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@Mr. B Does not count visits for days and owns a scam, what should I see? No one can request a daily payment if they do not receive counted visits. Basically, it gets free visits and wins from testers, and while it's a premium paid sticker shortener, you'll get testers every day. At the end of the day, you will have a positive number of visits / earnings and all stupid publishers like me will have negative earnings, because they lost $$ trying this scam! Protect your members!

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Hand-create 20 daily tracking links, PR2 for you to PR6 – Take your site to Google Page 1

Hand-create 20 daily tracking links, PR2 for you to PR6 – Take your site to Google Page 1


Frequently asked questions (must read)

1- Will you work on my new site?
All sites are accepted except porn and adult-oriented sites.

2- What method do you use?
We only use secure guidelines for Google webmasters (they keep updating)

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Four main keywords, keywords must be long tails containing a minimum of two to three words.

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No, we are just creating backlinks and doing jobs off the page.

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Our method is not affected by any updates because the Google webmaster guideline remains the same for each update, only a few changes are made to the algorithm to detect spam.

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Ranking increase in every google extension guaranteed

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It depends on how hard your competitors are working on SEO.

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Yes, you can contact us for more details.

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Yes, please contact before ordering.

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Yes, but we cannot guarantee the improvement of great results.

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Age 13: How do I count regeneration spells against the druid's daily and battle total?

The level progression table for the Wild Healer Druid (13 true ways, page 63) has daily and battle uses for regeneration spells. Does this mean that a druid can cast the spell the amount per battle in battle, and then spend the daily uses whenever they wish during adventure day? Or is battle use a strict limit on battle use, leaving daily uses for use between battles?

For example, I have two uses per battle and one daily use of the spell at level 4. Can I use my two uses per battle and the daily use in a single combat encounter?

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25 thousand daily visits to your site

In this service, I will traffic your site in order to reduce its ranking and improve the site's file. It is advisable during the traffic period to stop the adsense ads to avoid problems. Or less than a million, for example, and it can decrease more if you traffic for more than a week or two, which means that the longer the duration of the traffic, the lower the site's ranking. You can see the visits through Google Analytics
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Buy: daily email template creation

I need someone who is adept at html / css and has the imagination to create 2-3 sentence content for emails (around the financial subject) and a subject line every day.

It is totally acceptable to provide different modifications of premade templates such as All you need is a little modification of the appearance and content (2-3 sentences, about 20-30 words, not much)

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please just send me a PM, I will not read this thread.
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Dear Wjunction users,

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c # – Do you use data structures like binary search tree, priority queue etc., commonly in daily work?

I see a lot of DS related articles and posts like BS/BST, priority queue, stack, queue etc. about their implementations and applications. I see that these applications are mainly at the system level rather than the usual day-to-day use while working as a developer. For example, I work in C#.Net platform and they mostly end up using DS as Arrays, List, Dictionary while processing data or while extracting it from apis and external databases.

I would appreciate it if someone could share the use and example of other DSs in a day-to-day thinking and working process when choosing them, such as cost optimization, performance.

event-based effects: daily Covid-19 virus graph?

Do you know of a website where I can check how many COVID-19 cases Italy had 10 days ago?

Let me explain: We are traveling to the Dominican Republic at the end of this month with a transfer to Germany (Frankfurt). At the beginning of this week, my country (Slovakia) banned all flights to and from Italy.

Therefore, I would like to check how many cases there were in Italy about 10 days ago, to perhaps predict future cases in Germany (possibility that all flights to Germany are also prohibited). At this time, our travel agency does not want to cancel our trip, and neither do we, because we would lose 80% of our money.