decentralization: looking for reports on pool resistance mining

I have seen several cryptocurrencies that list the characteristic of the decentralization of mining through ASIC resistance Y resistance to the pool. However, I have not yet found any report that explains how resistance to the pool the characteristic is implemented and what are the proofs that said characteristic really fulfills its stated purpose. I want to learn more about ASIC resistance Y resistance to the pool by reading some white papers in depth.

The third stage of the PPIO block chain: decentralization?

At this stage, the blockchain still maintains a main chain and multiple contract chains. All the nodes are decentralized and anyone can join the network to deploy them. Learn how our decentralization phase works>, then talk to us>

decentralization – Eliminating the "hub-and-radios" property of Lightning Network?

Lightning Network is based on this idea: "Almost zero rate transactions with hub and radio micropayments (Link to article) proposed by Peter Todd.

This article entitled: "Mathematical proof that the Lightning network can not be a decentralized bitcoin scaling solution": (Link to article) states that Lightning Network works using centralized hubs.

And the same author in another article titled: "Clarifying my objections to the Lightning network" affirms that Centralized centers lead to economic censorship. (Link to the article).

There is a new proposed approach entitled: "Ant routing algorithm for the Lightning network" suggests a decentralized routing mechanism based on Algorithms of optimization of the colony of ants (ACO).

Can this new approach to ant routing be an efficient solution to improve the decentralization of Lightning Network? (Since it is not a model of hub and radio and eliminates all privileged nodes in the network). (Link of the Ant routing article)

keep in mind that in this question, we do not intend to focus on whether the model of concentrator and radio leads to the centralization of Lightning Network, but also intend to focus on its new alternative based on Ant routing that eliminates the use of privileged nodes to know If this new approach can improve the decentralization of Lightning Network And if this new approach is practicable.

Why is the decentralization of AI vital to the future of humanity?

We are confident that the decentralization of AI is vital to the future of humanity and Dr. Maxim Orlovsky described why in the article:

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decentralization – Is the routing approach of the Bitcoin lighting network "decentralized" and "without confidence"?

From the Bitcoin ray network:

It is possible to find a route through the network similar to routing
Packages on the internet.

Is the Bitcoin Lighning Network routing approach done in a decentralized Y "Without hope" way?

In addition, the fact that there is no Bitcoin network routing table no matter ?