google analytics – Hour of day of a pageview/event/purchase, but in the visitor’s timezone?

Note: this is totally different to Visits Time-of-day Histogram for last week in Google Analytics, for the reason explained below.

It’s possible to view the “hour of day” of pageviews/events/transactions by doing:

  • Customisation > Custom Reports > New custom report. Then I tried the three options Dimension = Hour, or Hour of Day, or Hour index (see screenshot below)

  • But this shows the hour of the event from my local timezone! (I tested it for events that I know they happened around 10 pm GMT, and the segment involved only people with at least 6 hour difference from GMT. Still it was reported as hour = 10 pm)

I’d like to know the hours-of-day when visitors visit the website, but with their timezone. How to do this?

What for? Example: to answer this question: do people do a purchase transaction more on morning, midday, evening, night? (of course, with their timezone perspective).

How to do this with Google Analytics?

enter image description here

google analytics – Why is percentage of new users not 100% on day 1?

Looking at the first week we started using Google Analytics (this is a few years ago, so all numbers have been processed), I see these numbers:

  • Overview:
    • Users: 1689
    • Sessions: 2533
    • Percentage new sessions: 46.55%
  • New vs Returning:
    • New users: 1180
    • New visitor sessions: 1180
    • Returning visitor sessions: 1353

Very confusing. Is there is difference between “new users” (1180 users) and “new visitors” (1180 sessions)? And between “new sessions” and “new visitor sessions” (46.55% = 1180 / 1353)?

But most importantly, why isn’t the number of “New users” (1180) not equal to the number of “Users” (1689) during the first reporting period? Has Google secretly been registering who visited our site, before we started using Analytics?

How to set Monday as start day of the week in Google Sheets date picker

WEEKNUM(date, (type))

date – The date for which to determine the week number. Must be a reference to a cell containing a date, a function returning a date type, or a number.
type – ( OPTIONAL – default is 1 ) – A number representing the day that a week starts on as well as the system used for determining the first week of the year (1=Sunday, 2=Monday).

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php – Hide specific shipping methode depending on day and time of day

I would like to further expand the code given here: Hide specific shipping method depending on day time in Woocommerce

This snippet will, depending on the time of day, hide a specific shipping method, and it works. But I would also like to include the current day.

For example: get the current day and time, and if you are ordering on saturday (= today) after 11pm, you can no longer select the saturday delivery option. If ordering on saturday (= today) before 11pm, you can still select it.

add_filter( 'woocommerce_package_rates', 'hide_shipping_method_based_on_time', 10, 2 );
function hide_shipping_method_based_on_time( $rates, $package )
    // Set your default time zone (
    // Here set your shipping rate Id
    $shipping_rate_id = 'local_pickup:13';

    // When this shipping method is available and after 11 AM
    if ( array_key_exists( $shipping_rate_id, $rates ) && date('H') > 11 ) {
        unset($rates($shipping_rate_id)); // remove it
    return $rates;

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website design – Best way to show employee performance data in 5 minute blocks for multiple employees performing various tasks throughout the day?

I am working on web development project that will let warehouse managers view their employee’s performance.

There are nine different tasks that an employee does repeatedly throughout the day. The details of each task as they are completed are stored in a database.

The managers want to see the number of times each employee completed these specific tasks in five minute time blocks throughout the work day.

An algorithm looks at each 5 minute block and determines if the performance for each employee in that block was at or above expected levels (the block will have a green background) or below (the block will have a red background).

The screenshot below shows what I have come up with so far. I am currently using Bootstrap’s tools to build the layout. The problem I am running into is browser sluggishness or outright crashing caused from the sheer number of html nodes (elements) that are required to render the view.

I am looking for suggestions on alternative techniques for displaying this information. I am thinking of perhaps using ImageMagick to build a single image for each employee that shows the same data but I am not sure if it is possible. I am open to all ideas but remember it needs to work in a web browser.

Employee Performance Report Example

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