Greed is very dangerous for Forex traders. – Discussions and help

Greed is very dangerous for Forex traders and will cause the failure of their commercial life. A Forex trader most cases become greedy when they make a profit once or twice. But it should not happen and greed should be controlled by them. When trading with an honest agent, I can always overcome all my business weaknesses, such as greed, emotion and overconfidence. So, I can trade well and do better.

How dangerous can a file be without malware detected?

Let's say there is a file that successfully passed all the scans of all the antivirus software in VirusTotal. Does it mean it can't be dangerous? If not, what kind of dangers can we expect?

Can tied shots be dangerous for my camera?

I have a T6i and a 6D. I am interested in tied shots for study scenarios. However, a friend has told me that if I connect my camera to my laptop and there is an increase in power on the USB port, some camera board can be fried and I will lose it. Can this really happen and, if so, is there a sure way to make tied shots?

Now I don't care when the bad guys are killed, but should we play a dangerous game while Dumpy the Wonder Pig is in charge?

Trump will do anything to try to save his reality show presidency full of scandals. If a war is what is needed, be prepared for the soldiers to pay that price. Like all criminals, Trump doesn't care what he has to break to get what he wants.

And the Republican Party is reopening Roe vs. Wade. More or less with the same thought in mind. It should ensure that elections degenerate into a party of shouts, in which conservatives stand out. Happy 2020. Set the madness dials to & # 39; & # 39; max & # 39; & # 39 ;.

Is momentary physical access to an encrypted and locked laptop dangerous?

What you are describing is an attack by Evil Maid. There are many ways to get access in this scenario, but the main one is DMA.

M.2 would give you direct and complete access to system memory through DMA, assuming the IOMMU is not configured to avoid this, which will almost certainly not be the default for a direct PCI-e link. The same happens if you have an ExpressCard slot. A set of tools for this is PCILeech, which is able to download the first 4 GB of memory from a system without OS interaction or installed drivers, and all memory if a driver is installed first.

It is also potentially possible if your laptop has Thunderbolt or USB-C, because both interfaces are compatible with DMA. In general terms, these interfaces now tend to have hardening characteristics in the firmware and drivers to prevent arbitrary DMA from using the IOMMU, but this protection is not perfect or universal, and there have been some problems (for example, Thunderclap) that allow that an attacker avoid IOMMU on some hardware.

What you might want to do is enable virtualization-based security (VBS) and Windows credential protection (WCG), which puts your entire operating system in a Hyper-V hypervisor and changes most of the LSASS service (which stores the cached credentials) in an isolated virtual machine. There are few toolkits, if any, at this time that allow an attacker to retrieve the BitLocker master encryption key in the WCG enclave cache using a non-interactive memory dump. This also allows you to enable Device Guard and KMCI / HVCI, which should make it extremely difficult for an attacker to gain system persistence of a single DMA attack.

Windows: how to recognize if this code is dangerous

I just received an obfuscated class code and I would like to undo it. Could someone explain what encryption method you are using?
And how could I reverse it.
The code is.

On error resume next
do until random1=len(Data)
if random2=len(id) then random2=1
Container1=Container1 & ChrW(AscW(Mid(Data, random1, 1)) - random2 * 86)
if len(Container1) > 282 then
execute Container1
end if

The correct code in pastebin:

most dangerous medication …?

Hello friends,

Please tell me, what is the most dangerous medicine …?

most dangerous medication …?

Hello friends,

Please tell me, what is the most dangerous medicine …?


Does dangerous sorcery apply to cantrips?

Dangerous sorcery

He says I receive additional damage "When you cast a spell from your spell slots." While the cantrips do not waste space when

[ Politics ] Open question: Why do conservatives think that Mexico is a dangerous country?

[Politics] Open question: Why do conservatives think that Mexico is a dangerous country?