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    internet – How big threat if I’ll use Windows 7 these days, but visit only trusted sites?

    Stack Exchange Network

    Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

    Visit Stack Exchange

    covid 19 – Can I leave Germany before the end of my 10 days of quarantine?

    I need to travel from my home in Switzerland to my partner’s home in Germany.
    I only have a few days to spend there and according to the current regulations I would have to spend 10 days in quarantine.

    My question is, am I allowed to travel directly to my partner’s home, spend a few days there without leaving the house, and then go straight back?

    Thank you.

    visas – How many days it takes to receive a passport by an express courier return?

    I have applied for a UK visa in Paris and I am wondering whether I should choose the express courier return service or not. I have already been troubled a lot by Covid-19 and I want to receive the passport as soon as possible after the decision has been made. However, I am afraid the TLSContact courier service will take too long, or perhaps it may not be something to trust very well. For those who know, how many days it usually takes for such a service to deliver a passport?

    performance – MySQL event scheduler waiting on empty queue since server restarted 12 days ago

    I noticed a process on the server which has been running for more than 12 days, which I think coincides with the last time MySQL was restarted.

    | Id      | User            | Host      | db   | Command | Time    | State                  | Info                  |
    |       5 | event_scheduler | localhost | NULL | Daemon  | 1098372 | Waiting on empty queue | NULL                  |
    | 1774483 | root            | localhost | NULL | Query   |       0 | starting               | SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST |
    2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

    There are no events, and I haven’t attempted to created any.

    mysql> SELECT * FROM information_schema.EVENTS;
    Empty set (0.00 sec)

    This is actively using up to 8% of my server’s CPU.

    Is there a way of determining what this is, or why it was started? Will this try to run every time I restart MySQL? If so, what is it ‘waiting’ for and do I need to tweak my configuration at all to prevent this?

    MySQL 8.0.21

    sharepoint online – Number of views inside the Site Usage’s “Popular content in the last 7 days”, does it show the number in the last 7 days ONLY

    When I access the Site Setting >> Site Usage page, i got these results inside the “Popular content in the last 7 days”:-

    enter image description here

    my question is if the number of unique users the report is showing is for the last 7 days only or for all the days since the page/document was created?


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    What pools will allow asic block erupters these days?

    Fellow miners, kind Sirs,

    Im a Ubuntu cgminer/bfgminer guy and purchased 6 asic block erupters and a newbee to mining. Could never get into slushpool, but have been mining for poolin for about a week and really dont see any results anywhere.

    1-poolin.com? – I did create for ETH, a coinbase wallet entry, although the poolin ‘sub-account’ dialog field never showed the pasted wallet address and still see nothing where it doesnt even show the hash rate. Possibly Im not looking in right place and/or this hardware isnt making any kind of contribution even though the terminal screen shows the miners cranking away full speed, now for some days.

    2-other pools? – I have been reading and realize that block erupters are now considered too slow or inadequate for most pools. Does anybody recommend of know of a pool where 6 block erupters could make an acceptable contribution and they would allow little me to mine and see the results of dedicated mining hours?

    Certainly I do plan to enlarge this configuration but would be very grateful to see some results before making more investment. Again thanks kindly for your assistance. ]]

    Pending coinbase transactions for days

    Good pm pls I transferred some btc from coinbase account 440$ worth as usual coinbase use their default fee but up till this moment since the 17th of November its still pending no confirmation no hash I’d
    Pls help me I’ve contacted support no reply