How much time do you spend every day trying to make money online? |

How much time do you spend every day trying to make money online? Lately I’ve been spending all day online, between writing and searching for ways to make money.

Luckily I have the spare time to do that, but it seems I should probably have figured it out by now. I spend a lot of time just to make a few dollars. There has to be a better way. I like to think I am intelligent enough to figure it out. Other people do it.

actions – Do downtime activities that take longer than a day have to be performed on consecutive days?

For example, let’s say a character wants to retrain a feat, it will take him 7 days (a week) of downtime.

Do these 7 days have to be consecutive, or can they be split? For example, could he retrain for 3 days, then go adventuring for 2 days, and then finish the last 4 days of retraining?

The same could be asked of other downtime activities like learn name, create forgery.

The craft activity does specify that:

If the downtime days you spend are interrupted, you can return to finish the item later, continuing where you left off.

But I’m guessing this only applies to that activity.

Further, there’s this tidbit of rules from exploration and downtime activities:

If an activity that occurs outside of an encounter is interrupted or disrupted, as described in Disrupting Actions below, you usually lose the time you put in, but no additional time beyond that.

But I’m not sure if this refers only to disruptions, or to any interruption.

web app – Multiple time and day input (web)

I am currently working on a web app that requires the HR of a company to input the reporting days and time of all the employees into the system.

The system requires the following information:

  1. Work days for the company collectively
  2. Reporting timings for each day

Example scenarios:

  1. Scenario A
    1. Mon-Thu: 7.00AM, 10:00AM, 5:00PM
    2. Fri-Sun: 9:00
  2. Scenario B
    1. Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM

My current solution is as such (Drew inspiration from one of Google’s settings page):

  1. User selects work days
  2. Time row appears based on selected days
  3. Input reporting timings for each day
  4. If most reporting times are the same everyday (E.g. Scenario 2), user can ‘Copy time to all days’

enter image description here

We have done usability testing for the design and it is generally working fine but can be a little time consuming especially when we need the user to input both reporting and ending times…

Wondering if anyone here has other solutions or feedback on this?

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google calendar – Show current day in the middle of week view, shifting day by day

On week view mode Google Calendar shows Monday-Sunday. I would like the current day to always be in the centre of the week view, such that each day the view shifts to the “right”. So perhaps on a Thursday, the week view shows Tuesday (two days prior) to Monday (of the following week), and on Friday it shows Wednesday-Tuesday, and so on. This would help me on the weekend to see what is coming up in the next few days without having to move to the next week manually.

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usa – How can one find out how many days per year a city x experiences a temperature of less than y degrees at time z of the day?

WeatherSpark solves your problem (“do I need a warm jacket?”) perfectly. Go to their page for Seattle, then click on September and you get this wonderful chart:

enter image description here

As you can see, if you travel to Seattle on Sep 1st, night time temperatures get down to 14 degrees. If you want to dive deeper and ask about 8pm specifically, the next chart can do that as well:

enter image description here

This tells you that temps stay above 18 degrees until roughly September 22nd and you should expect cooler weather after that. Not “exact temperatures” but this is as good as it gets, short of downloading public weather datasets.

If you do wish to download and parse data on your own, you can use the Mesowest service for US measurements. After making a free account, you will be able to download data for 1 year/month at a time. In 2020, the lowest temperature at 8PM in September was 56F/13C according to that dataset. If you want to get data for more years, you’ll have to write a small script to download/parse multiple CSVs or make use of their public API.

feats – How often per day can Channeled Succor be used?

Channeled Succor is a Cleric feat that allows you to cast one of a number of spells instead of one prepared Heal spell.

You can remove conditions with divine grace. You can sacrifice one heal spell you’ve prepared in your extra slots from healing font to cast one of the following spells instead: remove curse, remove disease, remove paralysis, or restoration. The spell is heightened to the same level as the heal spell you sacrificed.

This is not an action and has no frequency; it can’t be activated as such, it just happens when you want it to.
So, how often can it be done per day?

  • a) Once per day: You can sacrifice one of your prepared heal spells, not two or three. Next day, none of your prepared heal spells are sacrificed, so you have one to go.
  • b) As many times as you have heal spells: You can sacrifice one of your prepared heal spells, so you do. After that, what does the feat say? It says you can sacrifice one of your prepared heal spells. So you do.
  • c) Once, ever (not likely): You can sacrifice one prepared heal spell. Next day, ask yourself: Did I already sacrifice one prepared heal spell? Yes, I did, that one time.

Do i need a day 2 covid test on entering croatia if i am fully vaccinated?

Does a fully vaccinated person need a day 2 test in Croatia?

Google Calendar: How to set up event on the week of a specific day

I want to set up a Google Calendar event, that lasts on the week of 1st of September. So this year, it would be from 30th August – 5th September, but of course, it would change every year, because every year 1st of September falls on different weeks of the year.

Also, I want to receive notifications on my phone every morning say at 7:00.

How can I achieve this? Could someone please help me with a step-by-step instruction list? :]

Thank you for your help.