !in:parentFolderName but this did not work to not include subfolders …

Can anyone help?

sharepoint online – Hide / delete the shredding option in a library

We have a special library to which only a select few have access. Then we learned that those few selected can simply share a file with anyone. Not well.

I tried to create a custom permission level, but I didn't succeed creating one
that hid the option to share but kept the editing privileges.

So, I was thinking that maybe a JSON view format might work? Did anyone try to make the sharing not visible in the list view, list options and the command bar? The user has contribution rights, so they may only be able to create a new view and the share option will return.

Is a field customizer a better solution?

I hope someone can help me clarify my options!

Thank you

Google Cloud Platform: Will Cloud Spanner charge me if I don't delete the instance?

Working through a book called & # 39; Google Cloud Platform in Action & # 39;

I am in the chapter on Cloud Spanner.

There is a little in that which says
"Although Cloud Spanner is powerful, it can also be expensive. This means that if you activate an instance in this tutorial, don't forget to turn it off later or you may receive a larger bill than you expected!"

However, the author does not mention how to deactivate it.

My questions are:

  1. Will this charge me even if I follow the book?
    and working with small amounts of data?
  2. How do I turn it off? I've had a good search and I can't find any way to do it. In the end, I just deleted the instance just in case.

Thank you!

macos – Mail.app how to archive messages with the Delete key?

Recently I noticed that Mail.app in Mojave is sending discarded messages to the trash instead of archiving them. I have set the "Move discarded messages to file" preference, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. Is this a mistake? According to the user guide, this setting controls the behavior "when you swipe left in a message in the message list." That description is disconcerting since this is a Mac without a touch screen.

In the toolbar, I have two separate buttons for Delete and Archive. Both buttons work correctly, but I like to discard messages with the Delete (backspace) key.

I realized that setting the Trash Mailbox to None will cause all discarded messages to be archived. But this makes it impossible to discard a message. I want the removal key to be archived and I want the trash button to be trash.
enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here
enter the description of the image here

LibGDX FileHandle does not delete the file

You lack support there in the if statement

Gdx.files.local ("/ files / ids.json"). Exist ())

I wonder how that code was compiled in the first place

If you missed it while writing the post, make sure the file is not used anywhere else when you try to delete it.

That scenario exists when the delete () method returns false:

the delete The method looks like this:

public boolean delete () {
    if (type == FileType.Classpath) throw new GdxRuntimeException("Cannot delete a classpath file: " + file);
    if (type == FileType.Internal) throw new GdxRuntimeException("Cannot delete an internal file: " + file);
    return file().delete();

and the elimination of file.delete () It looks like this:

public boolean delete() {
    SecurityManager security = System.getSecurityManager();
    if (security != null) {
    if (isInvalid()) {
        return false;
    return fs.delete(this);

You can notice the It's not valid() Method that verifies if there is a NULL character in the route (basically verifies if the route is not valid):

 * Check if the file has an invalid path. Currently, the inspection of
 * a file path is very limited, and it only covers Nul character check.
 * Returning true means the path is definitely invalid/garbage. But
 * returning false does not guarantee that the path is valid.
 * @return true if the file path is invalid.
final boolean isInvalid() {
    if (status == null) {
        status = (this.path.indexOf('u0000') < 0) ? PathStatus.CHECKED
                                                   : PathStatus.INVALID;
    return status == PathStatus.INVALID;

I mention that because I have been in situations where I used strings that contained strange Unicode characters and even you couldn't see it normally, it was there and IntelliJ was the root cause (which came out much later). Make sure the path you specified is correct, try to invalidate the files, clean and rebuild the project.

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