How to move default character to imported object in UE4?

I imported a building from Blender and when I press play on UE4 I can't move the default character to the building. Any way to fix this?

magento2 – How to change the default label of magento 2 revisions link

(very new in dev magento) I am trying to change the text of something in the sidebar of my simple products page (the details). Inside is a link that says X, but I want it to just say Write a Review.

I've changed the default text from "SKU" to "Product #" but can't figure out how to do the same with the license review link …

This is what I have in my extended design


                Product #

                Write a review.


I have tried using several different names for the argument as "a" "tag" and I cannot understand it. if anyone can help solve this and possibly explain WHY their solution works.

I've found the following code in the default magento-2 files, this is what I want to edit, but I want to do it by extending a design.

menu – Why is the Windows taskbar default at the bottom?

According to Microsoft's Raymond Chen, one of the reasons the taskbar ended at the bottom of the screen is due to third-party application programming errors. He explained the reason in this blog post on MSDN.

Before Windows 95, many Windows applications assumed that they could place their windows at coordinates (0,0), which is the upper left corner of the screen. (The correct way is for the application to first check with the operating system on what is the safe coordinate range to place the window.) So if the taskbar (which was introduced in Windows 95) was placed at the top of the screen, the windows that are placed in the coordinate (0,0) will have the whole title bar (and some of the content of windows) below the taskbar. Not only that, but because the title bar is hidden, it is difficult / impossible for the user to zoom out using only the mouse.

Therefore, the taskbar was placed at the bottom of the screen to allow these pre-Windows 95 applications to continue working.

postgresql: How to migrate tables with default values, constraints and sequences with AWS DMS for migration from postgres to postgres?

I recently did a migration from a postgresql RDS to Aurora postgresql. Tables were successfully migrated, but tables are missing their default values, constraints, and references. Nor did any sequence migrate.

Table in the source database:

                                        Table "public.addons_snack"
    Column     |           Type           | Collation | Nullable |                 Default
 id            | integer                  |           | not null | nextval('addons_snack_id_seq'::regclass)
 name          | character varying(100)   |           | not null |
 snack_type    | character varying(2)     |           | not null |
 price         | integer                  |           | not null |
 created       | timestamp with time zone |           | not null |
 modified      | timestamp with time zone |           | not null |
 date          | date                     |           |          |
    "addons_snack_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (id)
Check constraints:
    "addons_snack_price_check" CHECK (price >= 0)
Referenced by:
    TABLE "addons_snackreservation" CONSTRAINT "addons_snackreservation_snack_id_373507cf_fk_addons_snack_id" FOREIGN KEY (snack_id) REFERENCES addons_snack(id) DEFERRABLE INITIALLY DEFERRED

Tables in the target database

                         Table "public.addons_snack"
    Column     |            Type             | Collation | Nullable | Default
 id            | integer                     |           | not null |
 name          | character varying(100)      |           | not null |
 snack_type    | character varying(2)        |           | not null |
 price         | integer                     |           | not null |
 created       | timestamp(6) with time zone |           | not null |
 modified      | timestamp(6) with time zone |           | not null |
 date          | date                        |           |          |
    "addons_snack_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (id)

Did I do something wrong or DMS is not able to do it?

Restore the quick launch to its default values

Is there a way to restore quick launch to its default settings? The client removed headings and items and wants to restore them again.

multi-source inventory – msi relationship to default stock and supplier stock

Good morning and I hope everyone is safe,
I am confused since I have the msi in my 2.3.3 magento. I had the impression that the object was to be able to use multiple warehouses for when the stock ran out, on the other hand, if the default value is 0, the product cannot be purchased. I think I have the stock configured correctly, I include an image of how I configured it.
Could you please give me an address where I should go?
enter the image description here

magento2.3 – Magento 2.3 and pwa studio: How can I access another store to update data or get data other than the default store?

The store is made up of different websites with multiple stores and multiple store views.

I'm developing a functionality to get the view of the particular store depending on the customer's location and get their product catalog with prices.

But when I am going to get the current store info, I am always in the default store using GraphQL query,

  • How could I get the information from any other store or set values ​​in a different store?

  • Is there a GraphQl query or can I make a request to the Rest API to change the store to get the products of a store using the store id or store code?

How do I set a custom layout as the default layout when I use "Ctrl + M" to create new blank slides?

In Google Slides, by default, when you click Ctrl + METER, the new slide is created from the blue template.

I have added a new custom template in the Slide>Edit master section. How do I make the newly created template the default for my next slide created from Ctrl + METER?

Thank you


java – DateTimeFormatterBuilder with default zone id?

I have a requirement that if the ISO date and time does not specify the zone offset, it should assume the current Europe / Bratislava offset.

Basically "2020-03-26T22:47:32.497" -> "2020-03-26T22:47:32.497+01:00"

Tldr; parse the time zone ID if there is one, but predetermined to a specific one if none is present

What i have now

private val isoDateTimeParser = DateTimeFormatterBuilder()

Obviously it doesn't work. It's possible? Should I have 2 formatters (one with tz, one without) and try one after the other?

video – How can I change the default webcam to a different device?

Issue: I have been playing with OBS, obs-v4l2sink and v4l2loopback, and I can get it to send video to / dev / video0. However, most programs do not have an option to use it. Even cheese --device=/dev/video0 it gives an error saying "Device & # 39; / dev / video1 & # 39; is busy". I don't want them to use / dev / video1. I want them to use / dev / video0.

Proof that OBS + v42loopack is working: When I open VLC and use "Open Capture Device", with the name of the video device "/ dev / video0", I can see myself with OBS picture-in-picture settings.

Question: Is there any settings I can make to make / dev / video0 the default? I use Kubuntu, but if there is a solution that only works in gnome, I will try it.


$ uname -vrm
5.3.0-42-generic #34-Ubuntu SMP Fri Feb 28 05:49:40 UTC 2020 x86_64