Is chrome vulnerable to any zero day exploits right now?

i was using flvtbo youtube converter and i had to enable javascript.

i saw an ad come up from “” which tried to lure me into downloading a chrome extension, but of course i didn’t even proceed

after browsing through the google extension store i noticed that no such extension exists.

flvto even redirected me into their website. which did not even load(because i have javascript disabled :p)

However. i did have javascript enabled for flvto to pop the the malicious ad.

As to what the website actually contains . Obviously the website is malicious

custom javascript – List Dates Off by One Day

I am having issues with dates in a SharePoint 2013 list.

At a high level I am archiving the dates of the selected item in List1, storing them in List 2. The dates in the selected item are updated to new dates with my code.

Seems when I retrieve the dates from List1 using a REST call I get the proper date back. I am converting the date to a MM/DD/YYYY format and then storing it in List2 but the List2 date is off by one.

The argument isoDate is the value from the REST response so the value I am getting from REST looks like “2020-02-17T06:00:00Z”. List1 date is 2/17/2020. So all good.

The return (mydate) is 2/16/2020 and this value is getting stored into List2 and also displayed on my custom form…but it’s wrong!

I could add one day to the date but that is likely not the solution here. Not sure why that return date is getting reduced by one day and how to resolve it.


GetDate: function (isoDate) //3.5 namespace addition
        var testdate=new Date(isoDate);
        var mydate=moment(testdate).format('MM/DD/YYYY');
        return mydate;

I have looked at other posts but they have not been useful.

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indian citizens – Arrival and departure on same day to/from India

I’d like to travel to India from Ireland and back to take my son with me from India. Under the current restrictions, will it be possible to arrive and depart on the same day, provided I am able to get a flight back on the same day of arrival without leaving the airport? I’m planning this as I don’t want my wife and new born alone in Ireland for a week or so during my quarantine.
Thanks in advance.

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my unconfirmed transactions hold for over 1 day

I have following 2 unconfirmed bitcoin incoming transaction for one day, can you please advise how to speed up?



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google sheets – Drag to fill/autocomplete dates only increases year, not day

Please see screenshot below. When I draged on the blue square in highlighted cell, I only get the result below.

I have set correct region in sheet settings. I have set the correct date format in the cells (how do you verify that, it makes no change…)