Set product default shipping restrictions

I need all countries to be restricted from shipping. If I select a country in the restricted shipping section I need that country to be able to ship. Currently Magneto does the opposite.

Does anyone know what I would override to reverse the logic?

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18.04 – Output device is not listed in the settings, it is set by default to “line out”

I’m new to Ubuntu and the sound issue is giving me headaches. I’m using headphones however when I check the sound settings nothing is listed


I found a solution to this a week ago by installing pulse audio volume control and I selected headphones in output devices. However, when I do that, the sound is distorted and it cuts out the whole time. The sound is similar to that of a worn-out record.

I tried restarting the computer but then it defaults to line out again!

By the way I use windows in the same computer and it works fine so I don’t think it’s a hardware issue.

oh and this hasn’t been always like that, I used to have no problems with audio (maybe some update ruined it?)

I already tried

sudo apt-get remove –purge pulseaudio

sudo apt-get remove –purge alsa-base

and reinstalled. I also tried

sudo alsa force-reload

I’m using ubuntu 18.04

Why use ufw if the ports are closed by default

My question is why use a firewall like ufw if most of the ports are closed by default and the open ones are mean to be accessed.

translate – how to change the default language manually

Hello i am using Magento 2 i want to change the language manually , in the admin panel the change work fine , but i want to make this change manually in the database or in the config.php file or by code , because i want to send the change to different deployment instances .

Is there any suggestion please ?

i found this link, but they are change the ‘Locale Options’ by admin panel

I have problems with the handling of polylang plugin on the website. I don’t update all the posts to the default language that I want

We are working on a very heavy website. Contains more or less 170k posts with multimedia files and podcast. Now we install the polylang plugin because we want to make it multi-language from English-Spanish. When installed, the plugin did not update all posts in the default language and we are doing it manually for each post. We checked the polylang documentation to see if we could make a request for the backend to update all posts to the default language but there is no documentation regarding that. I would like to know if there is a method where that could be done? Maybe directly through the database?

Attentive to your help.

magento2 – How to set default configuration values for each store view

I have a configuration field which I am using to store email template value. I am assigning default email template id using config.xml file. This works perfectly fine for defaut store view.

Now, I have an arabic store view which has rtl email templates. I have created separate email template for rtl layout with specific id. I want to assign rtl email template to my rtl store view using config.xml file. Is there any way to achieve it? How can I set default email template for a specific store view?

Default Sender for Exim Smarthost Multiple domains and credentials Mailgun

The post below pretty much has the answer I need. But I need to modify the answer by @supamic so that if the domain isn’t found in the exim_smarthosts file that it uses a default set of credentials.

Exim Smarthost Multiple domains and credentials Mailgun

Anyone know how to do such?

ubuntu – Postfix not starting. How to resort to default settings?

I just changed this “Use TLS for SMTP connections” and I turned inet_protocols = all to inet_protocols = ipv4 and then back to what it was.

Reloaded the configuration a couple of times.

Now, it won’t start.

Please help. I am a layman just trying to set up my own email server.


Magento 2.3.5 – Currency Dropdown Not showing in default Luma Theme

I have installed Magento 2.3.5 version. I have set all required settings for multi store currency.

We have one main website and 4 store views.

Store View and Currency Setup

Main Website

  • Main Store
    • Store View 1 – UK – Pound
    • Store View 2 – French – Euro
    • Store View 3 – Italy – Euro
    • Store View 4 – German – Euro
  • we have set Base currency as Euro and Store view display currency based on language.
  • Default display currency is Pound because UK is the default store view.

Currency Rates and Currency Symbol

  • Currency Symbol automatically added after setting currency setup
  • Currency Rates are imported manually.

Expected Result:

Currency dropdown and language dropdown at store front end header

Actual Result:

Language Dropdwon only shown. If i print Currency Count in Block file i get zero results.

Block file: Vendormodule-directoryBlockCurrency.php

Function: getCurrencyCount()

Please anyone check this and let me know if anything i have missed or if this magento version have this problem.

dnd 5e – Are your default racial traits suppressed when choosing the Doppelganger Character Secret?

The newest book, “Icewind Dale : Rime of the Frostmaiden”, contains a Character Secrets section, one of which is “Doppelganger” :

I’m a shapechanger. I have none of the traits of the race I’m imitating, but I retain my class features, background, and alignment. I have darkvision out to a range of 60 feet. I can use an action to do either of the following at will:

I can innately cast detect thoughts, requiring no components. My spellcasting ability is Intelligence. The spell’s Wisdom save DC is 8 + my proficiency bonus + my Intelligence modifier.
I can polymorph into any humanoid I have seen or back into my true form. My statistics, other than my size, don’t change. Any equipment I’m wearing or carrying isn’t transformed. I revert to my true form when I die.

Does this mean that your default race’s traits are nullified when selecting this Character Secret ? Example – a Variant Human Doppelganger wouldn’t have the +1 bonus to two ability scores, the extra skill & extra feat, with that interpretation.