❓ASK – Would you invest for the long term in a currency other than BTC? | Proxies123.com

For long-term investments in crypto assets, BTC is indisputably a safe option.
If ETH improves its scalability and moves to ETH 2.0, it would be another option to consider.
Another currency that I like is the competition from TRON, which emerged as the competition from ETH, taking advantage of the weakness it has at the moment

custom – Currency conversion from 3 character code (USD) to their symbol as output ($) in magento 2?

Does magento 2 is having something inbuilt function for currency symbol getting ?
What I want is – Input will be 3 characters currency code as USD, INR, JPY, EUR etc. corresponsing to that output should be $ , ₹ , ¥ etc…

All the solutions are appreciated even if its inbuilt in magento 2 or custom function or some API.
Edit – Code Added
At the position echo $ocd; it gives me USD after that I need to print $, it may give Euro then I need to echo € and so on..

$detail_query_1="SELECT a.quote_id,a.entity_id,a.state,a.status,a.coupon_code,a.shipping_description,a.order_currency_code,a.discount_amount,a.customer_id,a.base_discount_amount,a.base_grand_total,a.base_shipping_amount,DATE_FORMAT(a.created_at,'%d-%m-%Y') AS order_date,a.total_item_count,b.increment_id FROM rpt_sales_order AS a JOIN rpt_sales_order_grid AS b ON a.entity_id=b.entity_id WHERE 1 AND b.increment_id='$ids'";
 //echo $detail_query_1;//exit;
 $sql_detail_1=mysqli_query($con,$detail_query_1) or die(mysqli_error($con));
   $ocd=  $rt_details_1('order_currency_code');
   echo $ocd;
   $discount_amount=  $rt_details_1('discount_amount');

echo '<h3 class="shipping-method">Shipping Method: '.$shpDesc.'</h3>';


sharepoint online – Multiple currency exchange rate multiplication with user input value

I have multiple currency and its values in different list and Currency is lookup in the main list so user can select from dropdown and can enter its cost.

Main List field:

Currency- Lookup in main list. Currency list has currency field and exchange rate field which is number type field: user needs to select currency from dropdown options in main list

Cost – Number type: user need to enter values here

Based on the above inputs from user. I want to calculate Expected Cost

Expected Cost: exchange rate*Cost. Expected cost change when user change currency or cost.

Bitcoin is virtual currency we use on by onlion sending

Cryptography and crypto currency currency Will bitcoins be devalued by competing digital currencies?

Bitcoin is becoming more recognizable and trusted. But as it’s popularity increases, the supply isn’t going to change significantly because the supply is fixed to the internal mining algorithm. This is good because it removes the inflationary effect on the currency. Or does it? …

magento2.3.6 – fixer.io and currency rates not working

I have set up currency rates and converter using fixer.io and converter API,
but when I Import from Currency Rates its says that "The "INR" is not allowed as base currency for your subscription plan."

now, how can I change that base currency in INR?

I have tried in the FixerIo.php file, but it’s not working.

how can I fix this? I’m using localhost xampp

enter image description here

enter code here

Magento2 Ajax change store currency and refresh total on Checkout page while change address

I want to change the current store currency by ajax and refresh the total when changing the address on the checkout page. I have successfully changed store currency by below code:


But problem is that when I am trying to refresh the total then the amount converted as per currency successfully but the currency symbol not changed. Below is the js code of refresh total:


information – How to display quotas to my user without using currency?

Sorry if the tagging is bad that’s my first question here I don’t know what tag I could use.

I’m part of the development team of a GIS (geographic information system) cloud platform (https://sepal.io),. We provide to our user access to storage and supercomputer for free. To avoid that they overload the service we provide we set up a quota system that prevent a regular user to use all our resources ( because of course in the end WE pay for the AWS machines). If a advanced user require more computation we gladely increase it’s quota.

At the moment the quotas is displayed as foolowed to the user :

enter image description here

Some of our user complained that we use the $ sylbol and unit to measure quotas as it make them think that they will need to pay.

How could we display such an information without making people think that we are asking for money ?


We cannot move directly to “%” because the “budget d’instance” is not consumed at the same speed with respect to the size of the computer you’re using each machine will use your budget at a different speed:

enter image description here

address – If Cryptocurrency offers anonymity, why is it considered by forensic professionals to be the best currency for fighting illicit transactions?

