usa – How to pay US F-1 Visa through credit or debit card?

I am an international student from India enrolled in a US university. I have completed my Visa application and just have to pay the fees. However there is no option for credit or debit card payment. The payment options available are National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), Mobile IMPS Payment and over the counter payment. I saw that credit/debit card payment option is available on the US Embassy sites of some other countries such as New Zealand and Norway but not India. Is it not available for India? If so, any reason why?

Japan – Can I buy Keisei train tickets with an international debit card?

If you have an Apple iPhone 8 or X and / or an Apple Watch 3 or 4, you can either get the Suica mobile app on your phone, or look at it and load it in cash from your debit card using the Suica app.

Then you can use your iPhone or Apple Watch as your transit pass for local lines like Keisei (not Skyliner), subway, and JR lines. The Suica app is one of the few ways to top up cash on a Suica card using a credit card. Suica and Apple do not charge a fee to do so, but you should verify if your bank will charge you a fee for a foreign transaction. This is a very useful way to navigate Tokyo (or almost all of Japan, since almost all trains and subways in Japan are compatible with Suica).

There are also two Google / Android Suica apps, although I'm not that familiar with them, but it looks like they are similar to the Apple iOS version. Unfortunately, JR doesn't have any information in English, but there are other websites that describe how to use them.

❓ QUESTION – How to buy Bitcoin with a debit card |

Exchanges now accept people to buy Bitcoins using their bank debit card. One reason this is possible now is that exchanges are using an anti-fraud system to accept payment. Unfortunately this will incur higher transaction fees for you. If you want to buy some Bitcoins with your debit card, visit some of these exchanges below:

See attachment no. 26343

This is a great exchange with a very good reputation. The exchange has a fast response time for every transaction that goes through them. The exchange is only open to people living in the United States. Also, you can buy a wide variety of cryptocurrencies through this exchange.

The exchange has a good reputation, but they also impose a high purchase limit. You will have a limit to the amount of Bitcoins you can buy at once. One way to avoid some of the high purchase fees is to deposit your funds into your account using your debit card. Then use your company's trading platform to buy your Bitcoins. You will save quite a bit of money this way.

The exchange has low transaction fees, offers you multiple ways to pay for your purchase, and has an easy-to-use interface. This exchange is only open to people living in Europe. You must be an EU resident to use this exchange.

The exchange is known as a reputable Bitcoin broker. This exchange allows you to buy Bitcoins using your debit card. There are no fees when you buy with a debit card, however there are fees if you use your credit card.

This is one of the oldest exchanges that gives you multiple payment options. However, this exchange is known to be unfriendly, takes a long time to verify your transactions, and is limited to the US. USA And the EU. The exchange offers a brokerage service when you buy Bitcoins with your debit card.

The exchange is open worldwide and they do not have a verification process. This exchange will not sell you Bitcoins directly. However, they will sell you Second Life Linders (SLL), which you will use to buy your Bitcoins.

How can I produce my own debit card?

with 8k how many cards do i get?
How do I register my members?

I have a lot to ask, but I don't know how or what is the right question (because I'm still fuzzy about this type of business model)

I do a lot of research on this and hang out with several companies that offer white label services and payment systems.

one of them can look at .. offers exactly what I want, and it really fits what I need … they have a website for the cardholder (to make internal funds transfers to the other cardholder), they offer mastercard and the ability of making massive payments to your cardholder (let's say you are doing a commission program and need to transfer to your members, it is much easier with this function), and if you have your own company and want to pay your worker, the payment en masse through the card is the new type of payment (instead of check or others that cost a lot of money), but the price of the card fees (for the user) is too high … it is so little logical …
And if you want to have your own design for your card, you must partner with them (I don't know how much it costs) … so I will keep Payoneer as the last option …

ok i'm going to give you a situation

this is me, last week I went to my local bank to replace my debit card with the new design (it looks great on TV:RE… because I already have a checking account in that bank, they gave me the card for 1.5 $ (deducted from my checking account or cash payment, I can choose) … so, I'm in the card department room, and the Lady pulls out her drawer to grab a card (the new designer debit card I saw on TV), but when she pulls on the drawer, I noticed that the drawer is full of the new debit card (I think hundreds or a thousand), the card looks the same (design, etc.) but the difference is the number on the card … and after registering my information on the new card, she takes my old debit card and cuts it in half and throws it away … 5 minutes after completing my new card replacement, I can start using the new card, but the new card's pin was set by default (123456), she set the pin using some kind of card reader, and I went to the ATM and changed my ATM PIN , and I can withdraw money as usual.

