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White women who have interracial dating, what happens to them mentally?

Who are you to question what drives other people's decision? I am a white man who has dated and married whites. Why? That was my social circle. Our next generation of children, nieces and nephews has embraced black, mixed communities, ESL & # 39; ers and LBGT years. The funny thing is that the average of the relationships is more than 15 years.

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Hong Kong girlfriend told the interviewer on her B2 visa to the United States that we weren't dating

Is this a problem if she tells immigration that we are dating? Will you be denied entry for this even though a B2 visa allows you to visit boyfriends / girlfriends?

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[ Politics ] Open question: Should it be illegal to discriminate against transgender people in dating?

By that I mean refusing to date a transgender person just because he was born in the wrong bodies. I think it should be because discrimination is wrong.

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