python – Junior Dev Self-Taught Curriculum Project

I have been learning Python now for 3 months as I find it very interesting to code. I want to be able to apply for junior development positions and, since I have no formal education, I thought about doing a project to present what I know.

The project is not yet fully completed, but it is ready. I created a script to export data from a json file to automatically enter my MYSQL database. Then I used Pygame to create a periodic table GUI that allows you to press a square (element identifiers and names yet to be added) and then animate that atom with the full configuration of the atom's nucleus and electron shells. (Atom information about the animation has not been added yet) I will provide the code below and some images.

Do you think this is a good project to include in a resume for my first junior developer position? Do you think this is a good project that shows that I know what I'm doing? Do you think this could get me a job or do I need to show that I know more?

Also, is there a better way to save each cell in the periodic table (to color and get data while pressing) instead of listing them?

Here are some GUI images and animation, and below the code used in the project:

GUI period table

Atom Animation still image

JSON code to MYSQL:

import mysql.connector
import json
DB = mysql.connector.connect(host='localhost', database='OlijonDB', user='root', passwd='Testing123')
DBCursor = DB.cursor(prepared=True)

class Elements:
    def __init__(self, atomicnumber, symbol, name, atomicmass, type, electronconfig):
        self.atomicnumber = atomicnumber
        self.symbol = symbol = name
        self.atomicmass = atomicmass
        self.type = type
        self.electronconfig = electronconfig

iteration = 0
with open('periodictable.json') as json_file:
    data = json.load(json_file)
    for elements in data:
        iteration += 1
        if elements('atomicNumber') == iteration:
                atomicmass = elements('atomicMass').split('.')
                atomicmass = elements('atomicMass')
            Element = Elements(elements('atomicNumber'), elements('symbol'), elements('name'), int(atomicmass(0)),
                               elements('groupBlock'), elements('electronicConfiguration'))
            SQLQuery = """ INSERT INTO elements
                               (atomicnumber, symbol, name, atomicmass, type, electronconfig) VALUES (%s,%s,%s,%s,%s,%s) """
            Values = (Element.atomicnumber, Element.symbol,, Element.atomicmass, Element.type, Element.electronconfig)
            DBCursor.execute(SQLQuery, Values)

Periodic table code:

import pygame
from AtomAnimation import *

def main():
    class Tables:
        def __init__(self):
            self.Dimensions = (25, 25, 1)
            self.Colors = ((255,255,255), (0,100,255), (255, 100, 0))
            self.GridSize = 18
            self.Grid = ()
            self.perodictable = ((4, 0), (4, 17), (5, 0), (5, 1), (5, 12), (5, 13), (5, 14), (5, 15), (5, 16), (5, 17),
                                 (6, 0), (6, 1), (6, 12), (6, 13), (6, 14), (6, 15), (6, 16), (6, 17), (7, 0), (7, 1),
                                 (7, 2), (7, 3), (7, 4), (7, 5), (7, 6), (7, 7), (7, 8), (7, 9), (7, 10), (7, 11),
                                 (7, 12), (7, 13), (7, 14), (7, 15), (7, 16), (7, 17), (8, 0), (8, 1), (8, 2), (8, 3),
                                 (8, 4), (8, 5), (8, 6), (8, 7), (8, 8), (8, 9), (8, 10), (8, 11), (8, 12), (8, 13),
                                 (8, 14), (8, 15), (8, 16), (8, 17), (9, 0), (9, 1), (12, 2), (12, 3), (12, 4), (12, 5),
                                 (12, 6), (12, 7), (12, 8), (12, 9), (12, 10), (12, 11), (12, 12), (12, 13), (12, 14),
                                 (12, 15), (12, 16), (9, 3), (9, 4), (9, 5), (9, 6), (9, 7), (9, 8), (9, 9), (9, 10),
                                 (9, 11), (9, 12), (9, 13), (9, 14), (9, 15), (9, 16), (9, 17), (10, 0), (10, 1), (13, 2),
                                 (13, 3), (13, 4), (13, 5), (13, 6), (13, 7), (13, 8), (13, 9), (13, 10), (13, 11), (13, 12),
                                 (13, 13), (13, 14), (13, 15), (13, 16), (10, 3), (10, 4), (10, 5), (10, 6), (10, 7), (10, 8),
                                 (10, 9), (10, 10), (10, 11), (10, 12), (10, 13), (10, 14), (10, 15), (10, 16), (10, 17))

        def GenerateGrid(self):
            for Row in range(self.GridSize):
                for Column in range(self.GridSize):

            for i in range(len(self.perodictable)):
                self.Grid(self.perodictable(i)(0))(self.perodictable(i)(1)) = 1

    def Render():
        for Row in range(Table.GridSize):
            for Column in range(Table.GridSize):
                if Table.Grid(Row)(Column) == 0:
                    Color = Table.Colors(0)
                elif Table.Grid(Row)(Column) == 1:
                    Color = Table.Colors(1)
                pygame.draw.rect(GameWindow, Color,
                                 ((Table.Dimensions(2) + Table.Dimensions(0)) * Column + Table.Dimensions(2),
                                  (Table.Dimensions(2) + Table.Dimensions(1)) * Row + Table.Dimensions(2),
                                  Table.Dimensions(0), Table.Dimensions(1)))

