customization – Create link between two template have the same custom post type

I have custom post type “episodes” i create template for this custom post type “single-episodes” when get template from “inc/episodios.php” like this …

// Get template part

After that duplicate “episidios.php” and rename “episodios-see.php” with some modifications ..both templates have the same custom post type “episodes”
i want create link from episidios.php to episodios-see.php for exemple like this

<a href="link to episodios-see.php" class="myButton"> watch episodes </a>

How can I do this

customization – 3rd attribute will appear if 1st attribute is selected in woocommerce

I have four attribute.
1st attribute has two variation.

If I select 1st variation in first attribute, the 3rd attribute will be appeared.
But if I select 2nd variation from 1st attribute, the 4th attribute will be appeard.

how to do it. Please help me.

customization – Custom page search backend

I build a subpage for Woocommerce Products in de backend.
If you click on products in de menu I see the link to my page.

On this page I want a search field but only for the post_type product.
I can not find any developepage how to do this.

Who can help me with?

customization – How to change popular term checklist title when edit post?

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customization – Add product to basket from different multisite blog using woocommerce

I have a multisite on different domains.

I am currently using Woocommerce Multistore plugin ( to sync products from one site to another as they are to be exactly the same. To be honest the plugin has many faults and bugs and I want to try something custom.

My thoughts were that instead of copying the products from one site to another that I could use a hook like pre_get_posts to get the products of site-one and display them on site-two.

I have had initial success in this by this simple function that gets products from the DB associated with site-on if its a product post type:

add_filter( 'pre_get_posts', 'get_post_from_site_one' );
function get_post_from_site_one($query) {
    if ( in_array ( $query->get('post_type'), array('product') ) )  {
        global $wpdb;
        $wpdb->posts = 'wp_posts';
        $wpdb->postmeta = 'wp_postmeta';
        return $query;

This has its limitations as it only works frontend for now but the other hurdle I am looking to fix is that on site-two the products are showing but I cant add them to the basket. Nothing happens when I try – page just reloads.

The add to cart ajax returns this error in console:


Firstly I would like to know whether this route I’m taking will eventually work or is it impossible and based on that – if it is possible where should I go from here? Im stumped as to how to add to basket?!

customization – Can’t add any menu items on live server (no item list)

I can’t add any items to menus on live server (can’t even see items to add list – there is list of dropdown “titles” like posts, pages, custom post types etc, but when I expand it – list is empty).

Locally it works.
Another weird thing is that if I add items to menu locally and export whole wordpress installation with AIO WP Migration to live server, items are there, added to menu. But I still can’t add any other items (on the live server).

Any ideas what is going on? As I said, I have EXACTLY the same site on live server as I’m having locally (exported with AIO WP Migration), but still can’t add menu items on live server, while locally I can…

customization – Category selectable homepage

I’ve got a local WordPress install that I’ve tried to make customisable by users, so it only shows pages from categories they have selected.
I’ve used the code that I’ve found in the thread How to Set an Individual Homepage for Each User?
and while it works, it breaks the menu on every page, it just dissapears.

Example before:

And After:

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

sharepoint enterprise – Hub site Navigation customization – Share Point online

I have an hubsite where i wanted to insert a huge name in hubsite navigation, unfortunately that is eating up space from navigation bar and other teams are getting hidden from navigation. 

What is the way i can toogle size or font or the navigation ribbon ?

PS: I am not Farm admin  but i am site admin. 

customization – How To Load an HTML File As A WordPress Page (With No 301/No Redirect)

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

Page URL:

What it should load:

When visitors go to the permalink /the-page/, I’d like that permalink to stay exactly the same. But instead of loading content & template files from the WordPress database, it would just display the index.html file instead.

I do not want someone to visit “/the-page/” permalink, and then be 301’d to

I know this can be done with a Page Template, but then I’d need all the files to be inside my WP themes directory. Instead I want to host these HTML files in a separate directory, totally theme-agnostic. Is there a plugin offering this kind of functionality, or would it be easy to code up as a functions.php addon? Or would the easiest solution be adding a line into my .htaccess file?

css – Color customization – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I have a quick question for CSS customization. On my page,, is it possible to change color of this white placeholders for images of pins without changing all of them, just color for few of them.

This is what I’m talking about, but I need to change just for one of think holders.