Hunting for a ded. server. Bare with me, I'm new!

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How big are these sites in terms of resource use and traffic? If they are small, just get a VPS and save your money. Are you going to want cPanel too?

Hi, Juan, thanks for the reply.

3 of the sites get significant traffic. Two of them are used to what I know, but maybe not these days. These sites have a different scope and are owned by different companies.

Then there are the sites that I manage directly, which are small and are good with shared hosting, but are willing to move to a ded. Box if I keep working with them. and then there is possibly another site that will have its own site administrator that does a fairly decent traffic.

I'm reading a bit about VPS, but I do not know if that will be enough considering.

As I said (maybe I forgot to say it), some of these sites have their own administrator. they fall under me when I inherited them (yes, long story) but, I think in the current picture, they all have separate CPanels.

I'm not aware of the server's jargon, so I apologize in advance if I do not understand what you're saying. Sometimes, the smaller the words, the better.