plotting – How do I flip one of my loops of current to be in the other direction?

I’m new to Mathematica and I have two loops of current that are both going in the same direction, but I want to flip them so that they go in opposite directions… I can’t figure out where I’m going wrong?

Q = 1;
(CapitalNu) = 100;
(Mu)o = 1;
R0 = 5;
r = {x, y, z};
r0 = {R0 Cos((2 (Pi))/(CapitalNu) i), 0, 
   R0 Sin((2 (Pi))/(CapitalNu) i)};
I0 = 1;
dl = {-((2 (Pi))/(CapitalNu)) Sin((2 (Pi))/(CapitalNu) i), 
   0, (2 (Pi))/(CapitalNu) Cos((2 (Pi))/(CapitalNu) i)};
rp = {xp(t), yp(t), zp(t)};
v = {xp'(t), yp'(t), zp'(t)};
(CapitalDigamma) = q v(Cross)(CapitalBeta)p;
m = 1;
q = 10;
{xp, yp, zp} = NDSolveValue(
  {m xp''(t) == (CapitalDigamma) ((1)), xp'(0) == .1, xp(0) == 2,
   m yp''(t) == (CapitalDigamma) ((2)), yp'(0) == 0, yp(0) == 3,
   m zp''(t) == (CapitalDigamma) ((3)), zp'(0) == 0, zp(0) == 0},
  {xp, yp, zp}, {t, 0, 200})

z = 0;
(CapitalBeta)1 = !(
*UnderoverscriptBox(((Sum)), (i = 0), ((CapitalNu) - 1)) (
*FractionBox((( )(((Mu)o)( )(I0)( ))), ((4)( 
)((Pi))( ))) {
*FractionBox((((dl(Cross)((r - r0))))((()(1)()))), 
SuperscriptBox((Norm(r - r0)), (3))), 
*FractionBox((((dl(Cross)((r - r0))))((()(2)()))), 
SuperscriptBox((Norm(r - r0)), (3)))}));
VectorPlot((CapitalBeta)1, {x, -10, 10}, {y, -10, 10}, 
 VectorPoints -> 24, StreamPoints -> Medium, 
 StreamColorFunction -> None)

This gives me if the currents are flowing the same way. I know that it works, but every time I mess with the VectorPlot it doesn’t look how it’s supposed to with the magnetic field lines of one of the two loops flowing in the opposite direction.

8 – Condition on current moderation state

The following reaction rule will do what you asked. Import this configuration then enable the rule at /admin/config/workflow/rules

Note it is not sufficient just to check the current moderation state; if your goal is to show a message when the moderation state is changed to Published then you need to check the state before the update and compare it to the current state – you only want to send the message when the current state is Published and the previous state was NOT Published.

There IS a debug log now in D8 Rules, but it wasn’t available when you asked your question.

In the future, please include an export of your Rule – it is impossible to know exactly what you configured wrong without seeing the export.

langcode: en
status: true
    - content_moderation
      - content_moderation
id: content_moderation_state_is_changed_to_published
label: 'Show a message when content moderation state is changed to Published'
    event_name: 'rules_entity_update:node'
description: 'This Reaction Rule displays a system message when the moderation state of any piece of content is changed to Published'
tags: {  }
config_version: '3'
  id: rules_rule
  uuid: 563de663-2c5a-4bad-892d-017e322b67ba
  weight: 0
    id: rules_and
    uuid: c65b7edb-5f6b-41b8-8775-8a880e66b8c0
    weight: 0
        id: rules_condition
        uuid: 384eb508-4970-4210-b427-b9c2d09f25a4
        weight: 0
          operation: '=='
          data: node.moderation_state.value
          value: node_unchanged.moderation_state.value
            rules_tokens: {  }
        provides_mapping: {  }
        condition_id: rules_data_comparison
        negate: true
        id: rules_condition
        uuid: 5528f7d4-302c-4a72-b583-943dacb4c117
        weight: 0
          operation: '=='
          value: published
          data: node.moderation_state.value
            rules_tokens: {  }
            rules_tokens: {  }
        provides_mapping: {  }
        condition_id: rules_data_comparison
        negate: false
    id: rules_action_set
    uuid: 6cd47db2-335b-4647-8083-b0c0d90b63bf
    weight: 0
        id: rules_action
        uuid: 5520606c-4d0f-4af1-9c55-c95f910477ac
        weight: 0
          message: 'Content moderation state was changed to Published'
          type: status
          repeat: false
        context_mapping: {  }
            rules_tokens: {  }
            rules_tokens: {  }
            rules_tokens: {  }
        provides_mapping: {  }
        action_id: rules_system_message

dnd 5e – Is the “half your speed” used in standing from prone your normal speed, or current speed?

At my last session, a scenario arose in which a character was attempting to cover ground as quickly as possible, but was knocked prone. On their next turn, they proceeded to stand up and Dash. This led to a moment of confusion while I attempted to figure out exactly how prone and Dash interact.

The player commented offhand that standing from prone halves your movement and Dash doubles it, so the two cancel and they had 30ft to move that turn. Reading the rules, however, I interpreted things differently.


When you take the Dash action, you gain extra movement for the current turn. The increase equals your speed, after applying any modifiers. With a speed of 30 feet, for example, you can move up to 60 feet on your turn if you dash.

Any increase or decrease to your speed changes this additional movement by the same amount. If your speed of 30 feet is reduced to 15 feet, for instance, you can move up to 30 feet this turn if you dash.

(PHB p192)

Being Prone

You can drop prone without using any of your speed. Standing up takes more effort; doing so costs an amount of movement equal to half your speed. For example, if your speed is 30 feet, you must spend 15 feet of movement to stand up.