so my question is, what does the card number mean? Who is producing the number on the card (mastercard / visa or my bank)?
if i order say 200 cards for my new members (for post registration or future members registration), what do i need to have, where do i register my members information? How do I know they can start using the card? Do I need to open a checking account for each member I have? if not, are my members accessing my own checking account?
How do I pay / transfer funds to my members?
And how can I set my own card fees? Based on what?

everyone, thanks for reading this, and I hope if you know about this (I don't know what is the correct name that people call this type of business), just post here what you know about the debit card mastercard or debit visacard. And if you know something about MO card fraud, you can also contribute your information in this thread … thanks … :)

sql server: calculate current balance of debit credit using union all

I am making an account statement for which I need that account balance before today and with each row of transactions debit or credit plus and minus the opening opening balance based on the debit / credit amount rules …
for this I am using this approach

SELECT '1'AS VoucherNo,''AS DocumentDate,'Opening' AS Description,isnull(SUM(JournalDetials.Debit),0)AS Debit,
    isnull(SUM(JournalDetials.Credit),0)AS Credit,(isnull(SUM(JournalDetials.Debit),0)-isnull(SUM(JournalDetials.Credit),0))(Balance),
    ''as JournalTransationStatus
    FROM JournalDetials INNER JOIN JournalMains ON JournalDetials.JournalMainId = JournalMains.Id
    INNER JOIN GLMainAccount ON JournalDetials.GLMainAccountId=GLMainAccount.Id

    union all

    select(JournalMains.VoucherNumberPrefix+JournalMains.VoucherNumber)AS VoucherNo,JournalDetials.Date as DocumentDate,
    from JournalDetials inner join JournalMains on JournalDetials.JournalMainId = JournalMains.Id
    INNER JOIN GLMainAccount ON JournalDetials.GLMainAccountId = GLMainAccount.Id
where(JournalDetials.AccountId='001653' and JournalDetials.Date BETWEEN '03/31/2019' AND '04/09/2020')

enter the image description here

I was trying to apply this solution but I couldn't execute this in SQL 2008 due to this. So how do you calculate total accrued balance along with each debit credit value in SQL 2008?

visas – Hotels.Com Reserve with debit card

I booked an apartment in Benidorm from Monday 25 to June 3 of this year and I booked this with a debit card, but since the reservation I had to get a replacement card and I was wondering if I try to cancel the reservation I have, how can I return the money to my new debit card?

US Opera users can purchase Crypto with Apple Pay or debit card

Opera says that users can now buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with Apple Pay or a debit card.

europe – Charges when using a Euro Country debit card in Budapest

For a business trip, I would like to know about using a debit card from a country with Euro currency (Greece) in Budapest (Forint currency). I will have to provide receipts to the purchasing company to recover the money.

I wonder if there will be additional charges for using my Greek debit card (conversion, etc.) on receipts or not.

To buy something that costs 100 forints, what happens when I pay with my own country's debit card? Will the additional conversion charges appear on the receipt or only the initial price of the item?

Money – Is it possible to travel to Sweden WITHOUT a credit or debit card?

I heard that in Sweden (Stockholm, Gothenburg), you can only pay for public transport by credit / debit card, or some bad application.

As an enemy of electronic payments, is it possible to travel around the country (by public transport) as a tourist (including Stockholm, Gothenburg) WITHOUT a credit and debit card (and not an application)

I mean, the Swedish krona is a means of payment recognized by the state, so if I come with cash, in theory they are legally obliged to accept it and they really can't refuse to sell me a ticket, or can they?