How to set current sequence while converting primary key serial(integer) to bigserial(bigint)

The table already has few thousands of rows and I want to convert the primary key from Integer to BigInteger. How to change the sequence for biginteger?

bootcamp – APFS Container minimum size equal to current size

I’ve got a newly installed iMac with a fusion drive consisting of the internal SSD and a secondary SSD which I installed instead of the factory HDD.

I’m now trying to install bootcamp and getting issues with the creation of the new partition.
Bootcamp complains there would not be enough space on the disk.
In fact there is plenty of space available (more then 1.5 TB)

So I checked the minimum size of the APFS Container and the output is as follows:

diskutil apfs resizecontainer disk0s2 limits

Resize limits for APFS Physical Store partition disk0s2:
  Current Physical Store partition size on map:   1.9 TB (1920173654016 Bytes)
  Minimum (constrained by file/snapshot usage):   1.9 TB (1920173654016 Bytes)
  Recommended minimum (if used with macOS):       1.9 TB (1920173654016 Bytes)
  Maximum (constrained by partition map space):   1.9 TB (1920173654016 Bytes)

As you notice minimum is equal to current.
What’s wrong here and how can the values be reset to reasonable settings?


8 – Upload an image to filesystem, rename it and set it as Profile Picture for current user

I have the external link of an image where I am trying to:

  1. Upload the image to filesystem.
  2. Rename the image.
  3. Set the owner of the image to current user.
  4. Set the image as Profile Picture for current user.

So far I have:

$full_name = "John Smith";
$picture_url = "";

// Download the picture to local filesystem.
$profile_pic = system_retrieve_file($picture_url, "public://profile-pictures", TRUE, FILE_EXISTS_REPLACE);

// Get the Profile Pic ID.
$profile_pic_id = $profile_pic->id();

// Load the image.
$picture = DrupalfileEntityFile::load($profile_pic_id);

// Rename the image.
// Set the owner of the profile picture file.

// Save the image.

$current_user->set('user_picture', $profile_pic_id);

The image is indeed uploaded to filesystem under public://profile-pictures, also is successfully set as profile picture of the current user.

and the filename of the image at /user/*/edit edit page is set to: john-smith.jpg, however, the filename of the image at public://profile-pictures is 14054356_124897527960923_50194821455451882_o.jpg while I am expecting it to be john-smith.png !

How to rename the image at the filesystem ?

and does $picture->setOwner($current_user) will set the owner of the image to the current user ?

seo – How to restructure my current static pages into amp or pwa?

We have a website with approx ~1K Static Pages which is built with (html, css & JS). Everything is good & we are getting good amount of traffic/conversion as well, except the conversion is not happening well through the mobile traffic.

Note – Our current website is not fully responsive.

Among below given scenarios which will be the best way to handle it so we will be not losing our current existing traffic & ranking.

Scenario 1- We will be continuing our current static pages & develop a separate amp page for mobile visitors.

Scenario 2- We will be continuing our current static pages & develop mobile responsive pages with 20% of design & elements tweak with single handle URL.

Scenario 3- We will be continuing our current static pages & develop PWA pages with same URL’s for mobile visitors.

Scenario 4- We will fully develop the PWA pages for our mobile & desktop traffic with the same URL’s.

How to setup a new WordPress theme without deactivating the current theme?

Let say my WordPress site is currently using Theme A.

I have purchased Theme B and it requires me to set it up where I need to recreate some pages that are suitable for this theme.

How do I set up and customize Theme B without the need to activate it first so that my site remains using Theme A and visitors are seeing content based on Theme A?

opengl – How do I render to a resizable window from a large fixed size back buffer in current graphics APIs?

I have some code that uses DirectX 9 with Windows native window management, that I would like to port to newer graphics APIs, but this code has a fairly unusual approach to window resizing, and it doesn’t seem obvious how to achieve the same things with newer graphics APIs.

The code I want to port allocates a back buffer large enough for a full screen window which remains the same size across window maximised, minimised, and resize events. When the window is smaller than the back buffer, only part of the back buffer is shown.

In order to render from this large back buffer, in DirectX 9, I’m specifying regions with the pSourceRect and pDestRect in IDirect3DDevice9::Present and using D3DSWAPEFFECT_COPY.

The advantages of this, as I see it, are as follows:

  • There’s no need to free and reallocate any resources in response to window size changes.
  • Not reallocating resources reduces code complexity significantly.
  • Not reallocating resources makes the application more responsive in the case of windows size changes.
  • The rendered scene continues to be drawn, smoothly, as the application window is being resized, without any need for potentially tricky and complicated attempts to update rendering settings in response to resize events.

(As the code is written, the application is essentially paused during window resize. The user nevertheless gets a smoothly updated view of the relevant part of the current static rendered scene during window resize.)

