blog – what is the address of default home page?

By default we can see list of last notes, categories etc… int first page. After I installed WooCommerce I changed my home page to shoping page from settings->reading->front page. So far so good.
No I want to add a link to my top navbar which points to the old home page url. But I don’t know what’s the url.

Bottom line:
I want to add a link to my blog.

I don’t want it to be the home page But I still need it !

Thanks In Advance,

Remove Default Block (Based on Post Format) Added When Creating a New Post

I’ve been trying to search for a solution but I can’t seem to find a clear reference or a guide on how to do this.

On my website, I have the Post Formats (Standard, Video, Gallery) enabled and I have Video as the Default Post Format set in Settings > Writing.

Now, when I create a new post, a Video Block is added by default to the post and whenever I change the default post format, a block that corresponds to the post format gets added automatically upon creation of a new post.

I understand that this could be helpful in some cases but I prefer not having these default blocks and if I have to choose, I would prefer having a Paragraph Block added by default.

I am not sure if there is a setting available for this or I might need a filter to override this setup. I was able to do some things like get rid of some default panels in the admin but for this one, I can’t seem to find any resources.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

tls – Is adding a default context to Python’s Urllib necessary security-wise? And is it enough?

I’ve been messing around with Python to automatize downloading webpages and images when needed, and for that I’m using urllib.request, usually authenticated to the sites with my login. As someone still very ignorant about internet security, I heard HTTP connections are not recommended due to the fact that the information you send to the website (including usernames and passwords) gets exposed to your ISP and possibly hackers.

Would using urllib.request only on addresses starting with https:// automatically secure me, at least from the problems related to HTTP described above?

Or do I need to set up some stuff on my side too? Searching about this question online I found out it is recommended to at least use ssl.create_default_context() as the context for urllib methods which I’m gonna do from now on. So basically:

  1. Should I be worried about the passwords I used without the ssl library’s context? Are they (and all the data I exchanged) exposed to my ISP? Or did connecting only to https URLs automatically protect me from this particular problem?
  2. If my passwords are indeed unsafe, will using the default context (after changing my passwords) help here? Or that’s not enough?

dnd 3.5e – Monk ACFs, substitutions, or variants that trade in the default AC bonus?

In an amusing (to me anyway) reversal of my previous question, I have a character who is taking a single level of monk for the purposes of bonus feats. This character has Wisdom 8 and wears (light) armor anyway, so the Wisdom to AC bonus is worthless.

So: is there any alternate class feature, variant class, or substitution level that trades Wisdom to AC for anything at all? To be clear, I’m not looking to replace Wisdom to AC (i.e. get something else to AC), I’m looking to replace the monk “AC bonus” class feature with anything at all (which could be but doesn’t have to be something-other-than-Wisdom to AC).

Literally anything (that’s gained at level 1) is more valuable than Wisdom to AC for this character, so there is a low bar, but in my research nothing touches it.

Note this character doesn’t have feats to burn on this, so stuff like the Ascetic Mage feat isn’t helpful. On the other hand, the armor is rather minor and can be discarded; right now I have armor because it’s better than my Wisdom in terms of AC bonus, but the character has extremely high Dexterity and so uses gnomish twist cloth (+1 AC, no max Dex armor from Races of Stone) which can easily be removed if a variant also requires you to be unarmored. Items are also possibilities, though I doubt any would help. Changing levels to a non-monk is not an option.

how to change default limit value in magento 2.3

hello everone in my case i want to change the default value for page limit in section >catalog >category >Products in Catgory to 100 for example , if anyone can help please i will be appreciated

enter image description here

kubernetes – Secret not fetched from current namespace, but from the default namespace

I have some deployments running in a custom namespace. They reference a secret azure-files to obtain the credentials to map a volume. This mapping is done like this:

- azureFile:
    secretName: azure-files
    shareName: myshare
  name: azure

When I apply the YAML, then the pods try to spin up, but fail. When I describe the pod I see the following error:

Type     Reason       Age                From               Message
----     ------       ----               ----               -------
Normal   Scheduled    26s                default-scheduler  Successfully assigned development-l56t08/develop-is4-58b4d966b4-948dw to aks-agentpool-41062645-vmss000002
Warning  FailedMount  10s (x6 over 26s)  kubelet            MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume "azure" : Couldn't get secret default/azure-files

For some reason Kubernetes attempts to fetch the secret from the default namespace instead of my own namespace. When I add the secret to the default namespace, everything works. Does anyone know how to solve this? I was under the impression that you couldn’t even reference secrets in other namespaces.

The secret does exist in my namespace and other secrets seem to work fine…

How to restrict the view selection on the default list page SharePoint Online?

I have a SharePoint Online intranet portal where everyone is having Read access. However I have few lists where certain records should be viewed by admins only.
Is there a way to restrict a view to certain Group on SP Online. or any other approach? Ido not want to create folders inside list and break role inheritance.

WooCommerce – Echo ID of Variable Product Default Attribute

I am trying to dynamically echo out the ID of the default attribute for variable WooCommerce products.

Using $default_variation = $product->get_default_attributes(); so far I am only able to echo out an array of attributes for each variable product.

Is there a WooCommerce method available, as opposed to get_default_attributes, that will simply echo out the ID of the one default attribute?

Alternatively is there a method I can use in my function, included below, to cycle through the array and echo out only the default attribute ID?

function add_new_add_to_cart_button() {
    global $product;
    if( $product->is_type( 'variable' ) ){
        $product_id = $product->get_id();
        $default_variation = $product->get_default_attributes();

        echo '<form class="cart">
        <input type="hidden" name="product_id" value="'.$product_id.'">
        <input type="hidden" name="variation_id" value="'.$default_variation.'">
        <input type="hidden" name="qty" value="1">
        <button class="button product_type_variable add_to_cart_button" style="float:none;" type="submit" name="add-to-cart" value="'.$product_id.'">Buy Now</button>
add_action( 'woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item', 'add_new_add_to_cart_button', 15 );

Will nodes configured with a larger-than-default mempool automatically retransmit transactions that have been dropped from the default mempool?

If a transaction is sent and droppped from the default mempool before it is included in a block, but nodes with a larger-than-default mempool size exist that still have the transaction, will those nodes retransmit that transaction eventually?

This is a matter of policy, so different Bitcoin implementations may have different behaviors. I’m most curious about Bitcoin Core, since it’s very common, but if other node implementations differ, I’m curious about them too.

If such transactions aren’t retransmitted, I’m also curious why not, since it seems like such behavior might be useful.

Default image showing up in panel for applications

enter image description here

My application has a check-for-updates option clicking on which a JFrame appears asking the user if they want to update the app or not.

When this frame appears the corresponding panel image for it is some default image given by Ubuntu. I want my app logo to appear here instead. What should I do to customize this image?