    Table = Tables()
    GameWindow = pygame.display.set_mode((468, 468))
    pygame.display.set_caption("Periodic Table")
    Clock = pygame.time.Clock()

    Run = True
    while Run:
        Events = pygame.event.get()
        for Event in Events:
            if Event.type == pygame.QUIT:
                Run = False
            elif Event.type == pygame.MOUSEBUTTONDOWN:
                MousePosition = pygame.mouse.get_pos()
                Column = MousePosition(0) // (Table.Dimensions(0) + Table.Dimensions(2))
                Row = MousePosition(1) // (Table.Dimensions(1) + Table.Dimensions(2))
                if Table.Grid(Row)(Column) == 1:
                    SimulateAtom(int(Table.perodictable.index((Row, Column)) + 1))


if __name__ == '__main__':

Atom Animation Code:

import mysql.connector
import pygame
import random
import math
import time

def SimulateAtom(condition):
    class Atoms:
        def __init__(self, Name, Protons, Neutrons, Electrons):
            self.Name = Name
            self.Protons = Protons
            self.Neutrons = Neutrons
            self.Electrons = Electrons
            self.CenterPosition = (500, 500)

        #Create & Render Atom Composition
        def GenerateAtom(self, AppWindow):
            #Atom Core
            for i in range(self.Protons + self.Neutrons):
      , (random.randrange(100, 255), 0, random.randrange(100, 255)),
                                   (self.CenterPosition(0) + Randomize(0, 10), self.CenterPosition(1) + Randomize(0, 10)), 20)
            #Electron Shells
            for i in range(len(self.Electrons(0).split(","))):
                radius = (100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400)
      , (211, 211, 211), self.CenterPosition, radius(i), 2)
                for j in range(int(self.Electrons(0).split(",")(i))):
                    angle = random.randint(0, int((10 - 1) / 0.1)) * 0.1 + 1
          , (0,random.randrange(100, 255),random.randrange(100, 255)), (round(radius(i) * math.cos(angle) + self.CenterPosition(0)),
                                                  round(radius(i) * math.sin(angle) + self.CenterPosition(1))), 8)
          , (211,211,211), self.CenterPosition, radius(i), 2)

    #Randomized Position Function
    def Randomize(start, stop):
        if random.randrange(0, 2) == 1:
            return + random.randrange(start, stop)
            return - random.randrange(start, stop)

    #Rendering Loop
    def Render():
        AppWindow.fill((255, 255, 255))

    #Connect to Database
    DB = mysql.connector.connect(host='localhost', database='OlijonDB', user='root', passwd='Testing123')
    DBCursor = DB.cursor(prepared=True)
    DBCursor.execute("SELECT * FROM elements WHERE atomicnumber = %s", (condition,))
    result = DBCursor.fetchone()
    Atom = Atoms(result(3), result(1), result(4) - result(1), (result(6)))

    #Initiate Pygame
    pygame.display.set_caption("Element: " + str(Atom.Name))
    AppWindow = pygame.display.set_mode((1000, 1000))
    Clock = pygame.time.Clock()

    #Main App Loop
    Run = True
    while Run:
        Events = pygame.event.get()
        for Event in Events:
            if Event.type == pygame.QUIT:
                Run = False


javascript: any ideas on how to analyze the data of a curriculum?

I have a project where I need to dynamically convert the user-uploaded resumes through a web application to a centralized data set (database), which includes extracting the useful data from that file and converting it into text.

Given that the entry can take any form (PDF, DOCX), how can we address that use case and what back-end technologies can be useful for this application? Is there any API ready to use?

Any recommendation can be useful.

How to create a modern curriculum?

How to create a modern curriculum?

operating systems – Solve the Windows 7 curriculum

I have a Windows 7 desktop. Today when I tried to start it. A black screen appeared.
With option

1] continue with the curriculum data
2] delete the restoration data and go to the system startup menu

But the keyboard and mouse do not work.

I tried these methods
1] removed the battery from the motherboard and replaced it. And a screen to configure the BIOS appeared. I tried all the options. But when the PC restarts. The same screen appeared

I have read in publications that it is due to corruption
hiberfil.sys file.
Now my question is if I use my hard drive cabinet and use my current hard drive as an external hard drive on another computer. And from there I delete the hiberfil.sys file.
1] Will it delete all the files on my hard drive?
2] Can I start my PC when I put it on a previous PC?

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Soft question: if it does not work, what should be the backbone of the secondary curriculum?

In the early 1900s, Felix Klein laid out his vision for the secondary mathematics curriculum. I wanted schools to teach calculus, so universities would not be overwhelmed by it. And at the core of the curriculum was the notion of function, which was conceptually necessary for the fundamentals of calculus. (I know that here I make a very messy story, but I think the basic points are more or less correct).

All this was more than 100 years ago, and to this day we teach according to Klein's vision. My question has to do with whether now, given the current state of the art, we would choose to design the mathematics curriculum in the same way. The choice of the function as a central theme is of particular interest to me: I find it a little strange that we teach functions to young students, given the difficulty and abstraction of the subject (high school students do not use complete abstraction, however, they are supposed to, unless they read the book, know it.

Thanks for making me happy soft Ask, if indeed you do it. This question is related to earlier discussions here about the work of Felix Klein (for example, Felix Klein on the mean value theorem and the infinitesimals), but I am especially interested in the notion of function and in our modern view on whether it is prudent to devote almost all the Curriculum secondary to the calculation.