United States – Why do transit systems in the United States rarely accept direct payments by credit / debit card?

In my experience in the United States, it is extremely rare to find transit systems (especially buses) that accept credit card payments. For example, you cannot simply board a bus with a credit card and pay your fare. Instead (unless you pay in cash), you usually have to load some type of fare card or application with money, or pay your fare at a ticket vending machine at a main station. Why do transit vehicles generally not accept payments by credit / debit card on board?

Here are some ideas and possible rebuttals. Feel free to choose my refutations separately:

  • There would be no demand for this service. This seems unlikely because credit / debit card payments would open traffic to many more people: occasional passengers. At this time, it is often quite complicated to obtain a transit card (you must find the appropriate pharmacy or complete an online form and wait for it to arrive by mail). In addition, many people rarely or never carry cash. This means that riding the bus can be complicated! If I'm in a new place, I don't want to have to jump through the obstacles to find a specific bank or pharmacy, so I usually only take shared transport services, although I prefer not to! Apparently, opening credit / debit card payments would help solve this problem. In addition, in the USA. UU. Rich people tend not to ride the bus, and I'm willing to bet that at least a small part of that is because rich people don't want / don't want to carry cash or deal with a fare card. Flexibility is freedom in transit, and being able to pay by card would mean more freedom and, therefore, possibly a greater number of passengers and a virtuous cycle for transit companies.
  • The merchant's fees are too expensive. Credit card companies charge commercial fees for each transaction, and I understand that the rates are higher as a proportion of the charge for smaller transactions. In fact, this seems to have a huge negative impact on the economic viability of offering card payments on buses. That said, I do not buy this argument: first, the United Kingdom (and possibly others, please inform me) offer this service. I left Glasgow airport and headed straight for the bus, paid with Apple Pay, and was on my way. Very easy! If it's viable for them, why wouldn't it be viable here? In addition, other small transactions (think of vending machines) accept card payments. Also, if it really is a problem with commercial fees, would credit card companies not be eager to work with major transit agencies to reach an agreement? That would be a lot of transactions, even if they didn't earn so much money in each.
  • Providing this service on a moving bus is technically a challenge. That can't be: all major US airlines. UU. They offer credit card payments during the flight! Setting up the bus system cannot be more difficult than that …
  • Credit / debit card payments are too slow. While it is true that chip reader transactions in the United States are still Annoyingly slow, I doubt this is the reason why the magnetic strips were faster, and we had no credit card readers on the buses when the magnetic strips reigned supremely.

Accept debit / credit card


Since there are many scammers who like to make PayPal chargebacks, this can lose many businesses since PayPal tends not to protect sellers with virtual goods and services. I am not a registered company, but I would like to accept debit card payments. Is there a good payment gateway that works with WHMCS that makes it easy for me? No need for legal business documents, etc.

Can I book a hotel with a prepaid debit card on Booking.com?

The most important thing to keep in mind is this at https://www.booking.com/content/how_we_work.en-gb.html:

Booking.com does not charge the guest any reservation or cancellation fees or any other fees related to their reservation, and Booking.com makes no payment. Payment is charged directly by the provider.

However, when it comes to most sites, there is no distinction between the two types of debit cards: the payment should be the same as if it were a normal debit card. You will only have to try it to see if the owner you want to deal with accepts it.

The best debit card to travel from the UK? [on hold]

What is the best debit card if I travel from the UK? I heard about Monzo and Starling but I'm not sure which one is the best. Which one is accepted in more places?

Money – How to get a large amount of cash abroad if a debit card stops working?

I live in France and recently traveled to Ireland. During the trip, my debit card stopped working. I discovered the problem when I arrived at a hotel and wanted to register. The card was rejected and the person at the reception invited me to go to an ATM to bring some cash, since the hotel only accepts payments by card or cash, and will not accept a bank transfer. But when I tried to get the necessary amount of cash, the ATM rejected the card without even asking for the PIN code. Some other ATMs behaved the same, and the card would not work in a supermarket either.

I called my bank, but they confirmed that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my bank account and that nothing is blocked, so the problem was really on my debit card. The only option they suggested is to try a different ATM. It should be noted that this bank has no subsidiaries in Ireland.

With luck, I didn't travel alone, so I could deal more or less with the difficulty of not being able to get my own money. However, this made me think about what might have happened if I was alone or if the person I was traveling with did not agree to lend me a significant amount of money to pay for the hotel (as well as food and other expenses).

So, suppose, as a French citizen, I am alone in Ireland or the United Kingdom, I have no more than twenty euros in cash and my debit card stops working (or I lose it or steal it) while I need about six hundred euros to pay at the hotel right now. What exactly are my options, in a context in which I still have a smartphone with Internet access and can I pay online and use PayPal? Is there any way to send some cash or retrieve it without a debit card?

air travel: someone else is booking an international ticket for me with their credit or debit card. Do they need to be physically present at check-in?

First, it doesn't matter where you fly from. What really matters is what airline do you fly with, then the short answer is: it depends.

Some airlines, in an attempt to combat fraud, may ask you to show the card and, if you do not, MAY refuse to board it.

Once I flew Royal Jordanian from Milano Malpensa to Amman and they asked me to show the credit card. As I paid for that flight with my father's credit card, I didn't have it with me. They refused to board me and I had to call home and have my father fax a self-signed signed by him along with a copy of the credit card used to book the flight.

Again I was leaving Amsterdam to Atlanta flying Delta and they asked me the same thing. That time I had my credit card with me and I passed control without problems.

Always read the conditions very carefully. It is always indicated somewhere if they can ask you to show the card or not. If you are not sure, write an email or call them.

Here are some examples:

Singapore airlines (click on "What happens if I do not meet the credit card verification requirements?")

