UK travel days with quarantine

Good day. Pls I want to confirm if am to visit the UK for 7 days and am to quarantine for 10 days. On the application for dat says how many day do I intend to stay in the UK. Am I to mention 7 days or am I to add the 10 days quarantine to the 7 day making it 17 days

For how many days I can over-stay than what I mentioned in the UK Visitor visa application?

I am planning to visit UK for around 20-30 days. I know that the Standard Visitor visa is valid for 6 months. let’s assume that in my Visa application I wrote that I would be staying in UK for 25 days and I end up staying in UK for 30 days without any valid reasons such as flight cancellations/Positive Covid test etc.

Is this going to be a problem? Am I going to be included in the list of “overstayers”?
What is a safe range to overstay if any?

Are restaurants, clubs and attractions open in Kyiv these days?

During the 10-20 of March, 2021, are restaurants, clubs and other attractions supposed to be open without significant restrictions?

visas – Can US citizens visit the EU multiple times within 180 days if the combined stay is less than 90 days?

If we plan a trip to EU with our US citizen kids in the schengen area, for 2 weeks, however after a couple of months we plan another trip to EU for 2 weeks, will multiple entry be an issue if we have not exceeded 90 days stay in 180 day period ?

Basically can US citizens do a multiple entry to EU as long as they are within 90 day limit?

Are restaurants, clubs and attractions open on Kyiv theae days?

During the 10-20 of March, 2021, are restaurants, clubs and other attractions supposed to be open without significant restrictions?

quarantine – Counting days before/after traveling for COVID purposes

How do I count the days to figure out when I should take a COVID test, as it relates to travel? I left the airport around noon on Monday, which was my last contact with the public. I don’t have any symptoms or specific known exposure, except that I was traveling.

The recommendation in my area is to take a COVID test 3-5 days after travel and self-quarantine for 7 days after travel or until a negative test. Obviously I can always safely err on the side of a longer quarantine, but how should I count days to get the most accurate test results? How about the fastest reasonably accurate results?

(Lest anyone fret, this was not a pleasure trip. It involved a house that could have been on Hoarders and I’m the next-of-kin.)

My Bitcoin transaction remained unconfirmed for 20 days now

I sent a bitcoin transaction from one of my wallets into another wallet meant for trading. Its been 20 days now and the transaction remained unconfirmed. Please I need help because I sent this coin from my wallet. I need step by step assistance on how to use the RBF or CPFP on wallet

Triggering Power Automate after 14 days from the date when a specific list field is updated in SharePoint

I have a requirement to trigger a power automate workflow after 14 days from when a specific field gets updated in a SharePoint list.

Please guide me on this.


Automatically Change Category of Custom Post after X number of days

please do anyone know a plugin or maybe code that allows you to automatically change the category of a custom post type after a certain number of days. Lets say after 7 days the post type "health" with "Category A" will automatically change to "Category B"

sharepoint online – Search result web part – formatting dates to days

I am using the SharePoint search Results web part which uses Handlebars js.

I have two dates in these variables:
{getDate EventDateOWSDATE}
{getDate EndDateOWSDATE}}

I need to check if the 2 dates are on the same day, and if they aren’t, I need to display to the browser 1day, 2day etc.

So if:

EventDateOWSDATE = 27/02/2021

EndDateOWSDATE = 29/02/2021

Print to the browser: 3 days

I could do this using javascript and moment, but not sure how to do this inside this web part using handlebars and I don’t think I can add libraries like moment.

Please help! 😀