customs and immigration – Mexico stamp date not legible

I traveled to Cancun on July 3 , 2017 from Miami, but the date on the stamp is not legible . I have tried taking pictures of it and magnify it but it doesn’t work I’m in a legal situation in which I need to prove that I was traveling that date.

date format – Postgresql use to_date only for year

In PostgreSQL want to transform a column (lets name it columnname) with a character varying type that contains only 4 digit years (e.g. 1911) to date format. This is my code:

alter table tablename
alter column columnname type date using to_date(columnname,'YYYY');

However my output has the format 1911-01-01. I am aware that I could just extract the year from this format again but is there a way to convert the year to date in one step without -01-01 ?

How do companies fake the domain creation date to ICANN?

I was searching for “” domain in icann lookup & godaddy lookup 4 months back. This domain was available till that date. But today I found that this domain was Created on: 2009-10-21 14:32:57 UTC.( ie back-date registration).

It seems there is a loophole in the system & domain registrars are circumventing loopholes to register domain names from backdate to benefit by selling domains at premium price. There might be some beneficiaries in ICANN organization and therefore needs a serious investigation.

ICANN has a duty towards ensuring that registries and registrars comply with policies. As per ICANN policy & International laws Cybersquatting, Typo squatting, or trademark infringement etc. are illegal.

The current registrant does not have any relevant interests regarding the domain name. Domain Name Hijacking means using the Policy in bad faith to attempt to deprive of a domain name. Hence such domain needs to be freed & how back date registry/creation of domain name was done must be investigated?

  1. If the domain was not renewed then as per ICANN policy a new registration date is created on the day of registration.

  2. 4 months back if domain was available & didn’t show past record AND now the record is being shown means; registrar was able to circumvent the loop hole.

Similarly “” was available a week back & now it shows registered in back date. I have observed this phenomena multiple times and I am not mistaken.

How do persons/registrars fake the domain creation date to ICANN? What action can be taken for investigating registrars?

datetime – How to get date value from Smart Date field

What is the method for getting the start date value from a Smart Date field?

$s_dates = $service->get('field_date')->getValue();

gives me the output:

array:6 (▼
  "value" => "1612688400"
  "end_value" => "1612688400"
  "duration" => "0"
  "rrule" => "4"
  "rrule_index" => "1"
  "timezone" => ""

However $s_dates = $service->get('field_date')->getValue()('value') gives me an ‘undefined index’ error.

air travel – Does Emirates allow date changes for any reason?

This is for 2 Sri Lankan nationals. The below route can be booked 2 ways (this is a weekly route). One is through Google Flights (which takes you to emirates website) and one is through Emirates website directly.

Emirates Website through Google Flights: 
Ticket #1: CMB to DXB to GRU to PTY - $3600 
Ticket #2: PTY to NAS - $550

Emirates Website directly: 
Ticket #1: CMB to DXB to GRU to PTY to NAS - $7800


Legend: CMB - Sri Lanka, DXB - Dubai, GRU - Brazil, PTY - Panama, NAS - Bahamas

                 CMB      DXB      GRU      PTY      NAS
      03/26      02:55    05:55                                 Emirates
                          09:05    17:20                        Emirates
      03/27                        01:30    06:24               Copa
                                            07:48    11:42      Copa
  1. How come Google Flights doesn’t show the complete flight (CMB to NAS) but Emirates website does (advanced search)?
  2. Which ticket is better? I would think the cheaper ticket is better even though it would result in 2 separate tickets. Brazil requires transit without VISA if onward ticket in on a single ticket.
  3. Does Emirates allow date changes for any reason? In case we are unable to get the PCR test result in time, we would need to push back the trip by 1 week (we would know 24 hours before the trip starts).

Triggering Power Automate after 14 days from the date when a specific list field is updated in SharePoint

I have a requirement to trigger a power automate workflow after 14 days from when a specific field gets updated in a SharePoint list.

Please guide me on this.


Is there a built in/standard way to create a view of a versioned list at a specific date?

I have a list which has versioned items. I like to create a view of the list which shows the state of the list at a specific date/time, i.e. a list with

  • exactly the items which existed at that date/time
  • the version of the item being the version at that date/time

(I could make an external copy, but i would like to use a standard method working without external tools if possible)

google sheets – Lining up 3 years of data on chart by date on X axis

I have three data sets from years 2019, 2020, and 2021.
Each line in the data set is the number of entries for that particular day.

I want to be able to plot each day to show year over year over year activity.

My issue is how do I have a generic X-Axis to show all days from 9/1 – 8/31 (ignoring the year) and then plot a line graph of each year against it. So I can see for example how many entries there are for Jan 10 for each of the years.

Example of Data:

You can see in this example sheet that it lines the starting points up together.

What are HTML meta tags date, search_date, and DC.title?

What are purpose of these tags? What is meaning of DC.title?

I collected the tags from this github source

<meta name='date' content='Sep. 27, 2010'>
<meta name='search_date' content='2010-09-27'>
<meta name='DC.title' content='Unstoppable Robot Ninja'>

Can I print the Print Date or Save Date in Google Documents?

Yes, it is possible. However, it is not something that is really possible utilizing the existing API. Really the lack of fields and the associated capabilities like in Word is a major disability for document automation.

Something like this will insert a footer on document open and reopen, but it is ultimately not a good solution.

function onOpen() {
    var time = new Date();
    time = Utilities.formatDate(time, "GMT", "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss'Z'");
    var doc = DocumentApp.getActiveDocument();
    var s;

    if (!doc.getFooter()) {
        var footer = doc.addFooter();
        var footerText = footer.appendParagrap(time);
    } else {
        var footer = doc.getFooter();
        var footerElements = footer.getNumChildren();
        var para = footer.getParagraphs();
        s = para(footerElements-1).getText();
        var footerText = footer.replaceText(s , time);

EDIT: How to add the script.

This code as I have presented above really should be in its own function called from the OnOpen() function rather than in there wholesale, but all good for example purposes.

If you go the Tools menu of an open document then down to Script Manager, when it loads check that it is currently empty, if has a records there, you are on your own for placement of the code.

Close the script manager, back to the Tools Menu and select Script Editor. Now if you had nothing in your script manager, select all the code and delete it. You can then paste in the code provided above and then save it.

Close the document and re-open and you should find there is now a Time Date in the footer. It should update on every open of the document, nothing fancy but will get you going.

Now for those of you who have code already associated with your document. Adding the code above minus the first and last lines into the onOpen() function will also work, but it may not due to code already present conflicting.

Hope this gets you going.