How do I do the same thing with newer graphics APIs?

In newer DirectX versions it seems like the ‘BitBlt model’ described on this page roughly corresponds to D3DSWAPEFFECT_COPY in DirectX 9:

However, when I try setting the swap effect to DXGI_SWAP_EFFECT_DISCARD, in DirectX 12, I get the following error:
IDXGIFactory::CreateSwapChain: This D3D API version requires the swap effect to be one of DXGI_SWAP_EFFECT_FLIP_*.

So I guess the BitBlit model is no longer supported. 🙁

I guess a logical alternative would then be to do something equivalent ‘manually’, but it seems like doing something like this would lose one of the advantages of the trick, as it works out in DirectX 9, which is the smooth update during resizing without needing to intercept resize events and update stuff in response to these, in the application code.

What I’d like to see, ideally, are links to working code that does something equivalent to what I’m doing in DirectX 9, in DirectX 12, OpenGL, or Vulkan.

If it helps to see the code in action, and the resulting resize behaviour, you can see this in the PathEngine graphical testbed, which can be downloaded here:
(And I could also look at stripping out and posting source code for a minimal example application that demonstrates this behaviour, if this would help.)

europe – Am I allowed to travel from Romania to the Netherlands in current COVID-19 situation?

I have an urgent demand from a client in the Netherlands with regards to a ship repair job. I’m a Dutch citizen, with Romanian residence. As far as I could understand from all the media, transportation related sectors are exempt from any restrictions. For example, shipyards in both Romania and the Netherlands remained operational at reduced capacity. Ships are still entering ports etc etc.

Furthermore, I’ve checked the sources in this related answer from march, however some things remain unclear.

My route by car will be Romania -> Hungary -> Austria -> Germany -> the Netherlands.

  1. Most nations note traveling is only allowed under “compelling” or “urgent” reasons. However, there is no clear list what counts as compelling. Is my cause compelling enough?
  2. It seems in the last week countries started relaxing travel restrictions. The (inbound) Romanian border opened last Friday and many people are coming back into Romania.
  3. The Hungarian Corona info page does not translate to English, it just points to a “about Hungary” website in English. Through that website I did find a news announcement, published today, 21st of May:

During today’s Operational Group press conference, Róbert Kiss, Lieutenant Colonel of the Hungarian Police Force, revealed that all Romanian-Hungarian border crossings will open from 6 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Hungarians can also cross the Austrian border if they can prove that they are not infected with the coronavirus.

  1. For Germany and the Netherlands I could only find the “compelling reason” clause.
  2. I’ve seen former colleagues in the same industry travel from the Netherlands to Denmark under similar reasons as mine (Facebook posts).
  3. Rumor has it (friend of a friend) of a German citizen driving from Romania to Germany without any issues, last Saturday. That was well before the official press release (today) that the Romanian-Hungarian border will open.
  4. Unlike Romania, some hotels seem to operate in Germany and Holland. Does that mean those countries are less restrictive?
  5. Almost daily there are charter flights, bringing Romanian workers throughout the EU, including the Netherlands, to keep essential industries working. These flights are part of diplomatic deals between Governments. By extend, I’m in the same kind of wagon, only this is B2B.
  6. I’m aware of the risks. Also I’m aware I will probably have to self-isolate upon my return. I have no issues with that.

I’m employed by the limited liability company I own. My company (as the legal person) will produce a deceleration for me (the employee) to explain why this travel is needed. What should be the contents of this declaration? Do I have changes of succeeding in this trip?

The deceleration I’ve come up with so far:

To whom it may concern

<Company details>


The undersigned, Mr. <Company owner>, in his capacity of administrator and owner,
herewith declares that the bearer of this declaration document is traveling
to a shipyard to provide urgent services.

Services need to be performed on board of a seagoing vessel and include activities to
prove the vessel’s seaworthiness to relevant classification societies and authorities.
The client currently does not have the capacity with the required competences to execute
this activities. Therefore it requires external expertise, as provided by our services
during this visit.

< Signed owner name and date>

Employee name:
Passport number:
Dates of travel: 23/24 of May 2020 outbound; 10/11 of July return
Route of travel: Romania – Hungary – Austria – Germany – the Netherlands; VV.

Vessel name:
Vessel MMSI:
Port of (dis) embarkation: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Duty on board: Commissioning engineer

My client will also come forward with a statement.

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[ Politics ] Open Question : What are some current political topics that are based on cultural Marxist doctrine?

( Politics ) Open Question : What are some current political topics that are based on cultural Marxist doctrine?

Need Server Capable with centos 7 current one not able to upgrade

Current CPU E3-1230
PRIMARY HARD DRIVE OPTIONS: 4… | Read the rest of