(PHB p190)

My interpretation is that your speed is constant – say, 30ft – and your movement is a separate quantity representing distance you can cover this turn. You start the turn with available movement equal to your speed, and then Dash adds another quantity to your movement, while standing up removes a quantity from your movement. Neither affect your speed.

That means that this player starts with 30ft of movement, gains an additional amount equal to their speed (30ft) from Dash, then spends an amount equal to half their speed (30/2 = 15ft) to stand, leaving them with 45ft of movement available for this turn.

In the end, they needed less than 30ft of movement to get into position to attack the bandit leader and the party all made it out alive, so it didn’t affect the outcome of our game, but I’d like to get this straightened out for the future.

Is my interpretation of the interaction between speed, movement, the prone condition and the Dash action correct?

gui design – How to showcase additional menu level items within the current menu UI without breaking it

We have an app that lets users modify their face as they are taking selfies.

Under the Beauty option, users have the option to Smooth their skin, add Lipstick, edit Eyes, etc. The user can see in real time how these changes happen in their selfie.

Smoothing skin offers a simple slider to calibrate level of smoothness.
Lipstick, Blush and Tint allows users to choose a color and calibrate opacity.

However, eyes is more complex. In addition of choosing eye color and opacity, users can also choose to (1) Whiten or (2) add Details and adjust how much with the slider.

enter image description here

We want to reduce the introduction of new UI levels / components to keep the experience as simple and consistent as possible.

So far we have tried 2 approaches:

A. Show Whiten and Details within the color menu level. What the slider controls changes per user selection (whiten = adjust whiteness, detail = adjust level of detail, color = adjust opacity of color).

enter image description here

B. Introduce an accordion within the main menu which expands to show the second level of options. This solution seems more novel, however the transition of having something expand + color menu show up might be too busy for the user.

enter image description here

What are your opinions? Other pros and cons you can think of? What’s an alternative solution to consider?


8 – Get current url along with query string in content type node template file

I want to get complete url including query string in content type node template file

Suppose this the url

Same I want to print in content type node twig file

I tried url and path but not print complete url inclucing query string

{{ url("<current>") }}   //
{{ path('<current>') }}  //

I print complete url

Is there any theme hook that i can print the complete url

covid 19 – Getting from Bangladesh to Malaysia with current restrictions

I’m a UK citizen, two-shot vaccinated against COVID-19 in Chattogram, Bangladesh. I really want to leave Bangladesh and return to my family in Malaysia. I just can’t figure my way through the restrictions on travel, and with the situation in India, not too many places (or airlines) want to take anyone from Bangladesh. I figured maybe I could try and get to the UK and then go back to Malaysia from there but I can’t even work out if I’d need to quarantine in the UK first, either for UK rules or Malaysian. How best to solve my problem?

Will getting UK student visa cancel my current TIER 2 ICT visa?

I am working in UK on ICT Tier 2 VISA which is ending on 31st August. But, I am planning to join university on 14th or 21st September. I can apply for Student visa 3 months prior to start of course. and Home office takes 8 weeks to make a decision.

Suppose i consider 14th September as course start date and apply for student visa on 14th July within UK. Though it takes 8 weeks for decision, if i get it in 2 weeks then

Will my current TIER 2 visa stand cancelled?
Will i not be able to continue to work for the same employer till 31st August?
Should i inform employer before applying for student visa?
Can i inform once decision is made on student visa?

Requesting your help. Thanking you in advance.

php – Run if comment date more (+ 1hour) current time


Server date and time 04.05.2021 9:00

If comment date and time 04.05.2021 9:58 – NOT run

If comment date and time 04.05.2021 10:02 – RUN

$now = current_time( 'mysql' ); 
    $datacomm = strtotime( get_comment_date( 'Y-m-d h:i:s', $comment ));
    $later = strtotime( date( 'Y-m-d H:i:s', strtotime( $now ) + 7200 )); //3600 seconds = 1 hour
    if( $datacomm > $later ) {
    // run this

My code not work 🙁
Sorry for my English

Is there a shortcut to insert current datetime as a static value in a cell in Google Sheets?

I have a table like this:

Expense Date What it was for
120 CZK 4.5.2021. 12:30 Pizza coz I’m lazy

I use it to log some expenses, not exactly for pizza but that’s just an example. I also have similar tables where I really NEED both date and time.

I found out that Ctrl+; inserts current date, but without time. Is there also a shortcut for both date and time?

dnd 5e – What is the current state of Maztica?

I’m afraid there’s no official content about that yet…

… but there’s an official campaign which has some Lantanese in it (“Steampunk-Atlantis” close to Maztica and also disappeared to Abeir). I spoiled myself accidentally, because I play a gnomish Artificer from Lantan (that lived in Faerun since before the Spellplague) and stumbled upon some campaign info. I don’t know any more about that and don’t know whether those Lantanese give any interesting info about what happened exactly to their homeland. So I can’t tell you any details, because I don’t want to spoil myself anymore and don’t want to spoil the story for anyone else, because it’s a pretty nice campaign.

If you don’t mean to play that campaign, maybe have a look into

Waterdeep: Dragonheist

I don’t know if there’s anything useful in it… there might be something tho… but again: I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone here (me included).

Apart from that: Did you look into the Faerun Fandom?

The Fandom-Wiki and that official campaign are the only sources I know of regarding Maztica. I dug deep for my 383 year old gnome-character, but maybe not deep enough.

My DM/girlfriend (same person) told me that the designers might have something planned for Lantan and Maztica but I don’t know if that was just a distraction maneuver to stop me from researching my character’s background too much. So present Maztica pretty much seems like a yet to be filled blank spot on the map. Right now you can fill it (as a DM) with your imagination.

You could imagine it as a Wild West steampunk(ish) continent, but if official lore is of value to you, you may want to leave room to get retconned on this by upcoming official stuff.