Suspicion of phishing attack: is this obfuscated JavaScript dangerous?

I found an email from someone with an HTML attachment (the user is somewhat reliable). By mistake, I clicked on the attachment in Gmail, but immediately closed the new window. When viewing the source code, there seems to be an obfuscated JavaScript code, which suggests something malicious. However, I am struggling to decode it to discover what it is trying to do. I tried using which has been something useful, but some parts I can't decode. It seems to be trying to replicate Gmail and request a username / password, but presumably I would try to send it somewhere, although I can't find or decode that part.

I added a paste container below with the file (it had a lot of white space that I deleted since then):

It seems to use something called HTML Guardian in parts to obfuscate it.

Any help would be appreciated to find out if it really is dangerous or not.

Thank you!

Building iron fences, erecting maritime alerts about the dangerous sinking of embankments and roads of Lake Ho Guom

On the morning of August 1, to order the Popular Committee of the Popular Committee of the District to return to the taboo (Hanoi), the Area Board of Administration to pay for the agreement and install a warning tank and configure it to ensure the safety of the people and press Guests during the waiting period for the development of the project, the District Popular Committee still handed over the service area administration board. He completed the practice of placing warning brakes, establishing barriers in places because the mind, refraining from the twisted pulse down to hurry.
fences in these areas because the weekly location, the distance around the ring, is about to descend rapidly.
The Popular Committee of the Hoan Kiem District said that the phrase "strange renovation" still sent me to join the investment project in construction, renovation and beautification of the area surrounding the service to pay.

Create carefully: build iron fences, create warning pools to run in danger of the embankment, the Sword Restoration Line (photo 3).
The loss of investment and development of construction careers is expected to be completed in precious IV-2019.

believe in. # thick – Build iron fences, place warning signs to ignore dangerous areas, find a way to find the Sword (photo 4).
Reliable: build iron fences, establish warning pools to use at the edge of the coast, almost lower the sword (photo 5).
Now, the catwalk around the Sword of the Sword consists of parts that have no comparison, which reinforce the reinforced concrete and the edges of rubbing.

trust # # tight – Build an iron fence, build a warning tank to put the danger on the edge of the palm, walking around the Sword (image 6).
However, it is very rich and the current part is flat, braced and flat. Rich in other songs, broken and thrown on the ground, the line is in a short line from below to the string.

believe in. # thick – build iron fences, erect warning pools to use on the flat shore, to refrain from degrading the Sword (Figure 7).
News – Building iron fences, placing warning signs to cover patrol patrols, the road around the Sword (image 8).
The total length of the surface of the school was about 200 meters away, currently the Board of Directors of the sword service is holding a barrier before the storm of destination number 3 is poured on the continent.

trust # # jack: build iron fences, build warning signs that are dangerously dangerous for scrubbing areas, around the restoration of the sword (Figure 9).
The installation of iron fence barriers to warn and ensure the tranquility of people and return the guests to refrain from abusing the sword area, however, this is only an emergency plan before changing many construction measures. build, pulse to completely overcome any situation is.

News collected: building iron fences, installing warning signs of making dangerous crashes on the flat shore, hoping to serve the Sword (image 10).
Iron fence 40 cm high, is the opportunity to win the tower together.

Important news: build iron fences, place warning signs to endanger the edge of the brush, cut the skewers of the sword (Figure 11).
Ms. Pham Bich Van (Bach ball, Hanoi) said: "We have to retire, directly to serve with our children. Today's 2 parties are also more likely to bear fruit. The authorities also rushed to improve the help of the Sword, which is more beautiful and safe, the province is green, great, beautiful. "

News – Building iron fences, building collapse warning warnings on the coast of the week, refraining from Lake Ho Guom (Figure 12). Print the printer 1
Rich in young people who play with the sword, but finishing the frown is probably a dangerous gecko that pushes any diaper.
Reliable – Build iron fences, build a danger warning sign for patrol area patrol, how to contain the Sword (Figure 13).
The application was quite simple and was too busy to wash your hands.
Trust fast: build iron fences, set warning signs of falls in the scrubbed area, the paths of the Sword (image 14).
Previously, as the opening of trust. #, The flat system around the ring to return to the search for a long time to invest in the renovation, so that the network does not appear anywhere before 2017, events faster than the school in 2018 to ni. In particular, the number of people who were willing to die was patrolled by the patrol, endangering people and visitors.

The most dangerous place in the world …?

Hello friends,

Please tell me, what is the most dangerous place in the world …?

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Root access: Why is rooting considered dangerous?

I understand that by being root, applications can do much more with your device, but an application first needs root access, what is the problem? By that logic, Linux as a whole is a dangerous environment, since it can give access to commands by using "sudo". Wouldn't it be more correct to say that access to the root is as dangerous as the user? If the user is stupid and gives root access to all applications, then yes, it is dangerous, but user stupidity will always be present in IT. field.

If you know what gives root access, how is it more dangerous to root your device than to root it?

How dangerous are Trump's racist chants?

as dangerous as the environment that exploits them to provoke anger among their own followers …

If blue was one of those who shouted for years about "counties" and the stupid ones, the innate whites for a decade … then blue owns a good part of today's real estate …


security – Is the NetCat command dangerous?

I'm a server-side developer and I used to invoke the North Carolina command to check if a remote port is open.

Suddenly, the security guy banned the command and as soon as I use the North Carolina order my accessibility to the EC instance be lost.

They are saying

Use telnet.

My questions are

  • Is the North Carolina dangerous command?
  • Do you have a security hole?
  • Can you use some functionality in some dangerous way?

Disable dangerous functions in PHP

What you think? Is the list correct?

[CODE]disable_functions = pcntl_alarm, pcntl_fork, pcntl_waitpid, pcntl_wait, pcntl_wifexited, pcntl_wifst … | Read the rest of

compiler – Is it dangerous to link the normal code and the red zone together?

I know that in x86_64, there is a red area of ​​128 bytes above (or below the address) the stack pointer that functions can use without subtracting rsp.

This seems to me that the only things that should be aware of the red zone are the situations in which other code that runs in the same stack interrupts the code.

The only cases in which this seems relevant to me are:

  • Operator-level interrupt handlers (either change the stack without touching the red area or subtract the size of the red zone before using the stack)
  • user-level signal handlers (since the AFAIK POSIX signals are delivered to the same stack if sigaltstack () was not used)

In those cases, when that code controls the existence of a red zone, linking the compiled code with -mno-red-zone and without it should not be a problem, right?

It would only be a problem if the code assumes -mno-red-zone and some code uses it anyway.

Is my reasoning about this correct?

If this is correct, why do so many OS-dev resources tell you to enable -mno-red-zone? Is it just to reduce complexity?

The most dangerous country in the world 2018 …?

This is a discussion about The most dangerous country in the world 2018 …? within Discussion of members forums, part of the Community Center category; Hello friends,

Please tell me, what is the most dangerous country in the world 2018 …? …