I read about this in https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenehrlich/2021/04/13/janet-yellen-bitcoin-and-crypto-fearmongers-get-pushback-from-former-cia-director/

I have categorized privacy and anonymity involved in Bitcoin transactions as (based on few cases that I have studied):

  1. Networking
  2. Blockchain
  3. External

Networking: Use of full node, Tor, i2p, etc.

Blockchain: Information available publicly for every transaction like amount, type of transaction etc.

External: Lot of users share information about their bitcoin addresses or transactions on social media. Example: You can search for “blockchain.com/btc/tx” on Telegago to check lot of transactions shared in different telegram groups or channels.

In terms of it being digital this makes sense, and of course the public ledger would showcase all transactions, but aren’t the identities of those transacting hidden cryptographically?

It is mentioned in the paper: “(It) is easier for law enforcement to
trace illicit activity using Bitcoin than it is
to trace cross-border illegal activity using
traditional banking transactions, and far
easier than cash transactions.

Yes, its easier to trace digital payments compared to cash transactions. One of the reasons governments are moving towards to cashless economy. Demonetization that happened in India few years back and usage of digital payments since then is a great example. Although I am not sure about banking transactions because it varies from one bank to another and different places in the world. There are lot of other things used by criminals which exist since years but I consider them to be off-topic here so will not go in to details.

If Cryptocurrency offers anonymity, why is it considered by forensic professionals to be the best currency for fighting illicit transactions?

I am assuming its because of their confidence in the use of tools they find helpful in tracing Bitcoin transactions. Also we cannot blame the privacy or anonymity of Bitcoin transactions in every case because most of the cases involve things like address reuse, using KYC exchanges, information shared on social media etc.

Michael Morell (Former CIA Director) has mentioned few things that support my arguments about their confidence in the use of tools used for tracking:

Blockchain analysis is a highly effective crime fighting and intelligence gathering tool.

But that is not all. Perhaps even more interesting to Morell was how analytic firms such as Chainalysis, CipherTrace, and Elliptic can employ forensic and artificial intelligence tools to find illicit actors and activity on blockchains. In fact, he said that he was “literally blown away by how they find illicit activity…this is great intelligence work.”

I don’t trust everything shared by firms like Chainalysis and artificial intelligence is helpful but has its own issues when using for analyzing Bitcoin transactions. I have mentioned the details of an independent investigation related to Mt. Gox case: https://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/a/101959/. You will find the investigator had to assume lot of things for tracing Bitcoin transactions.

Will share few charts that looked interesting although as I mentioned above firms like Chainalysis have incentives in promoting their business and mislead people about privacy and anonymity in Bitcoin:






You can check other details here: https://go.chainalysis.com/rs/503-FAP-074/images/Chainalysis-Crypto-Crime-2021.pdf

Lastly, how do we improve privacy and anonymity involved in Bitcoin transactions? Quoting sipa from one of the Reddit post:

Nothing is “sufficient” for privacy. It’s a goal to work towards, but it is so multi-faceted that no single piece of technology can “solve” privacy. https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/e65vdf/could_bitcoins_privacy_benefit_from_litecoins_eb/f9oxfyk/

I have mentioned the difference between privacy and anonymity, best practices for Bitcoin transactions and few other things in this answer: https://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/a/103255/

magento2 – Magento 2 : Get product price as per order currency

I have placed order in euro

& tried to get product price in phtml file of an email template

using below code

/** @var $_item MagentoSalesModelOrderItem */

$_item         = $block->getItem();
$_order        = $_item->getOrder();
$helper        = $this->helper('VendorSalesHelperData');
$productObj    = $helper->getProductBySku($_item->getSku());

echo $_order->formatPrice($productObj->getPrice()); // This changes only currency symbol not price exg. ( product price in dollar $11 ) it converts into €11 not €8.

Any thoughts how it can be converted ?

Converting a googlefinance() market cap to another currency in Google Sheets

I can get the market capitalization of Bank of Montreal with =googlefinance("TSE:BMO", "marketcap"). The result is in US dollars. How do I get it in Canadian dollars?