If the reservation does not bring his card used for the reservation at check-in for verification, then the passengers of the reservation will not be able to register and will be asked to buy a new ticket using a new credit / debit card. However, the ticket price will remain the same. The refund will be processed manually by the previously purchased ticket.


On the Enter billing information page where credit card details are entered, if you can enter the "Cardholder Name", you can pay the reservation even if you do not travel. If the "Cardholder Name" appears in a drop-down menu and cannot be changed, unfortunately you cannot pay the reservation unless you travel.

In some countries, for security reasons, the credit card holder
used to book a ticket or group of tickets must be one of the
travelers on that itinerary, and they will be asked to show the
Credit card at the airport check-in counter before receiving
boarding passes

Skywards members can make a redemption reservation for friends and family,
and pay applicable taxes online with your own credit cards,
If the country of departure offers payment by credit card.

Business Rewards administrators can also pay for their organizations
member reservations with credit card, if the country of departure offers
I pay with credit card.

Delta (click on the credit card link)

To protect against credit / debit card fraud, the buyer may have to show us the credit / debit card along with a valid photo ID. The time varies depending on the billing address of the credit / debit card or the country of travel. If the buyer does not travel, he can show us his credit / debit card and his identification at an airport ticket counter or another ticket office, whichever is more convenient.

French Air

Due to the increase in credit card fraud problems, Air France does not accept third party payments (the credit card holder is not the passenger or part of the group that travels together). Exception: We allow payments for family members with the same last name. Make sure that the family member you are booking for brings the personal identifier you specified during the reservation to register at the airport or at Customs and Immigration if necessary (this only applies to electronic tickets).

British Airways

If you have booked directly with British Airways, either through ba.com or a British Airways telephone sales office, and paid with your debit / credit card, you must present that debit / credit card at check-in . This is to help the registration process and to provide debit / credit card verification.

Thai airline

Yes, the check-in desk staff should verify the number and name of the card on the credit card for reference only.
If you are buying tickets for family members or others with your credit card or Visa / MasterCard debit card, and do not travel yourself, follow the specified Regulations (http://www.thaiairways.com/en_PK/Terms_condition/consent_form_regulations.page )

traceability: buy bitcoins with debit cards that are not mine

I have a couple of friends who want to buy bitcoins, I would buy bitcoins for everyone, that's why I have all your card and personal information. I wanted to use a single wallet (mine) and then transfer the funds to every favorite wallet of my friends
Can I be tracked personally?

First, the service recommendations are off topic on this site, for more information, see the help center.

Next, I see many red flags here:

You have some friends who want you to buy them BTC, but WHY Would they give you all your debit card and personal information to do this? Normally, if I wanted my friend to buy me something, I would simply give them the cash or transfer it electronically, or whatever. I would NEVER give anyone full access to my bank information, so they can buy Bitcoin (or whatever) with it. I find this circumstance extremely suspicious.

This, combined with the worry of being tracked, really makes it look like you have some stolen cards with which you are trying to buy BTC.

I suspect that any legitimate exchange with which you intend to interact will reach a similar conclusion, anti-fraud controls generally imply a cross-reference between the account holder and the names and addresses of the cardholder at least. Trying to use a lot of cards that are not yours to make the purchase will probably trigger many fraud warnings on any system.

If you are actually acting legitimately, then it shouldn't be a problem for your friends to transfer money to you, you can make the purchase in an account in your name and then distribute the coins to your friends as appropriate. If you are concerned that your friends use Bitcoin in some illegal way that can be traced to you, then it may be worth reconsidering your offer to buy the coins in the first place. For more information about the privacy and fungibility of Bitcoin, this article is quite complete.

Who do you use for credit / debit card processing? (UNITED KINGDOM)

We have been with WorldPay since our inception and, although we have no real complaints about them, it is simply not very easy to use for the end user (for example, our client) and it is actually the same interface as when we originally registered. It seems that it simply has not moved at all …
It is a bit outdated and complicated to update the card details and there is still very limited information that you can get from the API regarding fees, etc. Against the charges. We also take PayPal: customers expect that and it is fantastic for them from a usability point of view (however, the rates are quite high!) And using this with WHMC is really easy to see the rates you have paid for each transaction and makes accountants' lives much easier.

Who are you using and would you recommend them? Stripe seems to be the only real alternative, but their rates are still a bit high and it is quite difficult to talk to someone. It seems that I sent them an email and a week later I am talking to someone else, so it is very difficult to reach an agreement.
I understand that they are trying to make a flat rate model, but for our client I prefer to have charges related to the type of card used (for example, flat rate for a UK debit card). Anyone else should consider?

Fraud – What happens most frequently: debit card theft or debit card information?

"Stealing debit card information" means obtaining all information about it electronically, e.g. piracy, but not only because the card information could be sold. I am particularly interested in cases where some organizations' things (online markets, even banks) sell it.

Japan: what type of debit or credit cards issued in the US? UU. Do they work to withdraw cash at ATMs located at Hakodate airport?

What type of debit or credit cards issued in the US? UU. Do they work to withdraw cash (yen) at ATMs located at Hakodate Airport (HKD)?

I tried a Bank of America debit card and 4 Bank of America and Amazon Prime credit cards, neither of them worked with the two English-speaking ATMs I could find at Hakodate airport in the national terminal. I am only interested in credit and debit cards issued in the United States.

The first ATM was AEON. The second ATM gave this receipt (from which you can read the name of the ATM if you cannot read Japanese): https://ibb.co/cxNf7sN (To load once you are on a computer like the SE phone application currently has trouble uploading images)

There is an ATM (https://smartexchange.jp/all/) at the international airport terminal. You can exchange the most common yen currencies, but the exchange rate is bad, e.g. approximately 7% on the market rate to change USD to yen.